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  2. Hi miller, Probably as a result of the english-speaking influence on 'modern' Japan. Jerry Baumchen
  3. I'm currently at a McDonald's in Hachinohe Japan. I asked a local. It's pronounced either way here.
  4. I just did a bit of experimenting with Google Translate: Hiroshima in Japanese: 広島 Translation: 広 -> wide, 島 -> island Google's pronunciation in Japanese sounds like Hiro-Seema, but in English sounds like Hiro-Shima Click on the speaker icons:広島
  5. I replaced my Left Knee in April 2016 - I was jumping by June and doing tandems by July - It was sore, and originally hard to bend fully, but I rehabbed that mother like no tomorrow. I replaced my Right Knee in December and didn't jump until March or April. It stayed stiff until this month. I rehabbed it hard this time too, but I'm older 65+ so the time to heal was a lot slower. My surgeon brags to his patients I have 1600 jumps on my new left knee.
  6. JoeWeber


    They mind their business and I mind mine. We even wave at each other on occasion. They even believe in my God no matter that my God don't believe in them. Can't be more sociable than that.
  7. Hi Joe, Completely off topic; but, here goes. I have made three trips to Japan ( 77 - 81 ) but am not an 'expert' under any definition. What bugs me is when I hear Hiroshima pronounced: Hirosh Ima It is: Hiro Shima Or it could be pronounced Hiro Jima; similar to Iwo Jima. Shima - Jima meaning island. Iwo Jima means sulfur island. I'm not sure what Hiro means. Or, I could be completely wrong; my, now 80-yr old mind is no longer perfect. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Jerry Baumchen
  8. billvon


    The left has the rioters who loot and burn things, the right has the murderers. The left advocates for less police brutality, the right advocates for more. The left wants everyone treated equally, the right wants an endless list of groups - illegal immigrants, transgender people, gay people, black activists - treated as subhumans and denied rights. The left prefers change through protest, the right prefers change through violence and murder (aka the Boogaloo Boys.) I am glad I'm not on your side.
  9. John, the number deaths are simply awful. But it's not the same thing and the demographics are vastly different. It's like when people say something was like the power of ten Hiroshima bombs. Better way's of being disgusted are on offer.
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  11. Did she get banned for espousing reasonability? Who could have seen that coming?
  12. Well no shit McConnell will push it through. I guess you weren't worried about it when he showed the republican intention to make a mockery of the judicial nomination system in 2016 or you would have voted for something greater than unleaded gas.
  13. Actually I am worried about how this will play out. I am afraid the R’s will overplay their hand and push through a nomination. That will energize the left, resulting in a Biden win. There will then be enormous pressure to expand and stack the court. Then the gloves are off and all hell breaks loose.
  14. How do they determine "waves"? Seems to me this is still the first thats been epically mismanaged.
  15. The body's not even cold yet. What a fucking scumbag
  16. A tears of joy emoticon. I didn't know we had those. You know, you could set yourself free and reject the idea of voting for short term self interest and instead vote for the good of the nation. Global warming disagreements will still be here, so will fossil fuels, Tesla and Billvon. With a 6th conservative Supreme installed that weight will be off your shoulders, too. Just a thought.
  17. Hi Robert, So much for that: 'McConnell vows Senate will hold vote on Ginsburg’s replacement' After Ike left office, he said that his biggest mistake as president was appointing Earl Warren. We can only hope that we can 'somewhat' turn Roberts. So far he has been fairly good at not wanting to reverse any previous SCOTUS decisions. Keep hoping, Jerry Baumchen
  18. That’s pretty much the entire marine corpse. Imagine if an incident took out the entire marine corpse, their would be no doubt the US would have a unified response.
  19. Hi Rob, I know that. I just do not know how to contact her. Jerry Baumchen
  20. But he's your guy in this election because, well, stuff.
  21. It gets more interesting:
  22. Some ancient history from the early days of exhibition jumping. SKM_C300i20091406210tranumchut.pdf SKM_C300i20091305110learmchu4.pdf SKM_C300i20091305080learnchu1.pdf SKM_C300i20091305090learnchu2.pdf SKM_C300i20091305100learhchu2.pdf
  23. I would actually prefer Bernie if I could get the policies I support on taxes, trade, regulations and sovereignty. I hate Trump, he is destroying the conservative movement. I loathe it when Trump and conservatism get lumped together.
  24. “But renewable energy will actually win out eventually - like electric cars“ Let me type slowly so you may understand.....”renewable electric cars” No misunderstanding, you said what you meant and you meant what you said. You were just wrong. However I expect you are man enough to fess up to it.
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