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  2. ColoradoJones

    Fear is back

    Im in the same boat ... if seems like my fear disappears after the first jump of the day, but my stomach is in knots before that. current IAD student.
  3. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    Quick update: I talked to the DZO and he felt bad about the whole situation. They kept getting walk on tandems and it was a full day of reservations and he really didnt want to tell me I wasn't going to jump that day. We had a good chat, and came to the conclusion that I should avoid Saturdays until I'm doing full altitude jumps (which is only two jumps away!). I went in yesterday and knocked out three jumps, two practice clear and pulls with a dummy pilot and then I NAILED my first solo clear and pull (IAD student) on the last load of the day!!! I did hang onto my pilot for a second before releasing, but I got it into clean air for sure! I am scheduled for next week for one 10 second delay jump, then all the way to the top for full altitude jumps and freefall! I am stoked!! Full SloMo pull.mp4 Full SloMo pull.mp4
  4. TheChosenOne

    DB Cooper

    Watch the news Monday in Delphi Indiana. James Klansnic was DB Cooper. F U Shitter45
  5. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I have no idea what you are talking about. And excuse me, but who set YOU up as the mod here? This isn't the Cooper Forum. I don't have time for this today, Dave. I just finished shooting the Cooper Search Promo video (it's about ten minutes long) and I'm kind of busy formatting it for YouTube right now. But I will keep your suggestion in mind. And by the way...neither of YOUR posts today are Cooper-related. Meanwhile, the video is done and its time to upload.
  6. dsabine213

    New Cookie G3 XL

    Do you still have this? I'm interested. Please email me directly at
  7. Yesterday
  8. Part-time-Pilot

    Part-Time Pilot Available

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Part-Time NJ/PA Area Jump Pilot Available 1000+, 100s of Jump hours (CFI/II/MEI) Flight Instructor with Multi-engine and instrument instructor endorsements


    , nj/pa

  9. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Nope, simply pointing out that you are violating the rules set here. 2-3 paragraphs worth.
  10. cloudsoarfur

    Sabre2 170

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sabre2 170 main manufactured 2016 563 jumps no repairs or holes


    , New Hampshire - US

  11. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    LOL...I'm not talking to you today. I am not Derek, by the way. I want to thank you for providing that bit of internet etiquette for me though. However, if you want to be a moderator at Dropzone, I think you should talk to the folks in charge. I have to work on the Placard Search video, but I have to clean up my office first. You want something Cooper-related? Well, there you go.
  12. Alexevil

    Aerodyne Triathlon 160 7-Cell Canopy

  13. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Actually, you and Derek fail to post under the rules the admin. has given. and failing to "ignore" things as well that don't belong here. "You're welcome to discuss the case here, but posts that are not related to the case and merely address other users are not what this thread is for, and we will start handing out more warnings to posts that violate this approach."
  14. Just4fun

    Sabre 2 135 & Pilot 124

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hello all, Time to part with a couple of canopies. My home DZ is Crosskeys in NJ. 1- First canopy is a Pilot 124. DOM mid 2014. I am the original owner. Approximately 800-900 jumps (I don’t keep a log book- going by burble mostly). Its due for new line set. The lower steering lines were replaced about 150 jumps ago. Colors are silver(gray) and navy blue (first set of pictures below). It has Aerodyne colored packing tabs for easier group identification during packing (helps noobs). It’s in good shape with no patches. Asking $1,300 2- Second canopy is a Sabre 2, 135. DOM 10/2015. It’s my girlfriend’s custom canopy. It is basically new with only 29 jumps on it. The top skin cell color pattern is different than the bottom and it looks cool (see pics). Colors are sharp Teal and Purple with gray ribs and slider (second set of pictures below). Just note that the colors look off in the video still pics of canopy in flight so see the fabric shot for truer representation. Asking $2,000; that’s $400 less than dealer plus no waiting 2-3 months. Read Less


    Reading , PA

  15. wolfriverjoe

    nil winds

    My current DZ sets the landing direction in the loading area. It's repeated on the plane. Jumpers are told that if they can't handle a 5 knot tailwind on landing, take a canopy course or get a different canopy. Anyone landing against the pattern will end up in a 'discussion' with the S&T A.
  16. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Hold your horses there...I never mentioned Shutter's name in my post. And people DO visit his website on a regular basis. I'm going to do a short introductory video later on how and why we decided to do the search trip near Castle Rock. Will post it later, here...and will add it to Quora and WordPress notices about the event. A personal pitch is called for here, I think.
  17. TheChosenOne

    DB Cooper

    Administration? What does a campout have to do with DB Cooper? Mr. Blevins and Shitter45 are spamming this website up with post fussing at each other. Shitter45 wants to shut this website down because nobody visits his website anymore
  18. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Here is a picture of the stew-side interphone system on a 727. The one they used in 1971, anyway. It was for sale a long time ago on eBay. I found out the power failed last night due to a car smashing into a pole a few blocks away. About 1,300 people lost juice for a few hours. That was the boom we heard. In Other News - Dropped by Bruce's Mountain News to see if there were any comments or announcements on the re-scheduling of the search trip to Castle Rock, etc. All I found were the usual 'Blevins is a liar,' and mostly distortions of the truth by the same few people. Been there, done that. Ignored. I swear some of these folks would complain even if I suggested we all volunteer time at the childrens' oncology ward. Brother, I know an agenda when I see it, and some people make the Cooper case, and the activities surrounding it, more personal than it is. Over at MN, they can say those things freely without any worry I will actually respond. That is not allowed, of course. When you have someone in your corner ready with the delete button on any just makes the vitriol easier to do. These folks don't do that at Dropzone because they know they can't get away with it. Regular folk live here. The best thing to do is to ignore these people as best I can. We move forward and try not to let the naysayers win. Two more people from Oregon emailed me yesterday saying they want IN on the search campout. Eight slots out of fourteen are now taken. Anyone from Cooperland who is kicking the idea around of participating in this frankly historical event should stop making it personal and decide whether they want in as well. We will do video, podcast, and the search. Some interviews of individuals, along with BBQ and fun at night. How long does Cooperland believe it will take to fill our limit of people who want to attend? I don't have time for games. We have sixty days to organize the whole thing, and that's less time than it seems. I'm not going to mention names or quote comments on other sites, but you know who you are, and you should stop making it personal. It isn't about me, it is about the Cooper case and giving it a try at the placard site. Seems like a historical spot to do the other media, as well. Besides. Anyone showing up is guaranteed of at least one thing. They will probably have more fun than they've had in a while. Two of the people slated to come have been on previous AB campouts. This should tell you something. My sincerest thanks go out to Weyerhauser, 'SBJ,' 'Army Guy,' Darren at the Cooper Vortex Podcast, Nick B, and many others for their support.
  19. councilman24

    Shelf life on containers?

    No, fading of the dye and degradation of the nylon are two different things. But we can't pull test webbing so fading is the only indication of sun (uv) exposure. No I don't agree.with Rob. It might be true for black. For neon pink no. OP an unused harness stored properly does NOT lose half of its strength in 20 years. But remember I can think of only two.properly constructed harnesses that have failed in my 40 year career.
  20. Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Parachute Systems Vortex container, RSL, Volt 170 main, Decelerator 180 reserve, Vigil II+ AAD. One jump on main.


    , Washington - US

  21. riggerrob

    nil winds

    Better DZs have well-established no-wind landing patterns. For example: land parallel to the runway. Similar, do not cross the runway below 1,000’ AGL. This follows from the prohibition against interfering with airplane traffic patterns. Since prevailing winds are from the west, the default landing pattern is to the west. Since there are lots of obstacles (houses, trees, fences, wires, ditches, roads, guard dogs, etc.) to the east of the landing field, the default landing direction is to the west. When winds are light, you are far more likely to miss by over-shooting .... please overshot into an open area. At some DZs, the ground radio instructor, DZSO holds the (landing direction) arrow to prevent it from swinging in light winds, “advising” everyone to land in the same direction as the arrow. Anyone ignoring the DZSO’s advice about landing direction will get advice about pulling his head out of his ass and if the problem persists will be followed by more advice about alternate sports (e.g. bowling)! Hah! Hah!
  22. DC46

    FOR SALE PD VALKYRIE 79 + New Line Set

    Is canopy still available
  23. riggerrob

    Accuracy landing for students

    Brother Cool Beans, We wish all students were as curious as you! Learning canopy control has a steep learning curve - in the early stages - then settles down to refining observations and techniques over hundreds of jumps. Sister skybytch provided plenty of sound advice. Modifying the curvature of your final turn towards The target (last 600 to 300 feet of altitude) is only predictable if it is variations on a left turn. Alternating left and right turns only confuses people behind you. Confused people make mistakes. Confused people get hurt! Learning how to read the winds is a decades-long process. It starts with staring at the wind sock to determine wind direction. Knowing wind direction helps determine landing direction. Secondly, note how much the windsock/flag droops. It I hangs straight down, and here is no wind and your final approach will be shallow .... meaning turn into final approach we’ll down-wind of the target. OTOH if the windsock is blowing straight back from the pole (horizontal) winds are too strong for students to be in the air. Strong winds vastly increase the risk of dragging after landing. Strong winds also trick people into turning onto final too far down wind. Far wiser to turn final close to the target. Thirdly, observe dozens of other jumpers landing. Start by comparing their approach angle with the windsocks’ angle. Try the o keep I mind that the tiny, fast canopies favoured by “canopy pilots” ignore wind shifts far better than sluggish student canopies. Fourthly, do wind checks under canopy. Classic precision landing technique includes turning into the wind about 1200 feet above the target and shut off to the side. Apply half-brakes and give the canopy 5 seconds to stabilize before trying to determine your approach angle. Once you determine your approach angle (e.g. the landmark that is neither rising nor descending in your view) make a mental note, then complete your last turn on to final approach at that angle - or a slightly shallower - angle. Winds always decrease as you near the ground. I prefer talking about angles for two weeks reasons. First: the human eyeball is a miserable altimeter. Secondly, my dyslexia makes numbers just a jumble of silly little bits of random data. Hah! Hah! Finally, if you read classic precision landing textbooks (published by Eiff, New England Parachutes, Performance Designs Zero, etc.) take them with a grain of salt. Yes, they are written about wing-loadings similar to student wing-loadings (typically 0.7 pounds per square foot), but those are specialized canopies optimized for stability near the stall. When a canopy is that close to stalling, it has no surplus energy to “flare” or reduce vertical descent rate. Stalling onto an inflated competition “tuffet” is fun, but the same landing technique on hard ground will bruise or sprain you! Forget about finer competition techniques until you can do 10 stand-up landings in a row within 5 metres (15 feet) of your (Frisbee) target. IOW stick with “sport accuracy” and “exhibition jump accuracy” techniques for your first few hundred jumps. Performance Designs just announced their “Bullseye Sport Accuracy” tour for 2019. This series of casual competitions provides plenty of opportunities to learn theory and practice under the eye of coaches. Few spectators care about your score (measured in centimetres) because they are too busy observing how smoothly you approach and how your skills improve over the summer. Go check out the “Bullseye Sport Accuracy” page on PD’s website.

    DB Cooper

    Hahneman was on a WW2 C-47 (DC-3 variant) aircrew... troop transport.. paratroopers Cooper asked for a “knapsack”,, WW2 paratrooper gear included a “knapsack” The C-47 had a 15 degree flap setting.. 1/4= 0 degrees 1/2 = 15 degrees (Cooper demand) 3/4= 30 degrees Full= 45 degrees The C-47 had an interphone.. Hahneman manned the interphone. "Cooper used the term "interphone" vs intercom or phone as Tina said she thought a passenger would say." Interphoneis a term used a lot in WW2 acft and through the early 1970s. It refers to the amplified audio system that allows crew to talk to such other over head and handsets and also allows the distribution of comm radio audio to multiple crew members. Later aircraft, such as the F 14, seemed to use the term Intercomor ICS. The 727 had an interphone system often powered by Gables Engineering Interphone Amplifier. P/N G-708-1 or C3670-4. NSN: 5831-00-306-4654. It is curious that Cooper used the term Interphone. To me it indicates at least some familiarity with aircraft systems. 377"
  25. wrespess

    Micro-Sigma Container DOM 7/2018

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    July '18 Dom 411 Jumps No Damage All containers come with a student harness. More Gear for Sale @


    , Florida

  26. wrespess

    Micro-Sigma Container DOM Aug '19

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Has 347 Jumps. Slight cosmetic scuff on left main flap. Used for 6 months More Gear for Sale @


    , Florida

  27. otyshchuk

    Used OXYGN Full Face Helmet (Case Included)

    Hi! What's the size of the helmet?
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