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  2. wolfriverjoe

    Having trouble figuring out this whole "life" thing

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You've taken a big step towards 'being an adult'. You are in an alien environment, one where you are a lot more on your own than you ever have been. Ever. You are being forced to make long term decisions with significant consequences, perhaps not understanding what your goals are. And I'm going to guess that it sure seems like everyone else around you has all their shit together (helpful hint: They don't). Toss in the fact that winter is almost here, the days are the shortest that the get (Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real) and add on the fact that you haven't jumped in a while and won't be able to for even longer, and depression (situational, not clinical) is a real possibility. Don't worry about that 'oblivion of mediocrity'. Even if you end up 'average', you'd still be better than half the people out there, right? Lots of people can find real joy in a humble life. Lots of things can make your family proud of you that don't involve 'commercial' success, big salaries, fancy houses & cars, ect. Find people you enjoy being with, things you enjoy doing, places you enjoy being. Try to avoid 'artificial joy', alcohol or drugs. They help for a bit, but not really. They are a poor substitute for real happiness. Not that you can't enjoy a beer or two under the right circumstances, but try not to use them to be happy by themselves. Maybe get some real help. I'd bet there's some sort of basic counselling available for students either free or cheap for a couple sessions. Don't be afraid or ashamed of asking for help (you did it here). Even the strongest of us need help from time to time.
  3. Thank you Seth. It feels really great just to hear from you. Means a lot to know that people are with me.
  4. damn. I remember feeling some of those feelings back when I was in college. I so worried I wasn't going to be able to find a good job, and just get stuck doing something that I wouldn't like or wouldn't be good at, and spend life kinda miserable. So you are not alone in those worries. But that didn't happen to me. I did get a good job, and I'm not miserable. As for what is the point of life, I still ask myself that question, but the answer I use is the point of life is to have fun and try to leave the world better than you found it.
  5. EOL = End of Life? Para-Flite did not set a service life. Your national aviation/parachute authority may have its own rules. If you are doing an inspection, be sure to check for compliance with PFISB 9401 bartack inspection.
  6. Hey, guys I'm 19 years old, I joined the sky family in the summer of 2018, and I'm a freshman at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Life this fall has been... rough. I just don't have any confidence in anything. I don't know what I'm doing, why I'm doing it where I'm headed, any of it. I though at the end of this semester I'd feel like things were happening for me. I thought I'd feel like I had some dirrection. I thought I'd feel good about my life. I don't. I've been shaken to my core. I feel that I peaked in high school. Each day, I feel myself slipping further into the oblivion of mediocrity with every passing second. I used to feel like someone my family could be proud of. I just don't see anymore how anyone could be proud of what I am. I'm just sitting here taking my parents' money so I can go to class, to pick up homework, and pretend to be doing something I don't know, I just don't see what the point is sometimes. Get a job, earn a living, buy a house, or whatever it might be. None of it makes any sense. I honestly don't know if I have what it takes to make it, or to be happy with what my life is. It feels like I'm just scraping by. Man, this first semester of college has just been rough. Everything is confusing. Nothing is clear, nothing makes sense right now. My destiny seems inevitable, inevitably bleak. I just don't know. This post actually ended up feeling a lot darker than I intended. The point I meant to get accross was that I just got to college and I'm really confused and lost now, and I wondered if anyone could relate. I don't know Blue Skies
  7. autumndoody

    Female Bootie Suit 5'4"

    Interested in this, sent you a message and an email. Please message back.
  8. Swift Plus 145. (1992) cant find any information (manual) on EOL Due for a repack 20Y??
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  10. nate_dawg

    135 WinX - Atair Canopies

    Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Around 400 jumps. 135 WinX Lightweight Material + ZP Nose Please be aware lightweight material wears faster than regular material. BUT there is still a lot of life in this canopy and perfect for a cheap option for an awesome wingsuit canopy :) Packs small... similar to regular material 105 Email - if you are interested :)


    - AU

  11. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Bruce Smith's website. I think. Just pictures, as far as I know.
  12. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Are there any videos posted anywhere from the recent Cooper Con? I'd be interested to hear Mark 377's presentation.
  13. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    There have been many management/ownership changes since those days, and all the facilities/buildings are different, I wouldn't expect them to have records that far back. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  14. sfzombie13

    Entire site in Italics

    i will post them here as i come across them. it looked like a closing tag missing. glad i could spot that.
  15. Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Up for sale is a real closet queen! I’m the second owner of this custom/matching Javelin Odyssey. The first owner was meticulous: when it had just 150 jumps, he sent it to SunPath to have a blue colored panel replaced because he some tape gunk from the plane stained it! With just ~360 jumps, and living her entire jumping life at Sebastian and her off-time in a dark air-conditioned room, to call her pampered is an understatement! All parts original as assembled in 2008! It was ordered with every option available. Javelin Odyssey J3K freefly ready, skyhook, upgraded backpad, upgraded legpads, articulated hips AND chest Sabre2 170: grey/orange to match the system Vigil Quattro: sent in last year for new battery/updated firmware (Aug 2018!) PD160R: no rides, few repacks Matching risers with easy-grip loops, 825 microline Matching freefly handle Matching soft emergency handles: MM is embroidered, I like to think of it as Mommy Maker, or Meat Missile Fits me at 6’ 175lb but it fit better at 6’ 195lb. Definitely has room to go up, but little room to go down. I bought it with 165 jumps, she now has about 365 on the system and <300 total jumps on the Sabre2. I was able to downsize to a 150 and eventually a 135! It fit fine but I wouldn’t go smaller. Please reach out with any questions. I live in Palm Beach!


    Palm Beach, Florida - US

  16. bigeyesky

    Tony Original Tonysuit

    Time Left: 29 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Here is a great suit to help slow you down! This is a Tony Original Tonysuit with an unknown number of jumps but in good condition! The suit is even built out of heavy weight fabric (cordura) to help slow you down. Options included are: booties, arm and leg grips, hook knife, right thigh pocket, velcro cuffs, and inseam zippers for the legs. Was built for a male who was 5'6" and 190 lbs. Measurements are: chest 46", waist 37", inseam 31", and mens size 8/9 shoe. Price includes shipping within the United States!


    Ottawa, IL

  17. rockcores

    LAGNAF skydivers? - Ava, NY

    Maddy Madison was involved with LAGNAF and later went to Puerto Rico I think. Anybody heard from him?
  18. rockcores

    Dar Robinson - Any memories?

    Dar was working on a film along the highway going up to the north rim of Grand Canyon using motorcycles. AT the end of the day he bet the other stuntmen a case of beer on who could get down the mountain around the switchbacks first and he went off the road into some boulders at the tightest turn and died. I don't know if the estate made good with the case of beer.
  19. SethInMI


    Q: What do you call a hippie's wife? A: Mississippi
  20. what do you call "slow"? video please
  21. Meso

    Entire site in Italics

    Thanks! I took a look and it was what I thought in that case. The problems with the layout on some posts are usually a result of users not completing their post shortcode correctly. For instance opening a bold tag but not closing it. Since the tag is then open, it affects the rest of the content on the page. There's no real easy quick fix for it, but if you do come across other examples and want to forward them for fixing, that'd be great.
  22. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Someone asked at Quora who was the best airline pilot in history. There are plenty who could claim that crown. My vote went to Paul Soderlind at Northwest (Orient) Airlines. He's the guy, who along with his team, are most responsible for the current 'flight path map' on DB Cooper. But that was only a small part of his career. This is WHY.
  23. Time Left: 29 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Brand new Wings W14 -Freefly Friendly -RSL Equipped -Stainless Steel Hardware -Spacer Foam Back and Legpads -Soft Reserve Pillow Handle -BOC with Collapsible PC w/Hackey -Articulated Hip Rings -Cut-in Laterals -Room to downsize Main -Brand new, never assembled Fit Range: -Height: 5’3 - 5’8” -Weight: 120-145 lbs -Waist: 29-35” -Thigh: 22-24” Performance Designs Sabre2 190 -Great condition -Purchased Direct from PD, recently inspected by PD -HMA Lines in great condition -DOM: 1/2010 -Super Cool PD Logo on bottom skin *When your ready to downsize, we might be interested in taking this canopy back in on a trade for a 170 Aerodyne Smart 175 -Brand new, never assembled -DOM: 2019 *Can also ship with a low bulk 193 for additional price Vigil2 AAD -DOM: 5/2008 -Serviced and New Battery: 7/2019 -Good thru: 5/2028 Price: $5800.00 USD Price includes shipping. Rig ships un-assembled and ready for your rigger’s assembly and repack. Assembly and Repack are available for extra charge. Buyer pays any payment handling fees (Cash Prices listed); PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Zelle and US Financing accepted. Will ship International. Prices are FIRM. Please message for more pictures and information. Need Gear? Selling Gear? Large inventory of New and Used Skydiving Gear available!


    Tamp, FL

  24. Gideon Yampolsky

    HUD dashboard development

    Great, thanks ! I will post update as soon as I will have chance to test it in flight.
  25. platypii

    HUD dashboard development

    Just released a new version of BASEline tonight that will scale text with the android system font size. Thanks for the feedback. Keep us posted on your project!
  26. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Might be worth a look at the logbooks. Your easiest method is to bring a camera, or use your smart phone to take pictures of the pages. You are talking about a LOT Of pages in that 1971 book, assuming they still have it. (or have THEM, if there is more than one) Easier if someone turns and holds the pages for you. On another note, I see that World Famous Nick's (tavern) in Amboy, WA is taking the reins on the annual Cooper Day party, since Bryan Woodruff at the Ariel Store hasn't been able to finance the restoration of the Ariel Store and start up the party again. All Nick needs is some DB Cooper paraphernalia and he's good to go. Thanksgiving is always tough for me to get out because my mother in law either comes up HERE to visit, or I have to go DOWN THERE. So I probably can't show to Nick's next year. However, I have offered up a few hundred bucks to him in Amazon gift cards, should he decide to hold a DB Cooper character (means Cooper, stews, crew, etc as usual) Lookalike Contest. I can just mail those to him if he wishes. We've scheduled up the first Cooper Campout for 2020. No one signed up via Facebook yet, but a couple of email inquiries via our Meetups (contact box) page at AB have come in. No sweat. It's still four months out and much easier to organize than some other things. A few of the 'regulars' have already expressed an interest, depending on the weather. Too far out to commit for sure.
  27. Rwhip1993

    VECTOR 308 MLW 17+1

    Time Left: 29 days and 1 hour

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Lookin for a vector container show me what you got!!!


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