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    DB Cooper

    My read of the evidence is there were 4 back chutes gathered, 2 from Cossey and 2 from Hayden,, (ignore the front reserve chutes) Two were sent to Cooper, Hayden's 1960 24ft and one of Cossey's.. Hayden's 1960 24 ft chute was left on the plane. FBI returned Hayden's 1957 26ft chute to him which wasn't sent to Cooper. Cossey never got the unused chute back and Cooper used the other.
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  5. Dewbee

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    No, I didn’t do anything like that. I did notice that the LB web store Will not allow you to ship to the United States. Seems kind of lame that we have to pay 50 bucks more just because we live here.
  6. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    We have to stop saying 'Cossey's chute'. You're beginning to confuse things, although I know you don't mean to. Let's go with Sky Sports or Hayden instead, and just admit Cossey didn't actually own any of the chutes. Remember....even I know that dropzones keep parachutes around in case someone wants to be trained enough to do either a first jump (I guess) or even a static line jump (maybe) if they are a novice. (Right? Jump in anytime skydivers!) I imagine plenty of people took a jump or two without actually buying their own chute. So where would they rent a chute? Dropzone, right? But let's toss out the confusion on ownership here. I believe Hayden, and I believe that Issaquah Sky Sports owned the front packs. We know Cooper jumped with a back pack. Hayden provided both of those. Damn. I just went over my notes from the interview. There is NOTHING in them about Hayden asking for TWO chutes being returned. I was wrong on that I guess. Obviously Cooper jumped with Hayden's NB6/8 and the other back pack was returned to him. The front pack belonging to Sky Sports was hacked for its lines and still in the hands of the FBI. The dummy reserve is gone to Northwest heaven...or maybe down by Castle Rock somewhere. I'm getting a headache guys... EDIT: How about THIS scenario? Two back packs. Both provided by Hayden. Two front packs. Both provided by Sky Sports. One back pack, 28 foot conical...Cooper jumps with it. (NB6) One back pack, returned to Hayden, donated to WSHM. (Pioneer) One front pack, cannibalized, held by FBI today. Sky Sports. (Orange front pack) One front pack, dummy trainer, missing. Sky Sports. ALL chutes packed by Cossey. *I THINK that's right...*
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    Argues for sale

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    I have 12 argues and spare parts for sale all but one has had there 4yr


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    DB Cooper

    More confusion, the cut lines was Cossey's reserve chute... sounds like the FBI was confused or intentionally misleading. The FBI kept it because it was left on the plane, they gave him back the other chute.. that can only mean Cooper jumped with Cossey's chute.
  9. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Yeah, I see now you are correct Flyjack. It's been a few years since I interviewed Hayden. I had forgotten something from the interview. Hayden told me (my mistake) that he tried to get BOTH his chutes back. But the FBI wouldn't give him the one with the cut lines because it was still considered evidence in the case. Damn...I forgot he told me that. He was only able to get the unopened one returned. He said he wanted both of them back. On a side note, he didn't 'sue' the FBI to get it returned...the one at the WSH Museum. Said he just had a lawyer send a letter with a legal request and the FBI went ahead and returned it. No one went to court or anything. I'm looking BACK at previous posts and I can't be 100% certain I even got THAT right. Where is the aspirin? I think I need to take some notes from these files and start trying to figure this out.
  10. RockSkyGirl

    Riser design & toggle fires

    Innovative Parachute Technologies (out of Arizona, USA) makes risers with anti-fire toggles which have three tabs. Standard top and bottom but underneath the top one is a third, thinner tab that goes downward. To release the brakes, you pull up-and-out a little bit first (to release the locking tab), then down. Toggles will not accidentally come unstowed - not by your slider hitting them, not by stowing your slider, not by making a rear riser avoidance turn. I have those risers on both of my rigs and I love them. It's the most secure system I've ever seen. Bonus: the excess-brake-line keepers are magnetic sleeves instead of semi-elastic loops. Easy to use and securely keep the excess confined until you're ready to unstow the brakes. I can post pictures of these risers next time I jump this week if anyone is interested.
  11. The answer is.....Yes. But, as usual, there is always someone who knows better than the majority of experienced jumpers.

    DB Cooper

    I doubt the 302 is wrong, the size and year are clearly written on the card.. which was noted as found, I doubt the chute was measured. They just wrote down what the card said.. and Hayden's other chute clearly says 1957 26 ft. E. is 26 ft the chute returned to Hayden, never on the plane. the other 24 ft Hayden chute was left on the plane. Cooper didn't use either Hayden chute.
  13. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    As I mentioned on TMN. the 302 could be wrong. most of the info matches except they state 24 foot in length not diameter and the model being 1960...
  14. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Cossey packed all four chutes. he could be laying claim that way. many people do this. store manger will say "my store" cops will ask you " what are you doing in my town" etc. neither owns the store or the town...
  15. Mfrbrazil

    Two 1958 Cessna jump planes
  16. Hey, I'm the loose jointed person, I happened to have subluxations (partial dyslocations) of a shoulder. Then I had shoulder surgery (torn labrum/SLAP) and finished the rehab recently. Skydiving is obviously difficult on shoulders but also neck and spine. I'm curious to hear if you do any sort of training targeting these body parts. 1. Training shoulders to deal better with 120mph+ wind blow 2. Training neck and spine to deal with potential hard openings 1) I've been using bodyblade during the rehab and it seems to work pretty well. Also, I've done bunch of exercises with elastic/resistance bands that aid shoulder muscle development well too. 2) I haven't done much in this area.
  17. dudeman17

    April 22-1992

    Remembering... for whatever reason, every time I hear this song it makes me think of them..
  18. chaospilot

    Vector 350

    Jump numbers and DOM’s?
  19. In mountaineering/backcountry skiing people talk about danger and events (usually avalanches, but theoretically it could apply to anything) in terms of both probability and consequence. Almost everything in skydiving would fall under the "high consequence" category, regardless of how rare it is (or who's fault it is -- jumper, packer, another jumper, etc). If two jumpers collide under canopy, (not super common, but it does happen), does it really matter who's fault it was? It's a dangerous, potentially fatal situation for both of them -- including the one who theoretically wasn't at fault. We're all human and none of us are infallible, and you can't really treat real situations involving real humans like some numerical model you whipped up on Mathematica or something.
  20. justme12001

    US flag made out of F111 material.

    Sent you a PM.

    DB Cooper

    BOOM, I got it figured out.... Cooper took Cossey's back chute not Hayden's. Hayden did supply two back chutes one was given to Cooper and left on the plane but it wasn't the one he got back.. Hayden got back the other chute not given to Cooper. Cossey was correct, Cooper jumped with his back chute. NOT Hayden's. Proof, the unused chute found on the plane was a 1960 model, 24' Pioneer. The one Hayden got back was a 1957, 26' Pioneer. So, there is no way Cooper jumped with the other Hayden chute. It had to be Cossey's.
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  23. freefly9656

    Tunnel Time

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    DB Cooper

    You don't deserve a comprehensive response, you have completely ignored the evidence. I am not going to waste time disproving something that didn't happen based on your own assumptions. This is nonsense, the FBI flightpath veers E at about 20:12 then turns right about 20:15, exactly as the chase planes describe it did. It is clear you aren't interested in the facts. There is no discussion from there. If you want to argue that a western flightpath is possible then sure anything IS possible but the overwhelming evidence supports the FBI flightpath and only your assumptions support the Western one. Your weak assumptions aren't enough to overcome the FBI evidence.
  25. EJU

    DB Cooper

    FLY, you challenged my assertions in the Daily DB Cooper Bite and I provided a substantive list of questions. Your response to these questions was nothing by mindless rhetoric and platitudes. There is nothing of substance in your answer. I challenge you to point out any substance in your response. Oh, the 8:12 turn east--which apparently was sudden and intended to bring the jet down center line V23--didn't even happen according to the 1972 FBI Map.
  26. mylesbean


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    Vector Container d.o.m. 1986 Clean Container, Very good condition, Well cared for. Magnetic riser covers installed by Vector. I had a 169 main and 160 reserve inside no problem, has a bit of room either way. R.S.L. Equipped. I am 5.10, 175 pnds, pretty snug on me. AAD ready. Just had Rigger inspection.


    garden Valley, calofornia

  27. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    FBI flight path: The jets following Flight 305 knew where it was at all times. The only problem was that they had to keep doing wide 'S' turns because the airliner was going so slowly. If airliners actually could not be tracked with a certain bit of accuracy a lot less than eight or nine miles, they would be crashing into each other all the time. On the afternoon of the hijacking, everyone had hours to prepare for its eventual departure from Seattle, and they did. The idea that it was just 'out there in the night' is preposterous. You had people like Paul Soderlind of NWA on the case, as well as ATC and the military tracking that flight. They knew exactly where it was at all times. As far as I'm concerned, the map is accurate. The placard shows that, and that happened BEFORE the flight reached the spot it did miles east of Tina Bar. Chutes: The two main 'bailout' rigs belonged to Hayden. The dummy reserve and the chute popped by Cooper to cut the lines from it belonged to Issaquah Sky Sports. Cossey packed the three that actually worked, but he hadn't seen them for almost six months prior to the hijacking. May of 1971 has been mentioned, I think. But Cossey owned none of them. He was just the person who packed them. Airliner tracking by radar and accuracy? Of course it was good, even back in 1971, otherwise the following would be an everyday occurrence:
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