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  2. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Now come on...let's be fair here. Marla isn't the ONLY person in Cooperland who has had 'disrespect and hostility' directed at them. But let's bypass all that for a moment and look at reality. If Marla was actually telling the truth...or even if she got the whole incident wrong somehow...then why didn't the other three still-living people who were at the house in Sisters, Oregon that week either corroborate her story, (especially her mother) or set Marla straight on what actually happened? This is a big problem. Marla has said her father knew what happened. But he passed away years prior to Marla going public. So what about her mother? Mother would not confirm anything regarding Marla's story, and the entire family was there that week for Thanksgiving. In fact, Marla said that her uncle did not leave Sisters until the following Saturday after the hijacking. Don't you think at some point Marla's mother would have known the facts, if her FATHER already did? If her father knew, and was telling his eight-year-old daughter he knew LD was the hijacker, don't you think he would have told his wife as well? Besides, how could you keep such a secret in families? We're talking about a family of at least eight people who all gathered in the same house from prior to the hijacking until at least the following Saturday. And today, nobody who was there knows a thing, or will back Marla on this story? It is beyond reasonable belief, especially after Marla went national news and her mother attended some of the interviews. Instead of a witness, she was a silent partner and mostly looked unhappy with the job, which Marla undoubtedly recruited her to do. When I requested the Ten Questions for Marla Cooper interview, I was very nice about it. I gave her a decent chance to answer the obvious questions that everyone else had been asking already. She was very hostile in her responses, as if she was angry someone would actually try to pin her down. And she dodged my question asking why her mother didn't support...or for that matter...set Marla straight on what really happened that week. It was as if Marla's mom was simply embarrassed by the whole thing. You did not see Marla's Facebook postings. I did. And I took copies of them. If you consider the idea that Marla was wrong about the whole thing, that all family members who were with her that week won't back her story, and she's simply either lying or wrong...than what possible purpose could she serve at a Cooper convention...other than just another person presenting a made-up story without a single witness? (And before anyone tries jumping in with 'that's the same deal with Christiansen', I assure you we have witnesses and their testimony is documented. Doesn't necessarily mean he's Cooper, but we do have that.) Anyone wanting to know whether LD was Cooper shouldn't even be speaking to Marla. They should be talking to the only living adult who was there the entire week...her MOTHER. Now she would be a good guest speaker. She is the only living member of the family who knows the truth one way or another. Perhaps the reason Marla's mom (or her brother or sister for that matter) won't back her story is because mom could be old fashioned and not willing to lie, even for a book deal for her daughter. If I asked my mom to back me on a baloney story, she would tell me to take a long walk off a short pier. Marla's mom could be the same way.
  3. faulknerwn

    JumpShack AKA Parachute Labs, Inc.
  4. RiggerLee

    Latest Flight

    Leaving tomorrow for the desert. Next flight will be on Saturday 10/26. If you look on the Exos Aerospace Face book page there should be some type of live stream Sat morning. It will probable get off some time between 11:00 and 12:00 MT. Last one was... entertaining. Read that scary as shit. I'm hoping that this one will be much less exciting. We had a short but very good hover test. Simulator is looking much better. I'm feeling pretty good about this launch. I'm hoping this one will make altitude with no problems. Lee
  5. sbl4sure

    Velo 111 for sale.

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Used Velo 11 DOM mar2007 Unknown total jumps, no patches, slider has some minor burns on it. New line set with 22ish jumps on them. Buyer pays shipping.


    , Virginia - US

  6. muff528

    Bugs & Functionality Tracker

    With the old site I could see a list of topics to which I made a comment ..most recent activity to oldest. Not topics I started and not a list of my posts, both of which are accessible now. I referred to that list often and sometimes I made a random comment in an interesting topic just so it would appear in that list. It was fairly easy to search for, and find, what I was looking for. Don't know if that would be useful enough to anyone else. Also, wolfriverjoe's suggestion about referring to post numbers was useful, as was showing the quotes and to whom within a thread that someone was responding. That made following a thread more coherent. Oh, and the thing about the older pics/attachments, too.
  7. BIGUN

    Welcome to Paradise. It’s Called Mayotte

    Probably one of your best articles, Annette. Thank you.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Time Left: 29 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    SuperRaven 181-M reserve canopy. Yellow color, hard connector links included, 181 square feet. 28 repacks since June 10, 2006 Free shipping within 48 mainland states (from Hicksville, NY).


    Hicksville, NY

  10. 377

    DB Cooper

    Thanks Flyjack. I recall reading something about a jettisonable tailcone on some DC 9s. 377

    DB Cooper

    yes, my read was that LaPoint didn't jump from a DC-9 rear Airstair but instead from a removable panel. Not all DC-9s had aft airstairs, the ones without have a plug door. "According to an airline spokesman in San Francisco, the hijacker apparently first opened an emergency door on the side of the plane but saw that he might hit the engines if he bailed out there and ordered a little‐used rear door opened. The door is under hollow fiberglass cone that is a attached to the plane's that is make it more aerodynamic."
  12. EmployCPS

    Technical Manager

    Time Left: 1 month and 18 days

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Job Title: Technical Manager Department: Technical Reports to: Operations Manager Location: Deland, Florida SUMMARY Responsible for leading, managing, and training Technical staff while meeting company goals, evaluating processes and procedures and implementing corporate strategies according to the vision, values and direction set by the President and Vice President. Manage the development of vendor relations, technical support, demo equipment rigging and inventory. Support product development, receiving, inspection, shipping, and sales. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Ø Plan, develop and coordinate the functions of the technical department including budget and forecasts. Ø Manage configuration control process, provides up to date documentation, control and approval of all customer configurations in terms of sales and purchases. Ø Confers with internal/external representatives, Sales, Manufacturing and R&D to establish technical specifications and to determine subject material to be developed for publication. Ø Direct, hire, train, develop, evaluate and maintain discipline of department employees. Ø Responsible for Demo gear, maintenance, inventory, implementation, and maintenance of SPARKS. Ø Manages vendor relationships. Ø Participates with vendors to ensure accurate technical documentation to support products. Ø Provides technical expertise on all R&D projects. Ø Responsible for maintaining ISO 9001 Certification including the adherence to rules, regulations and procedures included in the Quality Management System. Ø Able to understand and explain complex technical issues and presents information in a concise manner. Ø Supervise and manage material review board inspection procedures. Ø Formulate and implement departmental policies and procedures Ø Develop and review performance evaluations for technical employees; 90 days for new hire and annually thereafter while continually coaching and monitoring employees to ensure goals are met. Ø Support trade show and customer events when appropriate. Ø Travel within the US and foreign countries as required. Other Duties and Responsibilities Ø Other duties as assigned SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES Supervise three to five employees QUALIFICATIONS To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill set, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Education and Experience Ø Maintain job specific certifications as necessary (i.e.: FAA Senior Rigger, Master Rigger, USPA Static Line rating, AFF rated, Tandem Master) Ø 5 to 7 years in progressive experience in Management and Parachute systems from a Technical aspect Ø You must be highly organized, self-motivated, disciplined and be able to work effectively cross-departmentally to understand key players Ø Excellent written and verbal communications skills Ø Proficiency in MS Office applications; QuickBooks, and other Company ERP programs. Ø BS in Management or equivalent preferred WORK HOURS This is a full-time position Monday through Thursday. Based on business needs the incumbent must have the ability to work a varying schedule, which might include shift work (days or nights), weekdays or weekends, and some holidays. Work hours may vary or change based on departmental requirements. APPLY at CPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer – M/F/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity


    Deland, Florida - US

  13. 377

    DB Cooper

    I jumped from a DC 9-21 in 2006. The ventral airstair door wasn't small. Are you saying that there was another door that LaPoint used? 377
  14. 377

    DB Cooper

    I thought Marla's written answers were, as usual, quite articulate. Sure there was some sarcasm, but that is certainly understandable given the disrespect and hostility thats been directed towards her. I don't think her uncle was Cooper, but I think her story reflected childhood memories not made-up facts. I talked with her at some length at Grays Portland symposium and didn't detect any indicia of lying. I asked her a lot about the CB walkie talkies used by LD and her answers told me without any doubt that she really saw these in use. We really should try to get her to speak at Coopercon 2019. She lights up a room. Very attractive, intelligent, articulate and willing to answer tough questions. It has occurred to me that LD wasn't Cooper but was trying to find Cooper's loot right after the news broke and before the authorities found it. One could get pretty banged up searching through thick brush at night. 377
  15. sogood

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Wintertime from october until april 50%OFF cafe&hotel
  16. elightle

    Best Canopy for Smaller Older Jumper

    Lee, I really appreciate the analysis. I was thinking about a Triathlon but wanted softer openings. Somebody told me that Tri's with the 5.0 mod open better. Is that true? Again, thanks for the info...and I will take all of this into consideration before switching canopies. Cheers!
  17. SkydiveINDY1

    1966 P206A for sale

    Time Left: 29 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Skydive Indianapolis is selling it's Cessna 206. This two-owner aircraft has served our skydiving operation for many years. Because our operation has utilized this aircraft minimally over the last 2 seasons, we have decided to list for sale. We have all documentation prepared, spec sheet, etc. to share with the prospective buyer.


    Frankfort, Indiana - US

  18. iranianjumper

    AFF instructor course

    what free fall skill is most requiered and needed for a person who decide to take part in AFF instructional course ?
  19. achrusciel

    Infinity I13SN container

    Still available?
  20. NZ Aerosports and maybe other manufacturers use a heavier sailcloth fabric for some parts of their canopies. You could ask if they'd be willing to make a canopy that uses the sailcloth in other parts as well. Downside: you're in uncharted territory with respect to pack volume (can't get the air out as easily) and durability/tear resistance. Balloon manufacturers use heavier ripstop nylon as well, which a canopy manufacturer may be willing to substitute into a canopy usually made as a hybrid of ZP and F111.
  21. skydiveian

    Skydiving Rig

    Time Left: 29 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Teardrop Container ( Black ) - Main : PD Sabre I 170 - Reserve : Glidepath (Flight Concepts ) Firelite -Cypres I AAD. The Rig has about 100 jumps on it ,AAD needs new bat. Reserve needs repack. Would suit somebody 5.7. - 5.8 . Open to offers.


    Liverpool, Merseyside - GB

  22. Aerodynamika is a windtunnel with a diameter of 2.5 meters, speed 300 km/h (185 mph), ideal for beginners and advanced flyers. It's situated right in Moscow. We can offer a hotel, restaurant and comfortable changing rooms. All our instructors are professional and cool People choose us because of the atmosphere, so we invite you to come and test it!
  23. BIGUN

    Bugs & Functionality Tracker

    Title: IN REPLY TO Section: Forums Description: When gone for a few days; one can go to the "UNREAD" and be taken to the newest "to them" post. However, while reading, someone may reply to someone and you can scroll for pages trying to figure it out.
  24. Hey guys, I recently picked up a used new variant (i.e. rectangular flat top section rather than circular / oval one) Tonfly 2x. There's nothing on the mini-flat top at the moment, and I'd like to install some kind of quick-swap / removable mount on it, with the mounting process staying limited to simple drilling (which eliminated the TF-Pro mount, since that requires a section to be cut out of the helmet). Does anybody have any recommendations? The Cookie Flatlock (single, not double) looks good, but I'm worried it's too big for the mounting area. The Schumacher Quick Shoe also looks like a possibility, but the swappable mount plate only comes with a single center screw hole - I assume it's easily drillable for other positions as well? Anybody have any experience with that? X-shut is a possibility too, though that would stick up / out a little bit more than I'd like if I stick to the "just drilling" mounting. If anybody has any advice about any of those systems, particularly in conjunction with a rectangular-top 2x, I'd be quite happy to hear it. I'm open to other suggestions as well. Thanks, and blue skies!
  25. There are canopies with printed on logos that don‘t effect the packvolume and there are canopies with sewn on logos, that pack a lot larger depending on the size of the logo. My old Katana 120 with a large sewn on logo packed like a Katana 150
  26. Only very marginally. Like 1%. There is no noticeable difference. For example, ULPV mains out there still have a logo. The Epicene has a logo and I dont know of any canopy that packs smaller.
  27. Filatov

    Valkyrie 71

    Time Left: 28 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale Valkyrie 71 Non-Hybrid, RDS In great condition, no damage 03/2015, 350 jumps only (all hop and pop) need replac the lines Selling $2100


    Moscow - RU

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