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  2. Hi mister, I just re-read the entire article ( for the 3rd time ). I do not see where it was just for him & only him. Do you see it that way? Maybe we are interpreting something differently. Jerry Baumchen
  3. Anderson tore him to pieces, it was some of the most satisfying cable news that I’ve seen in a while.
  4. I’m not arguing climate change with you. I don’t talk religion with fanatics either. I’m talking grammar and communication. You stated that it’s ridiculous to have ‘drought and flood’ in the same sentence. You’re simply wrong in that statement.
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  6. Hi Robert, I remember when that came out, and I thought, no big deal. My bank gives me free checking for maintaining a certain minimum amount of money in my accounts. Now, if they ( all of those banks ) did this just for Bernie, then it would be something. If it is normal for those banks; then, so what. Jerry Baumchen
  7. We should all be very happy that there is a great difference between a real man and a real woman. In no way am I denigrating women. My wife is a successful executive and my eleven year old daughter has been in MMA since she was five and is now training for her black belt in youth MMA. I am an unabashed feminist. That said, viva la difference!
  8. Time Left: 13 days and 22 hours

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    DOM: 02/15 400 jumps on canopy and original vectran lines Rigger inspected and approved. No patches, No holes label printing is fading as shown will ship within the US. 5413061269


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  9. In previous posts Bill claimed that the fire that destroyed Paradise California was due to climate change. (you know, warmer, drier conditions making things ripe for a fire) I pointed out that the area was in a ZERO drought condition and the temperatures were in the mid 70s and that the area had one of the wettest springs on record. He quickly pivoted and said it was the wet conditions in the spring that led to lots of growth that provided the fuel for the fire. See, either way it is climate change. BTW Airdvr asked an important question. Are these floodroughts a recent phenomenon?
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  11. When did flooding and droughts start? Is this a new phenomena?
  12. Well, this came out during the 2016 campaign:
  13. We should pick a date when surprising and shocking information about Bernie is leaked to the press. I'm going with 11 days prior to the election. It worked last time.
  14. But your retort was about what BILL posted. Not what YOU said.... And he's not stupid enough for his sentence to mean what you want it to. Which means you're deliberately taking it wrongly to try and ridicule the entire argument so you can say 'how ridiculous you sound'. "But the reason that more people are coming to accept climate change is not that anyone is going to convince them - but because they have seen the flooding and the droughts and the fires," is what he said... At no point does that post indicate that he's talking about the same locations or even the same point in time. There might be flooding in typically dry areas, and vice versa. And these events don't have to happen simultaneously for that sentence to still be valid. So not only is your argument grammatically incorrect as there are any number of sentences in which 'flooding' and 'droughts' can be used in the same sentence without being ridiculous, it's also a fallacy based upon your deliberate and dishonest misunderstanding of the post. So like I said, a ludicrous argument to support your point of view... Try harder next time.
  15. The company said: "The unit has been visibly damaged from the client, the soldering are not the original ones as well the battery has been changed even if the unit has 4 jumps only." It is as if someone at Parasport doesn't realize that unit was ever sent in for repair by their own folks.... when clearly they should have some history from its serial numbers and see that it is a problem unit. Do they have a poor database detailing their products shipped? Or tracking of customer issues? Especially with them having changed the serial number? Or is it a dumb employee who didn't use the databases correctly? Hanlon's razor: " Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity" So is their decision final or is there still a chance to explain to them how they messed up?
  16. First rule of being in the Dunning/Kruger club, is not knowing you're in the Dunning/Kruger club
  17. Bill, I didn't want to announce this until I had sufficient data but I've been measuring the distance between these Caribbean Islands for several years and I have to tell you there has been no change. Nada. The whole continental drift thing is proven hocus pocus. So maybe, just maybe, Brent is right about climate change. Afterall, the tides come in and the tides go out; they're just sloshing around like water in the tub, situation normal. Unless you're willing to believe our tiny little moon with a smirking face is pulling us around like a little red wagon, that is.
  18. The whole Russian interference thing, along with the reaction of the Mango Mussolini - anger at the fact the Ds on the House committee were told, firing the DNI and replacing him with a Toady, all of that should scare the living fuck out of any intelligent citizen.
  19. After 50 years of physicals and seeing nothing but bored faces while listening to my heart, watching her bored face turn to a concerned face was sure eye opening.
  20. No I am talking about the same area of the world. Low water level in the Great Lakes? Climate change! High water level in the Great Lakes? Climate change! Dry summer in the Mid-West? Climate change! Wet summer? Climate Change. No snow in the Rockies? Climate change! Lots of snow in the Rockies? Climate change! It is the "heads I win, tails you loose" school of prediction.
  21. Thanks for the encouragement, it’s reassuring knowing others have dealt with this.
  22. "well above average"
  23. Then how do you know the other bills are more important? Have you read them?
  24. Hi Will, You should give him some credit for consistency. Jerry Baumchen
  25. Hi Bill, IMO this is where it will impact us first. We all need a water source to survive. Jerry Baumchen
  26. Hi Ken, Reminds me of how CREEP did everything that they could to get McGovern nominated. And, it worked. But, as my grandmother used to say: 'Watch what you wish for.' 'I am not a crook.' Jerry Baumchen
  27. If you want to analyze diatoms, or their behavior (if you can call it that), you have to make it a scientific specialty. No one, and I mean NO ONE on Planet Earth understands everything about them, or even close. I figured that much out just by doing some basic research lately. They don't even know how many different species there are, maybe 100,000 and up to 200,000, and probably 10-15% actually identified and cataloged. One of the few studied experts on diatoms in the United States is probably Andrew Alverson at the University of Arkansas. Tom Kaye might want to brief him a bit and then send his results to Alverson to see what he says. His contact info at the university is HERE. As far as the rest of us discussing all this in regards to the Tina Bar money, this effort is much like two ants standing atop an anthill in the middle of the Sahara desert...and trying to speculate on what the rest of the world is like. EDIT: Current plan for the final 'Cooper Campout' has been finalized. This is what we will do: Plan is for Greg the Techie Guy and yours truly to take a trip to the Spider Lake area and set everything up as if it were the Real Deal, see if everything works. (Power, media stuff, bath provisions, communications, shelter, etc) and do this over the first weekend of April. If all goes well, we do the public campout in June. So far we have six firm committals on the June trip, with some of them jumping on board from the Nissan support group website where I hang out a lot. I will run the Craigslist Event notice two weeks prior to the June date and god help us. (*laughs*) I have no idea what will happen after that. We're hoping people don't go crazy on us, but then my experience has been that mostly sensible and nice folks bother driving 20 miles off road for a thing like this. We hope. One more thing: I have a message in to the producers of this *alleged* upcoming feature film on Cooper. I have asked them WHEN CAN WE DO A PUBLIC RELEASE OF INFORMATION? It's been three years, we have a script now, a major Hollywood star is on board the production staff, as well as the production company HE owns. How much longer do they expect ME to keep their secrets? Frankly, I'm tired of it. EDIT: I have received an answer to the message. "They" have told me that an announcement will be made in the trades as soon as the script is deemed complete. Right now everyone is working on it, including myself. In other words, not too much longer I hope. I am plain sick of keeping secrets, that is the truth.
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