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  2. So I was reading online, that 7-cells only have 3 instead of 4 of these lines. But when flaking, I count 4 of each. I was wondering if I should actually only be bringing the innermost 3 to the center of the packjob, and leaving the fourth outermost line on the outside? Maybe what I read was just a generalization, but not sure
  3. it looks to me like he wants some results and after waiting almost half a century i think it is justified. he has some good points and offered some solutions. i think it is time to open everything up and let anyone who wants to look, look. if a member has a concern that his (and everyone else's) money is being used in a way that is counter productive or is being wasted, then he has a right to challenge that and have it looked into further. could he have done a better job? maybe, maybe not. does that negate his concerns? absolutely not. i am going to jump in and help now, as i am concerned as well. and i think he did comment that he got his money back and thanked someone for it, but am not gonna go look now.
  4. i would normally say the same thing, as i am not an instructor and i do not know you. having said that, i can safely say this: plfs will save you injuries in the future. practice them anywhere, all you need is something you can safely stand on that is about 2 or 3 feet high. i couldn't keep my feet and knees together at airborne school and they tied my boots together and i hopped around all day. i can do the most beautiful plfs now, 20 years later, and have done them at start when i jumped. i could have ran it out and stood it up, but on the walk back when i stepped in a hole i decided i made a good call with the plf.
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  6. I'm thinking that in an actual skydive, the pilot chute will oscillate (as they do) enough to clear that corner without you noticing any delay whatsoever...
  7. Plan for a PLF (have you practiced them since your FJC? ). Standing up is a bonus. And talk to your instructors about it. They see you fly and land. They can give way better advice on your landings in person than you will get from anonymous internet users (like me)
  8. I read the whole thread. Now some questions for you. Have you asked for a refund of the money that went to the museum? If so what was the response? Do you ask for refunds of your tax dollars that go to things you don't agree with? USPA is the agency that is central for all things skydiving in the US so why shouldn't they support a very important part of the sport. The only narrow mindedness I see is someone seems to want to run the museum and is pissed he can't so is trying disrupt it. Good things take time.
  9. I have suggested to Tom Kaye that he join Quora and establish a profile there, and then go for Contributor status at the Everything D.B. Cooper Space. I gave a few reasons, but none I can discuss here. Well, okay. I can tell you ONE reason. I said his content would be read by many more people than right now. I sent him a picture to support my case. Let's face it. This beats "You cannot view links or pictures, register or login" somewhere else, which IMHO is so 20th century and all.
  10. A Sabre2 or Crossfire3 would be a good option. They both should be better for learning to swoop. Katana may also be a good next canopy, but after short recovery arc of both Safire2 and Crossfire2 it may surprise you, so be careful! And before all, good coaching is always a good idea!
  11. Here is the official video from "MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS - XXL November Edition 2019" from Skydive Algarve Portugal. Amazing wingsuit coaches, spectacular views, unbelievable feelings and more...
  12. Just a thought, Maybe you are tucking too much bridle under the flap.
  13. Just for fun, I did an experiment with my rig (curv, mfg late 2018) I use the alternate closing method on page 24,25. My bridle is perfectly free and clear when I pull it straight up, no perceptible drag at all. I did it with the pin protection flap in place and without just to see what was going on, no difference. You could post a pic here and others could comment, but I’d call/contact RI, ask them for advice.
  14. I have never heard the story the Scranton paper published, and I think some of it was made up by an eager reporter or something. The story about Rataczak wanting to fly out over the ocean is true. The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed him personally in 1996 (25th anniversary) and yes...Rataczak wanted to do that but his request was denied.
  15. That might happen. It's skydiving, everyone I know who skydives has been injured. Try not to get hurt. Realize that you might anyway.
  16. Thank you..yes I need to be prepared for PLF on every jump but somehow I just didn't do it and slid on the dirt. I really shouldn't listen to that radio on final.
  17. Oh right! The plane just passes by... So you both say just practice more... what if I get hurt again on landing? I do PLF every time until I get the feel when to flare? Actually I was supposed to get hurt on my first jump that day but I landed on the grass far away from the dropzone... it was the same way when I landed as my second jump. I slid on the grass but I was fine..and I had a healthy exercise walking back to the dropzone with that huge canopy lol...
  18. Thanks! You are right - I am the pilot and I decide when to flare.
  19. Time Left: 1 month and 11 hours

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    I have two helmets for sale: Small Blue Phantom, which I bought on Ebay as my first helmet, about 60 jumps. $100 OBO Large Carbon Fiber Grey Bonehead Aero, which I bought from another jumper and was to big, about 10 jumps. $250 OBO Happy to give more details or photos upon request. Shipping included in the US. Cheers!


    Monroe, North Carolina - US

  20. Thanks for revealing your narrow minded view. Now do yourself a favor and read my posts. I have offered a possible solution to every one of the issues I have revealed. Will they work? Not sure. Got a better idea? Share it. What we do know is the current path is a failure. Anybody can see that. IF they choose to. Some are simply going to accuse someone who reveals it as just "Bitching and Complaining". As far as the USPA goes, are you endorsing me for a seat?
  21. Time Left: 1 month and 10 hours

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    Bought this from a friend-of-a-friend in 2012, and he said he put about 100-150 jumps on it new. It sat in his closet before me, and it has sat in my closet for the most part. I got right up to being ready to downsize to it and had to leave the DZ. I did send the Cypres 2 in for maintenance in 2019, and it's end of service life is 10/2022 per Cypres' website. So, I priced the rig to give 32 more months of use (at least for the AAD). Time to move on to a new hobby... Javelin J4: 12/1996 Triathlon 160 (main): 06/1995 Tempo 170 (reserve): 09/1996 Cypres 2: 02/2012 Collapsible Pilot Chute RSL I'm 6'2", 180 lbs, and this fits me pretty well. More pics on request.


    , Hawaii - US

  22. Hey people! Got only 204 jumps but I need to pay it back to the sport! Skydiving gave me wings, friends, support, parties (some of the craziest) and... happy times With a great sense of gratitude I've put my managing experience at work and created a free tool for you all. You will never have to check a billion ads online to find your next rig (or helmet, or freaking alti). They are going to be all nicely aggregated on I know most of the readers here are Americans soooooo... I've created a special page all for you: Give it a spin and... be gentle, I've been working on it with passion and dedication! Maybe you guys can let me know what you think? I plan to make it better over the next months... a constructive feedback would really help :) Cheers Alberto
  23. I thought agent Carr at one time stated that two chutes (back chutes ?) were delivered to Boeing field by cab before being sent to Sea-tec by a private vehicle driven by an unnamed individual? I think I read this at Bruce Smith's website. I think it was in an article pertaining to Cossey, possibly around the time of his death?
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  25. Is this still available?
  26. That sounds like a big no no. You shouldn't be able to pick up a rig with your bridle hooked with a pin as far as I know.
  27. Baronn all I see is you bitching and complaining. Why don't you run for USPA? All you have are problems with no solutions. This thread is becoming as bad as DB Cooper!
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