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  2. srv19

    Micro Raven 120 Reserve

    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Precision Aerodynamics Micro Raven 120 reserve canopy. $300 (includes shipping/fees in US). Excellent condition. I have copies of the packing record going back to October 2001. DOM: 05/1997 SN: 28732012


    Alexandria, VA

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  4. jwclimber

    Complete Rig /Javelin

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Great first rig, It fits me like a glove, I’m 165 lbs and 5’9. ContainerJavelin C-18 Model # J4 S/N 11190 DOM July 97 Main Raider 220 DOM 1988 F1-11 material great shape, no patches, was told line set has about 200 jumps left on it. Reserve: P.D. 218-R S/N 5015 DOM June 03 just repacked 1/16/19 13 repacks since 2007 no data before that AAD: MARS M2 S/N 008367 DOM 11/18 installed 1/16/19 Brand new 0 jumps


    Saginaw, Michigan - US

  5. Jason Russell

    Team Packer

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Large midwest DZ sponsored team looking for a new team packer. 10 day training camps each month, 4 team members making 10-15 jumps per day, all sizes 75/79. Our last team packer provided free rigging, which was needed on a near daily basis. If you can offer this, that's a plus. In addition, you'll be able to pick up work when we aren't training through multiple large events we organize, as well as DZ statement that work will be available through them. Florida training camps in winter, regular travel to competitions worldwide which you're welcome to join. $5 pack jobs.


  6. Never mind, the system just ate my post and it is gone. Great. Ok here we go again. I connected with a guy named Joe on Facebook, his Facebook business page is under the name Triple D. He is doing a bunch of 3d printing. He had a stock glove setup, and he also printed a sweet double go-pro 7 mount for the front of my FTP that replaces the porch. I haven't put a ton a jumps on the glove, so I am still trying to figure out if I like how it sits lower on my hand instead of higher and further back. Makes it closer to the student and I have t-rex arms, but I like the simplicity of the setup. Camera are retained by friction and two spring loaded gates. Very snug fit on the cameras, I might actually sand slightly so they slide in easier. Joe was great to work with, and I would definitely recommend buying stuff from him if you like the design.
  7. See my response in the gear forum, I didn't know you cross posted, but I responded there. I have one solution I am just trying out, and another one coming if usps ever stops mailing it back and forth across the country that will replace the existing housing on the Pivot pad glove.
  8. drdm

    TDS poptop

    The model name is Teardrop / Teardrop Superfly / Teardrop Viper, and their civilian division is Thomas Sports Equipment - Googling "TSE Teardrop manual" yields a couple manual variants...
  9. luis

    Freak 1 in perfect condition!

    Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Freak1 2016 in perfect condition (low jump numbers due to shoulder injury) red back, dark blue front. fits 180cm, 75kg (5'11" ; 165lb), size 10US shoe


    - LT

  10. Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    New Sigma Tandem Student Harness still in original packaging manufactured September, 2018, $600 plus maybe a little shipping if you're far away, so tell me your zip code and I'll get back to you. Better photos coming shortly, will ship after bank confirms wire transfer or come pay green cash in central VA, owned by DCS LLC at Skydive Orange, VA.


    Fishersville, Virginia - US

  11. Does anyone know of any decent handicam gloves that can hold 2 x GoPro Hero 7 Cameras (one for video, one for photos)? Or has anyone figured out a suitable solution to have 2 x Hero 7 cameras on the arm of the TI?
  12. Does anyone know of any decent handicam gloves that can hold 2 x GoPro Hero 7 Cameras (one for video, one for photos)? Or has anyone figured out a suitable solution to have 2 x Hero 7 cameras on the arm of the TI?
  13. Dave99331

    Aerodyne Smart 135

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Smart 135 reserve. Manufactured in 2016. I am the only owner. This reserve has 0 rides. It is in perfect condition... Call/text 317-370-3534 if interested! The picture on this add is not me, it is from google. My reserve is currently packed in my container. I'm selling gear and moving on from the sport... Had kids..


    Indianapolis, Indiana - US

  14. Dave99331

    Mirage G4 in perfect condition

    Time Left: 29 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mirage G4 with all the great options equipped.. Stainless steel hardware, extended chest strap, freefly PC handle, back/leg strap padding, matching cutaway/reserve handles (blue), swoop loop risers (blue), RSL, unique two tone color scheme. Container has only roughly 100 skydives on it. I am the only owner. This container is built for a tall jumper. Will fit the tall slender person perfect. Call/text 317-370-3534 if interested! Container will fit all 150 main canopies and as low as a 111 Velo. Will fit a 135 reserve and lower (I'm not sure how low it will go but I know a 120 Optimum will fit perfect also). I am willing to sell this container with a Smart 135 reserve (0 rides-perfect condition) if you want. I can also sell it with a Vigil AAD. I also have an XL Cookie G3 and Alti 2. I can bundle... Im willing to negotiate, but don't low ball the hell outta me, this is all quality well taken care of gear. I'm moving on from the sport.. Had kids....


    Indianapolis, Indiana - US

  15. hirokun

    Katana 107

    Iwant to see a detailed picture on the whole
  16. ebolvirus

    Party Like a Russian

  17. dannybhey

    Icon I-2 Mint Condition

    Time Left: 29 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2011 Icon I-2 Mint condition, located in NZ suits jumper 5ft 10, 170lbs



  18. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I wanted to mention the differences between taking the time to submit your 'suspect video' to me, rather than to Eric. If you submit yours to me, I guarantee if you have a Cooper book out there, your sales will take a jump. If you submit yours to me, I will guarantee that many more people will actually see the video. If you submit your video to me, I guarantee that the production quality will be slicker, and much better. If you submit your video to me, you will retain all the rights, I won't edit the thing, and you will be allowed to embed it anywhere you wish. To: Robert at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail dot com. EDIT: I think it's time for a WordPress article on this offer, as well as a video on how any Cooper Party held in Portland this coming November can be made into a success. The first thing that entails is either removing Eric as the organizer, or requiring him to start appointing committees that include ALL Cooper fans, investigators, or public figures associated with the case. Is Eric fit for this job, or not? He was assigned this task a few months ago. So far, it's been a 'not,' in my humble opinion. Murmurs are rumbling about it. *Some* folks are no longer favoring the non-plan proposed by Eric to organize the biggest Cooper Event in NW history. You'll excuse me if I have an objection about letting the whole thing descend to nothing, when it could be SOMETHING. I worked on it for a few months prior to Eric showing up. I will do the video over the June 21-24 weekend, with the WordPress release at the same time. I still think Eric might be the right guy to host the event, but so far his plans are not forthcoming. Some folks are becoming nervous, and for good reason. If you want to be Fearless Leader, then there are responsibilities that go with that job. And the main one is to cooperate with people, bring everyone into the mix so that any event will pack the house. If you have an agenda, you should ditch that right now and go for the public good and a successful event. Otherwise this job is not for you. All I've seen or heard about this so far (privately) indicates people are bailing. The article and the video will explain it all. You don't respond to emails, or to any comments made at DZ regarding your many videos. You don't address issues. This is the sign of a poor leader, but that's just my opinion. If you can't hack the job, let someone else take the reins. It's important, and you only have six months to go.
  19. It's pretty well known that F111 PCs are more stable than ZP ones. Several manufactures have made the claim. Skydiving PCs in general are trash. If you look at BASE PCs, skydiving ones dont even compare. Skydiving PCs are made as cheaply as possible. BASE PCs are made from ZP, but they have an apex vent that makes them much more stable than any form of non-vented skydiving PC. The only skydiving PC I've seen that's halfway solid is the Squirrel SkySnatch, which is basically a small BASE PC with a killline.
  20. wayn0o

    TDS poptop

    Does anyone have a packing manual for a Thomas Defence Equipment pop top? I cant find it anywhere... thanks in advance....
  21. Time Left: 29 days and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Vector Tandem System student parachute harness VT-1a 1990s Used. Great condition. For use w/early Vectors. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Questions welcome since nothing else like it on ebay or dropzone. (Will throw in the tandem training videos;)


    HARRISONBURG, Virginia - US

  22. pchapman

    What happened here? Turbulence? Stall?

    Now I could be entirely wrong, and I only watched the collapse, not the rest of the vid. Looks familiar, this little incident that was a good advertisement for a Skyhook. That came up a while back on DZ. I know it as the Dubai swoop comp collapse, Dec 2011. Think it was blamed on turbulence, causing the frontal stall or frontal collapse (negative angle of attack). Possibly in some way combined with it being on an early non-production version of a Petra, a prototype if you will. But I don't know the details. Search for "JPX Petra - stability issues?" thread.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Ladies and "Gentelmen", Boys and Girls, Wild Ones of all shapes and sizes! You are invited to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! WELCOME TO OKANAGAN SKYDIVE'S FLYING CIRCUS! This year once again featuring Nomad air 's awesome SKYVAN! This epic bird will be taking you and your freaky friends to 12,000ft abouve the beautiful Okanagan Valley!Mark Schrag and Larenda Graham are back to fly with you making LARGER belly formations! These 2 are magical at paving the way to 10 ways. 15 ways? 20ways? Sky is the limit!This year we have Rosie Manning and Connor Figg on freefly orginizing. These 2 ninjas just came back from an incredible showing at the UK nations winning Gold in dynamic 4 way and bronze in dynamic 2 way. Angles, Verts, Sit Learn from the best at this years event!Chris Kotscha - Your Okanagan Commercial Investment Advisor is back organizing CRAZY wingsuit jumps and providing commercial investment advise! Chris is awesome at orginizing wingsuit flocks for all levels! This year Chris will shred with you all day and keep you rocking all night. Chris will be running his DJ booth at our party on the Saturday Night Bret Chalmers will be orginizing small groups of belly, track and freefly Friday night is Tacos from Mex-Can Kelowna BC. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sat, SundayBreakfast, Lunch only on the MondaySunday Night banquete is going to be a Pig Roast Registration is $50Pre reg gets a free tshirt Jumps are $42Tons of Prizes! Tons of great entertainment! Amazing Jumps!
  25. Divalent

    Scary stories from the old days?

    Bump. (Because it is a very entertaining thread)
  26. SkydiveLT

    Eclipse Tandem Containers

    Time Left: 28 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Eclipse Tandem containers they were recondition last year great shape comes complete.


    Minden, NV

  27. jo1216

    Leia 84

    Time Left: 28 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    371 jumps on it. Perfect condition dom 01/18


    - BE

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