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  2. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Food For Thought: Several good sources have alleged that Cooper said he knew the location of the portable O2 bottles on board Flight 305. Do YOU know where they keep the emergency O2 bottles on Delta, Alaska, or even Cathay Airlines? (You should see their First Class accommodations.) I sure don't. I did some discrete checking on this and discovered it depends on the airline, and that not even frequent flyers had a clue. How did Cooper know?
  3. Choi Randall

    Cookie 3

    What size is the helmet?
  4. Thanks - that is unusual... I've removed the locked status of the ad. If it happens again please let us know and we'll investigate further.
  5. VikkiBennet

    DB Cooper

    James Klansnic was DB Cooper. Nobody else looks as much like the sketches as Klansnic. Nobody was around the elements found on the tie like Klansnic was. Nobody had the turkey gobbler like Klansnic. Nobody was a shot down pilot just like Dan Cooper but Klansnic. Nobody else knew the 727 like Klansnic.
  6. Mohsen

    Big container

    Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking a big container for a big person. Being fit a 280 main and Raven III as a reserve like javelin J7 (student) or ...


  7. Nowjamessays

    Exhibition or off-dz rig

    I definitely am if it’s compatible with adding an aad
  8. Mxtonair

    2006 Katana 135 - Still Great.

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Katana 135. Dom: 5/2006. Approx. 200 jumps. No damages, Canopy has been well kept. Fabric and lines are in good condition


    Oregon City , Oregon - US

  9. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Vicky says in part: And I believe you. It's harder than people believe to COMPLETELY vanish from the face of the earth, especially in a purposeful manner. (Not counting plane crashes in the wilderness or falling off a ship, etc.) One set of people that would probably know what happened to him is any of his relatives, the ones from HIS side of the family. It's hard to go the rest of your life without contacting someone from your side of the family. He might be able to avoid your mother's side, and probably would, but if anyone knows anything, it would come from his side somewhere. Regarding Sheridan as the hijacker, I gave a lot of reasons why he probably isn't the guy. Seven of them, yes. But the truth is you only need one: An expert skydiver like Sheridan Peterson, even in his wildest dreams, would NEVER come to the party dressed in a suit with a pair of loafers. No way. One thing about him is that after so many successful jumps there is no way he's coming all the way from Tibet to hijack a plane dressed like that. Sheridan would the very LEAST...worn a pair of boots. And when you read about his life, which is pretty much an open book, it shows a guy with morals and much character. A peacenik. A guy marching for civil rights. A teacher who wrote a 700+page anti Vietnam war book. A guy to whom it would not even occur to threaten peoples' lives for money. You can call that an opinion, but Sheridan's life has shown all of the above to be true. In exchange for a life like that, he gets his book stolen with lies, and is accused of being a criminal. It is beyond unfair. It is UNJUST.
  10. cachente

    Icon I-2 Mint Condition

    what size canopies can it hold?
  11. cachente

    2012 Javelin Odyssey

    What size person? what size canopies can it hold? thank you

    DB Cooper

    Yeah, lots of variables.. the FBI guessed at the wind direction. Assume "Cooper" leaves plane at point A, plane travelling at 190 mph, 10,000 ft, travelling S into S wind 25 mph at elevation and 5 mph ground. What is the estimated LZ range from point A.. given an early pull and late pull.. example: 2-5 miles from point A? this was the parachute..
  13. That is only one factor among many. The real reason skydiving is inherently dangerous is it's unforgiving nature. The opportunities to make an error are many and the consequences have a high likelihood of injury. You sound like a man who believes that your training and preparation will keep you safe. You are only partly correct. You have reduced your odds of injury and you should be congratulated for your efforts. But even well trained people make mistakes sometimes, random events you can't anticipate can occur, and someone else's error can get you.
  14. Yesterday
  15. billvon

    On opening, grab toggles or rear risers?

    Most of my canopies will do the same. However, I still grab the rear risers as the slider starts coming down, because I figure if I open 20 feet from someone, I'd rather deal with line twists than a collision.
  16. Not unless you're an embassy guard in Syria or something. Skydiving is a dangerous sport. It can injure you or kill you. There are very few other sports out there where NOT taking very definitive action will kill you, and where you are so dependent on something you can't see (the atmosphere, traffic above us.) I will give you three examples that disprove that - Pat McGowan, Bob Holler and Roger Nelson. All three were doing everything right. Then someone hit them under canopy and killed them. And that can happen to ANYONE no matter how safe they are trying to be. You can be doing a 20-way with the best in the business and someone forward of you in the exit can have a premature deployment. You can be in the plane, ready to do a solo on your own pass, and lose an engine on takeoff. You can be clearing your airspace every ten seconds, and someone can turn into you from above your canopy where you can't see. You can be flying the pattern all by yourself and get taken out by a dust devil that formed over the grass. You can cut away from a spinner and get reserve lines trapped in your rig. You can have a rogue opening on a perfectly good, well maintained, properly packed parachute that is hard enough to kill you. Current training programs - and modern equipment - do wonders to reduce the risk. They will never be able to make it safe.
  17. Like what? What daily activities that most people engage in are more dangerous than jumping? The 'micromort' link is pretty well documented.
  18. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    That video 377 posted showing the static-line jumps from a 727 was interesting. You can see as they get inflation behind the plane that they do get a pretty fair yank on opening shock. The thing that got me was, look at the bag/pod as it comes out of the container, how it gets blown up into the top of the stair channel, and the canopy slides out of it. I'm sure they smoothed that all out to eliminate snag points, but geez, I might've tested the static lines a bit longer.
  19. 377

    DB Cooper

    A very moving post E. Vicki. Brought a tear to my eye. Hope you can find out what happened to your Dad. 377
  20. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    There are a lot of variables that would affect the answer to that question. In freefall, a 25 knot wind would cause some drift, but not a whole lot. I'm not sure the specifics of the canopy he had, but generally a bailout rig of that era, a round (was it modified/unmodified, drive slots, 4-line release?), might have 3-6 mph of performance to work with. The main question would be, at what altitude did he open the parachute? If he jumped at 10 grand and opened right away, he could indeed drift a fair distance. If he freefell down and opened lower, say 2 grand (agl) or so, it would be much less. Also, especially if he opened high, what are the winds doing at other altitudes? It seems to be known what they were doing at 10 and on the ground, but what were they doing at 7? At 4?...
  21. It seems our friend is unwilling to reconsider. Mikelock, I'm curious what your experience is. See all these people disagreeing with you? Many of us are extremely experienced. Wise up, or we shall all be pissing in your crater.
  22. Most of the research done over the last several years would disagree. Most of the people who have died in the last several years would not meet your definition of someone who 'constantly putting themselves in very dangerous situations while skydiving and laughing about it later.' Most of the fatalities that have occurred in the last several years were from everyday skydivers.
  23. HappyHawaii

    Packer needed now in Hawaii

    Time Left: 29 days and 11 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Packer and camera flyer wanted in Hawaii, housing included, staff vehicles are shared. We jump in the mornings, and the afternoons are free to explore and enjoy the island. Contact Happy at and share your experience and references. Aloha!


    Hawi , Hi

  24. I'm curious as to what most of your daily activities are? There is no amount of training, knowledge, or equipment that will stop gravity and its effects should shit hit the fan. It is a dangerous sport that can be done somewhat safely. I think we can agree that inherently there is nothing safe about exiting an aircraft at 13k feet.
  25. Skydiving is much less dangerous than most of your daily activities. I stress safety twenty-four hours a day. "Everything" is dangerous out of context. Skydiving is a very safe sport made dangerous by people who get ahead of their training and abilities. I see people constantly putting themselves in very dangerous situations while skydiving and laughing about it later. If skydiving is dangerous to you, it is because you are making it so. Current training programs and equipment are in place to keep us safe. It is the individual who makes skydiving unsafe not the sport itself.
  26. EVickiW

    DB Cooper

    I have come forward and asked the FBI to consider looking into our father, Melvin Wilson. Not for the fame. My brother and I just want to know why he vanished off the face of the earth. 45 years ago today, my brother and I used the typewriter in my mom's room. We were told the typewriter belonged to our father. This is what we wrote. Sometimes these two little kids that wrote this letter are still in our hearts and heads. We still continue to wonder where he went. This is why we came forward.
  27. riggerrob

    Pit Meadows '86

    Bobby Magee still jumps. I repacked his reserve a few weeks ago, just before Bobby headed to Lodi.
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