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  2. skydivingmj

    UPT Micron V303 + OP 106

    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    UPT Micron V303 around 150 jumps. Built for someone around 5'4 140 pounds. Options include Skyhook, backpad sport with padded stabilizers, variable geometry harness, center flap piping, soft reserve handle spectra, and freely handle. PM for measurements DOM V303 08-2014 DOM Optimum 106 03-2012


    , Quebec

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  7. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    Glide (ACE MARD RSL + all options) + Sabre2 210 + PDR 193 + Cypres2 Changeable mode for 5'10" 170lbsThis is an absolutely MINT shape rig that has had a total of 5 jumps. It has every single option available and can be your new baby to make the whole DZ envious!Harness size Y17 - made for a 5'10" 170lbs individual with 40" chest, 15" torso, 35" waist 24" thigh and 33" inseam. It will got up or down about 2".The container has : • 17" MLW• 24" Legpad• Y (Large) yoke• 24" LateralContainer : Peregrine Glide 50/90 with every single option !• ACE MARD RSL !• Stainless steel hardware• fully articulated harness (chest and hip rings)• cut in laterals• padded backpad• freefly bungy• freefly PC handle• DOM 04/2017• in mint shape, only 5 jumps !Main : Sabre2 210• DOM 07/2016• vectran lines• 5 jumps total - the canopy is like newReserve : PD 193 reserve• DOM 02/2017• 3 repacks no ridesAAD : Cypres2 CHANGEABLE-mode• DOM 05/2017• no activations• no mandatory maintenance• Service life 15.5 years - good through 11/2032


    Cleveland, OHIO

  8. Cuinair


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  9. likestojump


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    Cleveland, OHIO

  10. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    Vector 2004 V304 holds 135 or 120 may hold a 150 Sq. Ft. canopy. Smart 150 reserve 2017 never used. All stored indoors and packed indoors. Only exposed to sun when loading the plane. Setup for cypress. Recently sold the canopy.


  11. HarCher

    Complete: Mirage G3, Sabre 2 170, Raven 150 reserve, no AAD

    How big is the harness?
  12. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian in blue.
  13. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head over Z-Hills 1980s
  14. CarManAlf

    VISO 2 wont start

    Hey all we have a viso 2 that we just changed the batteries on. it peeps when it senses the batteries but by the time we screw the lid on screen is off and wont turn back on. hit the reset screen flashes 982 in little and 2.50 then 26 little and goes between 2.75 and 5.80 everytime we reset it. Any words of advice or solutions.
  15. i think your all right, and wrong to equate this to motorbikes.... almost all bike crashes are the bikers fault, they didn't see the person pulling out on them cos they were going to fast, in a bad road position or just not paying attention, the stats are all squued by not accounting for me riding safely but to say motorbikes are safe if im riding it would be a lie.... its just less dangerous, i accept the risk cos its fun, being aware of that keeps me alive.... seems to me that this is the same deal
  16. littlestranger

    BSBD Darrell Dunafon

    Good news, one of Darrell's friends found the piece and salvaged it before it disappeared. thanks everyone for helping solve the mystery. t.
  17. Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Needed: a safety-minded, self-motivated and motivational, charismatic leader who will take care of my skydivers. Must be drug-free (yes this includes marijuana) and have no issues with alcohol. Tandem instructor (Strong- we have an examiner who can cross train), AFFI, AIDI, and S/L. FAA Rigger. Pilot. I hope to move into starting DZ's that are a cut above standard with no drama. This requires a mindset that many do not have. In time, my goal is to be able to take all these flight hours I have and fly for other operators. To do this I will need to find instructors who are above standard and extremely reasonable people. If you are serious about partying this is not the place for you. If you are serious about skydiving and developing your own business, call Cathy 912 322 7282.


    Statesboro, Georgia - US

  18. Alexevil

    Aerodyne Triathlon 160 7-Cell Canopy

    Contact me
  19. apexair


    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    BE THE BOSS!!! New inland Dz started up based just outside Nairobi- Kenya, Base- Orly Airpark, LZ Lake Magadi a unique natural soda - Wildlife, flamingos and all. We are the only operational DZ in the country! Offering a long term contract with equitable terms, including work permits, Accommodation to a suitable candidate. Requirements- 1.Good english language proficiency. 2.Should hold Sigma TI rating. 3. AFF, Rigger , Examiner ratings an added advantage. 4. Leadership qualities and team management skills. 5. DZ management experience also an added advantage. JD will include all aspects of DZ management, PR, Team coordination etc. Landing Zone is at Lake Magadi- see We are operating a Piper Seneca & C-210, (C-208 easily available if the numbers justify.) All Brand new equipment !!! Interested- Send your CV and references to -


    NAIROBI, --- - KE

  20. Ben_jam_in

    Silhouette 170

    Is this still available?
  21. gunsmokex

    Shelf life on containers?

    Update I actually found a 10 yr Vector II closet queen with just the container (made in 1996 and put away in 2006). Just have to swap out the freebag, reserve pc, AAD and the 'new' container even once had an RSL so the same components should work from my old container which I had an RSL added onto the new one. Velcro is new, container even looks "fresh". Thanks for all of the input I just didn't really realize that webbing loses 1/2 its strength under the right conditions. I'm very happy with this container its being put together right now. I can see how UV ray exposure, use and abuse would decrease the webbing strength. It'd be interesting to review those 2 harness failures.
  22. gunsmokex

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    There is also my friends cheapo style go pro lying out there somewhere in the weeds. I came off on exit, we looked for a while and never found it. Oh and funny story my friends were out there before I got a jump with them at that DZ and well they went to full altitude with no door. Must've been dam cold! Nice clear and pull bro! Definitely take heed on the shirt advice goes for fleece jackets and such too. Just find a nice used jumpsuit that fits you and you'll be much happier.
  23. The relative stretchiness of dacron lines I believe is fairly well known, and important. I think there is something about the friction between dacron lines and slider grommets that is "just right". Ever since I've had my Pilot relined with Dacron, it has been "just right". I don't know if it is as simple as coefficient of friction or if it is a more complicated relationship with other properties, but I think dacron lines make it easy to get nice openings. I think that slippery line types, such as spectra make it more uncertain because of their different frictional or other properties. I have no experience at all with other types of lines, perhaps they also provide that just right interaction with the slider grommets. I think more of us that jump larger canopies should consider dacron when a reline is needed. Dacron's ability to not get snagged on velcro or other such similar natural or synthetic materials is also really nice. I always felt like I was destroying my lines when they would get snagged on some velcro from my jumpsuit wrist cuffs, or some vegetation that would get snagged... Anyway, I think early canopy designers benefited greatly from the good characteristics of dacron rubbing against grommets, and we would be grateful if other line types had that just right relationship, even if they weren't stretchy. Just a random ramblin, what do you think?
  24. jhalestorm

    2015 Mirage G4/Vigil/pd176/no main

    Can you send the measurements on the rig.... I'm 6' 210 lbs
  25. skytribe

    Shelf life on containers?

    Can people point me to some studies to back up strength loss over time. I have seen studies reflecting strength.loss of nylon due to uv exposure and other chemical actions but how much has been done on age deterioration only.
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