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  4. Both incorrect. While I would welcome a self-driving car for my own convenience in long trips, the bigger drive is for big employers (large truck shipping fleets, taxi fleets, delivery vehicles) massively reduce their payroll expenses. With millions of people employed around the world just for driving, the potential savings would be immense. And no, these benefits will *not* trickle down. Many of them will also be electric, and not require as much maintenance as traditional ICE vehicles, so those newly-unemployed drivers won't find new jobs maintaining these new robots. Even many people in the traditional maintenance industry (mechanics, garages, etc.) will see reduced revenue and workload. Meanwhile the company that owns the vehicle will benefit from both reduced payroll and reduced maintenance costs. Win-win from a business point of view.
  5. kallend


    More like Bayesian notation for conditional probabilities.
  6. Too funny. This entire thread is the antithesis that you have a flexible learning attitude about energy, the environment and the relationship of man's influence on the environment.
  7. Agreed, that is why I watch MSNBC and listen to NPR. I don’t need my ideas to be reinforced, I need them to be challenged. That is why I just spent the last half hour watching “How PragerU Lies to You”
  8. Phil1111


    It means that Fancy Bear is yuck yucking it up in a Moscow suburb. Wondering about the genius of President Putin and the stupidity of Americans.
  9. Nice to see you admit that McConnell and his GOP lackeys were being partisan assholes in refusing to hold a vote on Garland.
  10. For your sake, I truly hope you are smarter than the producer of this video. Yes I watched the entire thing. Actually it was kind of fun as I debunked nearly every one of his points as he was making them. His two main points? PragerU is not really a university (Duh) and capitalism? BAD. (Yet he fails to offer an alternative) It is thirty minutes of setting up then knocking down a series of out of context straw men. For example he equates the career choices that grown women make to choices made by school aged boys. He claimed that PragerU cannot be trusted because of its right wing bias and in nearly the same sentence he declares his left wing predilections. If this is the best the left can muster, I feel sorry for them.
  11. turtlespeed


    Except the formula is wrong - It's like writing the chemical formula for water as O2H instead of H2O.
  12. Its like the boy that cried wolf. Even if you have nuggets of truth buried in your rhetoric, its still 99% rhetoric. It's the reason I don't watch Fox News anymore. Every now and then, they have a piece that isn't really 100% leaned toward the right. But that doesn't mean that they won't fabricate photos and journalism that fits their narrative. If you start with a position, and only seek facts that will back your views up, while actively ignoring the parts that bring your position into question, it makes you intellectually dishonest. That is where Prager lives.
  13. ryoder


    I think it is chemical notation; 1 mole of element Jb reacts with 1 mole of element Kh to form the compound biden harris.
  14. turtlespeed


    It means that Trump will have to disavow the election results and refuse to leave office.
  15. Are you a Qanon believer? This is just as far fetched.
  16. Yes, instead of making restrictions and forcing people to pay attention, lets make it easier for them to be stupid.
  17. If it is who I suspect it will be, She was just vetted recently and passed with votes of 85 to 15 or something along those lines.
  18. Prager could repost the Constitution and the folks on the left would claim it was right wing propaganda without even reading it.
  19. I genuinely have no idea who or what you are trying to address there. Not placing blame cos the quote function is borked, just letting you know why (probably) no one is responding.
  20. The democrats should do what the republicans should have done in 2014/15. Vet the supreme court nominee with a fair hearing and vote accordingly.
  21. tonyhays


    It makes as much sense as Ussher chronology
  22. I agree that G4 shouldn't be drilled as If you drill, it looses the impact rating (one of the things that sticks this helmet in the market). I disagree with sticker mounts if you don't have some kind of cut-away system. Original GoPro adhesive stickers are really hard to peal off and I think suspension lines are more likely to snap your neck before the adhesive part peels off. This is one of the solutions that doesn't require drilling. It's for G3 but I guess It can be adjusted for G4. I personally use VMag. No drilling required, you simply screw it to the venting section on the chin. The magnet is really strong, so it will definitely withstand high speed flying, but will also release if something gets snagged, like bridle or suspension lines. And even if it doesn't (force really weak, i.e. uninflated pc), you can simply take it of with one hand.
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