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  2. speedamigo

    Phoenix-Fly Alpine (ultralight)

    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Selling my beloved Phoenix-Fly Alpine which is tailored for me at 190cm / 6'3", 92kg / 200lbs. Detailed measurements can be provided upon request. Manufactured in spring 2016, 46 basejumps, 14 skydives, in excellent condition. This is the perfect suit for alpine jumps and lightweight missions: Ultra-light fabric, lighter and thinner arm-foam, no fins or fin-sockets (for weight savings), large leg-wing/deflector pocket, lower-leg pockets, hip pockets, slightly bigger cut to accommodate for gear and warm clothes. Additionally it features BASE soles, skydive zippers and a belly camera hole. Located in Bern, Switzerland.



  3. pftom

    Sigma passenger harness

    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Passenger harness, Black/grey Only 100 jumps, as new just mud on legs Y mod & hook knife DOM Dec 2015 £300 $375, buyer pays shipping


    London - GB

  4. EJU

    DB Cooper

    Daily DB Cooper Bite. I discuss the notion that the real DB Cooper is one of the suspects that the FBI has considered over the years. Facebook:
  5. TVHigley

    Turbine 207 and 182 pilot

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Skydive Chelan is looking for a full time pilot for the 2019 season (through October) We are a resort town in the state of Washington. Outdoor paradise... BASE, Seedflying, Paragliding, mountaineering, water sports galore! Must be legal to work in the US and have Jump pilot experience. Contact with resume/CV


    Chelan, Washington - US

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  7. He was 86. We’ll miss you Dave.
  8. RiggerLee


    Over the years I saw a number of canopies and harnesses damaged on hard openings with larger people. The amount of energy that has to be absorbed goes up with weight but it also goes up with the square of the speed. Falling even just a bit faster makes a big difference. But it's not as simple as that. Fill time of the canopy goes down with faster speeds. That's part of the reason that high altitude openings are so brutal. True air speed and volume fill rate go way up and make a disproportionate change in the opening shock. That's why a preme at a higher altitude is so dangerous especially if you are free flying or sit flying. Snatch force also goes up with airspeed causing more load on bags and canopies. the higher forces combined with heavier canopies are a good set up for line dump and staging problems. It's easier to break rubber bands with the higher load and a heavier canopy to pull against that will resist acceleration longer. Also bags are wider on larger rigs which with older bag designs means more line in between the stows trying to pull them lose. Right now I'm working almost exclusively with recovery systems dealing with 1000-2000 lb loads and the next air frame will be some where north of 7000 lb. All these things become more exaggerated, it's been interesting. You are going to want large canopies. Don't be afraid to go big. Large canopies fly so nice and you have the weight to drive them. You'll make it back from spots that no one can fly from. The opening issues are why I recommend an Optimum. It actually opens a bit slower then other reserves. That sounds like a strange thing to say about a reserve at least in a positive context. With the higher speeds that we are seeing these days I actually see advantages in it. It also seems to be more tolerant of higher speed openings. I know a couple of people that demoed them and made a point of opening them at high speeds from head down dives with no deceleration. I think they have a wider speed envelope then other reserve canopies. You're going to want a slow opening main to begin with but you might also think about having it lined with dacron line. I know it sounds strange, old school, but it does improve the openings. I don't really buy the "line stretch" theory but it's got other things going for it. There is a lot more friction on the slider. It sounds like a small thing but I think it makes a big difference in when the canopy becomes dominant over the slider and starts to push it down and how fast it pushes it down. They also have a lot more bulk and friction on rubber bands so you get better staging on the canopy deployment. That alone can be a life saver, literally. I've seen people killed by hard openings. A slightly larger or domed or flagged slider can be a good idea. Even if you don't seem to need it on normal openings it might save you on the anomalous hard one. But one change I would strongly suggest you make is to consider getting a "Speed Bag" from Jump Shack. Basically every line stow on the bag is a locking stow, they are a bit closer together, less line between them, and there are more of them then on a normal bag. It's about the most line dump resistant design out there. It's a bit harder to pack but you get used to it. Double wrap your bands. You'll break a lot of them but it's worth it. Just buy a big bag of them and keep them in a zip lock. And welcome back. Lee
  9. SethInMI

    Flysight vs GoPro

    No it makes sense to me. If I understand you correctly, you are using a position displacement vector direction to decompose your velocity scalar. And what is the use of the N/E velocity anyway? your graphs don't break it down, but I guess there are some flysight viewer screens that do?
  10. So after reading some recommend bench etc. No, don't. Fitness is made to strenghten your muscles, not your core or ligaments/tendons. DON'T talk to "certified" gym trainers, talk to graduated physiotherapists. They will know best how to strenghten your joints without risking injury. They will provide you with the correct set of workouts, maybe add some laser treatment or manual therapy if you have the bucks. I have a professional graduated physiotherapist in my family and can't stress enough how little gym trainers know about the actual structures of ligaments, joints, muscles etc.
  11. jf123

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    I had my first tunnel experience recently. Did 20 mins belly last week and 10 mins belly then 10 back right after. By the end of the 10 mins I could hold position on my back for most of the 2 min block but still got a bit wobbly at times for sure. Just send it there is no harm trying. It does feels pretty opposite compared to belly.
  12. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    We operate 7 day's a week, busy season starting end of May. We jump a Turbine 207 from 10,000 ft at sea level. Next to the ocean and the Namib dessert.


    Swakopmund, Erongo - NA

  13. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Eric Ulis says in part: Poor attitude to a legit question there, Eric. Providing 'documentation' is a bit silly, I'll admit. Maybe "I became interested in the case around the time of the Tina Bar money find, and a couple of years ago I started actually researching the case..." is a simple enough answer. And there is nothing wrong with that answer. I already supported you to a degree by saying it isn't how long you've been around, but what you are contributing now to help forward the case. However, you should EXPECT questions like this when you start putting out (almost) daily videos on the Cooper case, and are offered a free venue for the next Cooper event where you were asked by the guy who PROVIDED that work with people. So far, I have not seen that. So far, you blew off all the hard work done by others to help you make that a success. Brunberg and Bryan Ward at the V23 Brewery aren't looking for a repeat of your first convention. They want a Cooper Party, a COOPER EVENT...dedicated to bringing in large numbers of NEW Cooper fans from the general public around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. They aren't looking for you, Bruce S, and a few others to just stand up there behind a podium and give speeches, and leaving it at that, although yes...there should be speakers. If they had done only that at the annual Ariel Party, Dona Elliot would have had far less people showing up each year. As it was, the only thing limiting Ariel was the number of people who could crowd into the building. There is NO WAY you can come close to hosting a real 'Northwest Cooper Event' that brings in heavy attendance without cooperation from a lot of different people. And I should know this because I worked with Brunberg and Ward for over four months on something that would combine the idea of a straight convention with a replacement for the now-defunct Ariel Store party. Do you have any idea how hard that is to pull off? To convince hundreds of people to show up to a Cooper event on the same weekend as Black Friday shopping? HA! It's tough, baby. And it can't be done alone, or with just a few people who believe they are the be-all and end-all of everything Cooper. When Jim Brunberg turned his Mississippi Studios venue over to you for free, you were expected to produce in exchange for that leadership role. He also asked you to work with the same people who had been working on the project months before you were ever offered that role. You haven't done that. You didn't even answer the messages. This does not instill confidence. AB of Seattle staff thinks that you will simply invite the same old faces to do the same old things, instead of hosting an organized, entertaining program that packs the house. After Jim Brunberg handed Mississippi Studios over to you, he also saw some rather discouraging comments at Shutter's place about the whole thing. He had concerns about a lack of cooperation and sent me the following message in March, after you stopped communicating and I started having doubts: Well, it's been three months since Jim handed you this responsibility. What have you done about it? How have you risen above the rhetoric, as Jim wants, and become a leader in this matter? I don't see it. So far, all that has happened is major support (not just from AB but others) has been bailing because you don't seem to work with others very well. Six months to go may seem to be a long time, but it really isn't. Goes by faster than you think. You've already lost support, and a third of the time provided to you to prepare for November has come and gone. Jim, Bryan, and the guy from Northwest Escape expect you to come through for them. Your idea (so far) seems to be it is better to go it alone, or depend on a couple of people like Bruce at Mountain News or Mark M ('377') to pack the house. Do you think that's what will actually get people to the door? We had thirty people on the committee for the Auburn Days Festival, and it takes more than me to organize the Cooper Campouts. If you don't figure out on which side the bread is actually buttered, and start bringing in assistance, any idea of an annual, recurring, Cooper Party/Convention that really works is doomed to failure. In case you didn't know, that was the idea, not to host a one-off event, but a regular, annual event celebrating Cooper and based in Portland. The NW public is not looking for another straight convention. They're looking to have fun, activities, see new faces, and do a celebration of Cooper. That is not just ONE thing, but many things. Twelve weeks gone and you haven't come up with a single idea yet, as far as I can tell. If you want to be Fearless Leader, that comes with responsibilities, my friend.
  14. tatakoz_m


    What dom canopie
  15. erichaaz

    Squirrel C3

    Size information?
  16. MartyL

    Volt 150 Less than 50 jumps

    Sent you a message.
  17. reactor


    you can use shopmate service from australia post. have the ebay seller send his item to shopmate's us address.
  18. Devon Voegele

    Everything you need to start skydiving!

    If this is still available will you please text me 4065798702!
  19. firefb2800

    Squirrel C3

    Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Colugo3 for sale!!!!! The C3 has been an very effective suit for me to learn more advance skills in wingsuit piloting. Sightly bigger in surface area than the Freak2, I was able to don the C3 after training heavily with the Freak2 and feel right at home. A home that has been turbo charged with more top end speed which helped with having more of a usable performance power band in glide with a good glide body configuration. I know that this is nothing new that you haven't heard before from reading any reviews or info on Squirrel's web page. I am here to tell you that the suit is everything that was advertised. Why am I selling this suit? From the skills and experience that I have gained from last WS base season, I have made the decision to move on to the next size up suits. If you're on the same path as I am, but starting from a Freak size suit then you understand the decisions that have to be made in order to advance in this very rewarding sport. The C3 will help with that transition and will be fun during it. If you have any questions about this suit, please ask. Suits features: -Black Mylar (minor ware, refer to suit pictures) -5.10 soles (a lot of life left. Haven't worn 5.10 soles down yet) -Leg wing pockets (awesome feature- unzip, drop hiking poles or whatever you want in, zip up and don suit w/o having your boots getting snagged poles or whatever) Suits Condition: Light wear in small areas. nothing to be concerned about. I will be able to send picture per requests. The suit has never been subject to any repairs. Well maintained and cared for. Suit Measurement: Weight:71 Height w/ shoes: 179 Height No shoes: 177 Inseam w/ shoes: 83 Waist: 83 Hips: 94 Chest: 102 Shoulders: 48 Forearm: 28 Bicep: 32 Torso: 70 Arm: 55 Wingspan: 76


    Seattle, Wa

  20. Elpnor


    How much did you weigh when you jumped last vs now? A problem big guys have is the equipment is not really meant for us. Faster fall rates with more force make hard openings more likely. I highly recommend a domed slider. PD made me one and it made a huge difference in my snappy openings. I'm 6 8, 260, and feel your pain.
  21. EJU

    DB Cooper

    Now why would I waste my time on midless $#!t like this? Really? I'm going to supply "documentation" that I started researching DBC 10 years ago or first became interested in the case about the time of the money find? What is this an inquisition? Either take my word for it or roll. I really could care less. Cheers!
  22. Time Left: 29 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Complete system for sale. Ideal for wing suiting. The whole rig is very functional and well maintained. Can't lose on this one, especially when transitioning from beginner to intermediate wing suit flying. Also great for a fairly new jumper with 75+ jumps minimum. Here are the details: 1) Javelin J4 03/99' build. Between 5'6" to 5' 10". Between 160-200 pounds. The leg straps have been made double-wide for comfort. Clean and safe to fly. 2) Vigil II built on 42nd week of 2012. Plenty in the tank left. No known deployments 3) Raven 1 reserve 180sqf 7/95' possibly never deployed based on my riggers comments. In excellent shape and getting repacked to be ready for March 28th 2019. (Update: repacked and ready to fly) 4) Triathlon main 160sqf 98' in super excellent shape (closet baby). Everything looks practically new (Lines and all). Slider was expanded for softer openings and it open great when wing suiting. Overall, this is a great buy and will make a new skydiver or wing suiter very happy. I am asking $2250 for the whole thing and buyer pays shipping. Again, the reserve is being repacked now and will be ready by this Friday the 29th 2019. Call or email Mark for additional questions and pics.


    el cajon, ca

  23. JJG78

    DB Cooper

    I do not have viewing rights on that forum and am unable to see when Eric Ulis's first post was on there. From what I can tell, he did not post anything on the old DropZone. Eric Ulis-do you have any documentation showing you have investigated this case for 10 years or do you decline to answer this question?
  24. Yesterday
  25. KBUDA


    I have large gear... ...I'll see myself out.
  26. Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Wings W14 -Freefly Friendly -RSL Equipped -Hip Ring Articulation -Spacer Foam Back and Leg Padding -Cut-In Laterals -Cadmium Hardware -Cordura BOC with Collapsible PC w/Hackey -DOM:4/2012, Serial #9602 -Estimated Jumps: 250-300 -Room to Downsize Main when ready Fit Range: Height: 67-73 inch (170-185 cm) Weight: 180-220 lb (82-100 kg) Waist: 39-45 in (98-114cm) Thigh: 24-27 in (61-69 cm) Performance Designs 176 Reserve -0 Rides, 9 repacks -Serial #049416, DOM: 3/2012 Vigil II AAD -DOM: 8/2012, Serial 29586 -0 Saves Main Options (Price shown is for the complete with that main): -PD Sabre2 190, DOM: 2013, Estimated 350-400 jumps, 65 jumps on Spectra Lineset - $4700.00 USD -Aerodyne Pilot 188 - DOM: 2013, 300 jumps with original Spectra Lineset - $4600.00 USD Rig ships un-assembled and ready for your rigger’s assembly and repack. Assembly and Repack are available for extra charge. Buyer pays shipping and payment handling fees; PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Zelle and US Financing accepted. Will ship International. Prices are FIRM. Please message for more pictures and information. Need Gear? Selling Gear? US Financing and Military Discounts available!


    Tampa, FL

  27. boilerman184


    Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hey Everyone, I’m selling one of my personal sport rigs. I bought this HC in 2015 from Rigging Innovations and put it into service in the spring of 2016. Sized for me at 6-1 and 200 lbs. This rig is super clean and like new condition. I probably only put 75-100 jumps on it. I’m mainly doing Tandem’s now and do not need 3 rigs hanging in the shop. Fully articulated harness with black stainless steel hardware. This comes with a Smart 160 LPV with no rides and only 7 pack jobs. This is a VC3 which likes to have either a 135 or 150 standard ribbed zp canopy in it. I had a crossfire2 139 in it. If you have any questions call or text me at 314-952-2747. Thanks, Kevin Hennen.


    , Illinois - US

  28. Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sunpath Javelin Odyssey J2K -Freefly Friendly -Skyhook Equipped -Spacer Foam Back and Leg Padding -Hip and Chest Ring Articulation -Stainless Steel Hardware -BOC with Collapsible PC w/Hackey -646 Jumps -Serial #38169, DOM: 5/2012 -Fits Mains: 135-170 -Harness Size: D-19, 5’11 to 6’4, Broad Shoulders -Pictured without Main assembled Performance Designs 160 Reserve -0 Rides, 9 packjobs -Serial# 049489, DOM: 4/2012 Vigil II AAD -Serial #27757, DOM: 2012 -0 Saves Main Options (Price shown reflects total price for the rig with that main): -Spectre 170, DOM: 2003, 760 jumps, 170 on lineset - $4600 USD -Sabre2 150, DOM: 9/2005, 400 jumps, 11 on new HMA Lineset - $4800 USD Rig ships un-assembled and ready for your rigger’s assembly and repack. Assembly and Repack are available for extra charge. Buyer pays shipping and payment handling fees; PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Zelle and US Financing accepted. Will ship International. Prices are FIRM. Please message for more pictures and information. Need Gear? Selling Gear? US Financing and Military Discounts available!


    Tampa, FL

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