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  2. And pushing all that confusion and anger on that poor president.
  3. But I'll never forgive the Washington Post for burglarizing the Watergate Hotel.
  4. I know, right? Who can forget when FOX News caused all the terror on 9/11? On the plus side, the NYT did land us on the Moon. So they've got that going for them.
  5. Thanks for the reference. Nothing about an "impractical" wet bulb temp in there though. It was neat to see at least one poster from back then who has since come to understand climate change.
  6. Wait for it: ”Cool! More arable land to grow food! Winning!” Who needs balance? Wendy P.
  7. I can see the differences, just fine. Maybe you need to go back and re-read what you typed, Here: CNN did the headline. CNN is pushing for confusion.
  8. Going from memory here, so the quote may not be word-for-word. "In the 1964 election, I was going to vote for Goldwater. But all my friends were telling me: 'Don't do that!!! If you vote for Goldwater, we'll have war!!!' But I didn't listen to them, and voted for him anyway. And damned if they weren't right; We had war." -- P.J. O'Rourke
  9. Not sure what "an impractical wet bulb temp" is. Impractical or not, they will be a bigger deal in the future. Third time:
  10. Hi Brent, I, for one, am not there yet. As I have posted before, Bernie is far from my 1st choice. But, he will get my vote if it comes to that. * Jerry Baumchen * The first time I ever voted for POTUS, my choices were LBJ or Goldwater. Held my nose & voted.
  11. Not sure what "an impractical wet bulb temp" is. Impractical or not, they will be a bigger deal in the future.
  12. Hi jclalor, I had a triple bypass almost two yrs ago. Feel really great now. Hope you will also, Jerry Baumchen
  13. Why - It's just George C. Scott, right?
  14. Correct - Normiss did. You said the bills are being blocked. Technically they are being passed over for more important bills.
  15. Fine, then no need for silly over-dramatic exaggerations and scary yet impractical wet bulb temps to whip everyone inline.
  16. Woah, now that's NOT funny. You should be ashamed of yourself!
  17. What a week, I had a physical on Tuesday and now I get a quadruple bypass and a bovine graft on the Aortic valve on Thursday. I feel like the biggest pussy in the world. But I’m extremely grateful that my doctor heard the heart murmur that set the process in motion.
  18. Mad Mike Hughes found a way out, after a fashion.
  19. Would you sell the container by itself? The reserve is ancient and the main is too big for me. But the container is just right.
  20. Funny you cannot discern the differences in reporting and the actions that the media reports. No wonder the disinformation has succeeded.
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