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  2. Just4fun

    Sabre2 135 & Pilot 124 for sale

    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Hello all, Time to part with a couple of canopies. My home DZ is Crosskeys in NJ. 1- First canopy is a Pilot 124. DOM mid 2014. I am the original owner. About 850 Jumps. Colors are silver(gray) and navy blue (first set of pictures below). No patches or defects. Asking $1,300 2- Second canopy is a Sabre 2, 135. DOM 10/2015. It is basically new with only 29 jumps on it. Colors are Dark Teal and Purple with gray ribs and slider (second set of pictures below). Just note that the colors look off in the video still pics of canopy in flight so see the fabric shot for truer representation. Asking $1,950.


    Reading, Pennsylvania - US

  3. JNP1267

    Volt 135 6/20/2017

    Still available?
  4. patairborne

    Javelin Odyssey complete

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    I am selling a complete system. Javelin TJNK, DOM 06/04, serial number 26323, (well used), along with a PD Stiletto 120, DOM 03/04, serial number 01387. PD 126 reserve, DOM 03/04, serial number 31120, reserve was last repacked, 04/05/2019 and is within date. Cypres2, model CMODE, DOM 5/17, serial number E2382. Included is an Alti II Galaxy altimeter. I am 5’ 10”, weight 175. The container is well used and has a left hand deployment. In October 2011 the complete harness system was rebuilt and is like new. The line set on the Stiletto has approximately 200 jumps on it and the canopy itself has approximately 900 jumps. I am selling this as a complete system and at this point have no desire to piece it out. Buyer will pay shipping and insurance which will be determined at time of sale. I will not play the PayPal game and will only ship when I have the funds or am satisfied that payment is secure. I also will NOT ship overseas, US shipping only. I have more pics. Text or email only, no phone calls until serious.


    Stafford Springs, CT

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  6. JJG78

    DB Cooper

    I looked at your site and I am now seeing what others have said, that all you are doing is setting up Sheridan Peterson as DB Cooper, and it looks as if the reason is that you are writing a book. If this is the case, you have stated that you investigated this case for 10 years. If you do publish, people may want to see proof of your research, especially given that there have been others who discussed Peterson before you. Do you have proof of any research from ten years ago. I can find nothing online that shows you in any articles, any chat rooms, Facebook, anywhere. Am I wrong? Saying you've been investigation for 10 years could come across as an exaggeration and raise some questions about your credibility.
  7. twodogs


    Hi Skybytch the cutaway ripcord for this harness is not the same as the ones you find on civi jump rigs , this ripcord is combined , it has the cut away for the three rings but it allso has the steal ripcord that opens the reserve pack as well , when pulled it does the two actions all in one pull , cuts away the main and opens the reserve container , i can get the risers but i would like to keep as it was made , this rig was use and still is in use by the defence department
  8. HarCher

    Spector 170 with Vector 3 container

    How big is the harness?
  9. T-dive

    MT 1-X

    I have 53 jumps with MT-1X system in the early 1990s. Our systems were manufactured by Para Flite Inc. Both the harness, main and reserve canopies have the stealth grey color. Trust me, it is really hard to spot it in the air at dawn. I also had to open reserve chute and it’s reserve is a 5 cell RAM air wing chute. It is definitely not the same canopy as the main chute. The reserve is relatively smaller. However the reserve had much larger cells than the main canopy. Unlike its main canopy’s deployment bag (it had a white colored heavy duty cordura deployment bag) which is permanently attached to the canopy, the 5 cell reserve canopy separates from the olive drab colored (and it is made from the same parachute fabric) deployment bag during opening. The harness is an odd one. It has similar 3 point fasteners as well as a belt that you should utilize. The front side of the harness has 4x D shaped equipment attachment points made of steel. The very bottom of the harness had another 1x steel equipment attachment point which you can utilize to suspend your weapons/equipment sack during flight. This was the most painful part of the system and often times a huge nuisance when you wanted to sit. It was simply at the very very wrong spot, but oh well. You could see all MT-1X pilots have to fix that attachment point to a safe position before they could sit in the aircraft... Main canopy is a slow opening one if compared to the civilian chutes of early 90s. Sometimes it felt like it takes 5-6 seconds if you are slow. The slider always comes all the way down to your head flawlessly, so mostly it did not have much drama during opening. The main canopy is not very agile. You would give a command and the turn starts slowly, then the turn gets faster but cannot turn as fast as 90s civilian chutes like the 252 sqft North American Parafoil wing. It is quite hard to get the main canopy to a stall. Quite easy flying and quite safe but a boring chute for sure. However the glide ratio is not bad at all. I can somewhat recall it as 4/1 glide slope ratio. On 1/4 brakes the gliding is quite impressive. The final approach required relatively large landing area selection due to the relatively high glide ratio of the canopy. If it hits a thermal during final, it gets effected by it due to its sheer size. Prepare for a much longer glide before a touch down to be on the safe side. It can’t easily point land. Once you land, you can see it’s sheer size, it is a very large chute. But it is a very cool chute for sure. Quite different by civilian standards.
  10. JuanRamos

    TI HandCam Solutions

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    3D Print solutions for Safe Gopro Mounts Especially for Tandems Using HandCam I have this mounts for Pivot Pad Hand Mount Black: Fits Hero 5, 6 and 7 - $45 It can easily be taken on and Off, so you can change you SD card in every Jump Camera on Bottom is not on the Point of View of Camera on Top Different Colors And Materials Photo: PETG Yellow: dual Session Both cameras are held by Friction You can open both Cameras lid without taking camera off the Mount to replace the SD Card in every Jump One camera will be at 90 off, it works great for Pictures. Pink: $45 Different Colors and Material Photo: PLA If You are looking for a different design, I can help You make something Different Be Safe, Blue Skies Includes: 3D Printed Mount ONLY Doesnt Include: Hand Glove Cameras Hero7 Housing


    Denver, CO

  11. The two things that you might check with your doctor about would be the lack of O2 at altitude and dizziness.
  12. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    EU: You think Cooper FLEW into the Portland Airport? Do you realize HOW many potential witnesses that entails? Let me list a few: Stewardesses on the flight, who notice everything and everybody. The ticket agent who sold him the ticket to GO to Portland. Other passengers. Not a single person in more than 45 years has EVER come forward to even venture a 'maybe I saw the guy in the sketch on this flight...or at THIS OTHER airport...or boarding...or waiting at the gate. I can tell you aren't from the Great Northwest. The TV news has posted his sketch and done Cooper stories with that sketch ever since...for more than 45 years. Cooper almost certainly went to the Portland Airport in the most common method. Someone just dropped him off out front. That's why he went 'unnoticed'. Your attempt to say Cooper flew in from somewhere else is done simply because you have a document out there alleging Sheridan Petersen as the hijacker, and you had to explain how he got from Nepal to Portland. If Cooper had actually been foolish enough to fly in from somewhere else, he probably would have been identified by now. In addition...he had no luggage except a briefcase with a (probably) phony bomb, and a lousy paper bag.
  13. jallison

    Flysight vs GoPro

    I'm realizing as I read you that I'm relying on my GPX data without questioning its origin. Here's how I proceeded: Extracted raw data from mp4 into a raw file, using ffmpeg : ffmpeg -y -i "/path/to/theFile.MP4" -codec copy -map 0:3 -f rawvideo outputFile.bin Used the "gopro2gpx" util from this repo to parse raw data into gpx : Here's where I was wrong - step 1 preserves all data. Step 2, not so much. I overlooked the fact that it might leave data behind while parsing the binary extract into gpx. So I'm currently trying out this other util (slower, in JS) : And... I seem to get a 3D velocity! I get a more thorough output in JSON, I still have to convert it to gpx though. Files attached, work in progress! Also included, GPS data in CSV. Fun stuff!! chablais.json chablais.raw flares.json flares.raw GH010928-gps chablais.csv GH018648-gps flares.csv
  14. Tried to find a camera helmet thread, but didn't see it. Anyway, I haven't posted here for many years, but I had to put together a new camera helmet for use on the 75th anniversary of D-day jumps in Normandy in a couple of weeks. You have no idea how hard it is to find a real, WWII-era GoPro.
  15. Hi guys, I'm developer of Skyduck - the new mobile app for skydivers. I'm trying to make the best app for skydivers, so I need your help. First of all I need your feedback. Now it is in open beta test and available for iOS devices (iPhone 6 and higher except iPhone SE) DOWNLOAD FROM APPSTORE What it is now? • Easy-to-use automated skydiving logbook • Jumps digital signatures • 3D visualization of jump • Detailed statistics on a graph • Vertical/horizontal speeds Blue skies, Igor
  16. BrianLion

    VOG audible altimeter

    I tried the VOG audible and couldn't hear any of the free fall alarms even with the volume all the way up on tracking/ angle jumps. Kiss helmets hold the audible further away from the ear compared to other helmets with an audible pocket. The guy from VOG explained that this was why I couldn't hear the alarms. Although my hearing isn't great, I can hear my Quattro and Atlas audibles fine with my setup.
  17. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

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    Become a better canopy pilot and skydiver today! This is the ultimate skydiving video package with training videos adding up to over 24 hours of training. Its a massive value and a great investment in your skydiving career! All videos are download and or streaming. You get: Parachute Flight Safety Canopy Video Course (8 Hours), Solving Common Landing Problems, Navigation and Accuracy Secrets, Taking on Turbulence, No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy, Principles of Parachute Packing, Skydiving Gear Maintenance, Main Parachute Inspection and Re-trimming, The Art and Science of Bravery, Helping Students Deal with Fear, Vertical Journey Freefly Instructional Video, and First Skydive What to Know Before You Go, and more! Start Learning Today! Purchase video here:!/Ultimate-Video-Package/p/63409589/category=7094902


  18. crwper

    Flysight vs GoPro

    It sounds like you might be looking at the <sat> field in the GPX file, which actually gives the fix time--i.e., 2D or 3D--so it typically has a value of 2 or 3. The minimum number of satellites required for a GNSS fix is 4, so if you're seeing a value of 3, it's definitely not the number of satellites used in the fix. Can you post an example of the GPX data produced by the GoPro? It looks like the <sat> field in the GPX file would give the number of satellites used in the fix.
  19. EJU

    DB Cooper

    Daily DB Cooper Bite. I discuss DB Cooper's ability to move around unnoticed. Facebook:
  20. skybytch


    Have you tried looking at a skydiving gear store? Risers and cutaway handle should be easy to find. The s/l may be a bit more difficult - ParaGear might have something that will work.
  21. urowolf

    Freak 2 for sale

    Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    100 Jumps, excellent condition. I am 73 in 190 lbs. Asking $1100 US. The ‘Flying Dragons’ motif (black on white), aka the ‘Cow Suit.’


    - US

  22. twodogs


    hi there is there any one on here that may be able to help me with some information on the GQ360 low level static line parachute . i have just got hold off a new unused harness but its missing the risers , the cutaway ripcord and the static line . i dont intend to jump this rig i just want it for my collection that i have and just want it to look complete . would any one on here know where i maybe able to find said items , i have found some risers on ebay but they dont post Australia for some reason . any help would be great ,
  23. robertmdrew

    Curv VC3

    is that price for the container only?!
  24. rak2pl

    Skydive Wings (W10)

    Hello, is it still available? Regards RR
  25. obelixtim

    Frank Orvos (NZ)

    RIP Frank, ex Manawatu Skydiving club. Judge at several nationals in the 70s. The big C strikes another one down.
  26. Erroll

    Alan Homstead

    Correct. He and another jumper had originally planned to jump from much higher than the main load, and jumped 10-20 minutes after the main load.
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