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  2. Thanks for the great info. That's exactly what I was looking for.
  3. gutaidenes

    Vigil Cuatro

    Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    New Vigil Cuatro DOM 07/2019


    New York , New York - US

  4. husslr187

    PDR 143

    what’s the max weight listed on the label? I know some of the older canopies are around 170lbs but new ones are in the 200 + range
  5. alti5880

    Javelin TJNK for sale

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    In great condition, Container - Javelin Odyssey TJNK - Will fit approx. 5'9 (177cm) tall and 160 lbs (73kg) - DOM 2006 - New harness (been replaced couple of years ago) - sizing chart:


    Tirat Carmel - IL

  6. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Took me a few days longer than I thought, (and some late night work) but I finally released my 'DB Cooper Year in Review' article at WordPress. Some dates are approximate, but it's pretty accurate. See it HERE at WordPress... (good) Or over at Everything D.B. Cooper at Quora. (Better)
  7. Soude

    WingSuit Design

    Thank you No, I want to design one in CAD And do some test on it on wind tunnel and other.
  8. 20kN

    WingSuit Design

    Design one in CAD or actually build one? Wingsuits are complicated, require specialized machinery to make, and are very tedious and time consuming to sew. You're not going to be able to make any worthwhile wingsuit without access to specialized equipment you likely don't have access to. Even with it, you wont know all the techniques and trade secrets to actually cut and sew it together.
  9. The only people who include the p/c bag and sometimes risers are those who do not have a clue. They do it because it's the least amount of disassembly work. They later find out that they have given away hundreds of dollars worth of container parts. Usually when they try to sell the container and no one wants it because the expensive parts are missing.
  10. flydive

    Expired Cypres 2 AAD

    Time Left: 29 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Expert Cypres 2, serial 31689, DOM 2/07 $100 plus shipping.


    - US

  11. timski

    How to impress an instructor???

    Go to LEARN. Ask questions and make it known that you are there to become a better skydiver. AND GOOD BEER, ALWAYS be the person that brings good beer! lol
  12. I'm no life coach, but having been a part of the "sky family" since the late 90's , If I could do it all over again, I'd live at the DZ packing chutes and work my way through until I achieved ALL the ratings. This community is like no other. Mostly VERY supportive and willing to help whenever we can. Now about college, Spend that money elsewhere! Find what truly makes you happy and do it ALL the time! After breaking up with the Army after our 8+ year relationship I found two passions, skydiving and disc golf. After my separation I had NO skydiving gear and no really close DZ's to visit. However, I did have an amazing selection of disc golf courses to choose from AND many mentors and the drive to play (a lot) and become great at it. After just a couple/few years I was competing with the big dogs and really found my place in the universe. And then after a ten year hiatus from skydiving my interest got renewed with watching wingsuiters. I now find myself married with children, have a nice home, still jump, still play DG and found my career in the fire service from which I hope to retire from in a couple years. FIND YOUR PASSION! Also, try to forget about everyone else and there perception of you and what THEY expect. It's YOUR life, live it the way YOU want.
  13. don't forget that RARELY does one pass the entire AFF course without repeating one or more jumps. Or what we call, expensive mistakes. Even more chedder!
  14. Yesterday
  15. wolfriverjoe

    What Usually Comes w/ a Used Canopy?

    Canopy includes slider. Toggles, risers, D-Bag, Pilot chute go with the container. Slinks get tossed. Get new ones.
  16. Going to buy a used canopy for the first time and just wondering if private sellers usually just sell the canopy alone or also the pilot chute and D-Bag? Thanks
  17. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    At 14:30 of the previous posted video. As you said. Here is another corroboration: Geoff Gray basically says the same thing about a money offer in his book, although in a more roundabout way, and he doesn't say it is ransom. From page 71. The cabin has just been emptied of passengers and this is how Gray tells what happened. Notice that ALL THREE STEWS are present: Let's cut to the chase here. You can look up the entire page easily. I will condense events a bit. Flo follows Alice down the aisle toward the rear as well. She also wants her purse. Cooper asks her to hold the money to feel how heavy the money is. She puts her arms around the bag and lifts it, says: "It IS heavy." She heaves the sack back to him. Gray says that Cooper only dug in his pockets to offer the change from the drink he ordered. Nothing about offering ransom exactly, just the change, and that both Flo and Alice say no to that. Tina says nothing. It is possible that Cooper never offered any of the ransom bills at all. One reason he might NOT do that is because he knows they could go to jail for accepting any of the stolen money. Hard to say who is accurate here, Gray or Tosaw. However....(there is always a 'however,' isn't there?) After this drink change offer, that's when Flo and Alice get off the plane and leave Mucklow behind. Now you reach a critical part of this whole scenario, because for the next minute or two, as Cooper is popping that pink chute and cutting cords from it...this is the FIRST time that Mucklow and Cooper have really been completely alone with no other witnesses around. So who is to say what actually happened in this time frame? Cooper has her shut the window covers. He calls the cockpit with his famous 'Let's get this show on the road' demand. Tina and Cooper have some discussion about the airstairs, how to operate them, (she shows him the lever) turning off the interior lights except for a map light above one of the seats. at this point Cooper finally tells her to go to the cockpit. And this was Cooper's (and the FBI's) only real mistake. Once Mucklow goes up front, there is a short window where both the crew and Mucklow could have bailed the whole scene by using the escape rope and going out the cockpit window. But no one does, for some unexplained reason. Had they escaped the jet at that moment, the FBI could have just shot out the tires and backed off to wait. It's hard to say why nobody thought of that, unless it was Nyrop's demand that the airline employees and the FBI cooperate fully with the hijacker.
  18. Areon

    Cypres Expert

    Time Left: 28 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    dom 2011 yaer. 3 pcs. need service.



  19. marco1911

    Vector3 306

    Time Left: 28 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Micron Vector3 306 size 17 + 1, DOM 06/11, in good condition: risers type 17 - 23” Magnetic riser cover Freefly mode Louie loops V-stow bag (pay attention the main bag is for 304. Check the photos) 3D spacer foam Pad stabilizer Freefly handle Reserve soft handle F111 pilot chute


    Bientina , Pisa - IT


    DB Cooper

    More corroboration for Tosaw's claim... Cooper offered ALL the stews packets of ransom money. Calame and Rhodes, offered packet of money to each stew at 14:30
  21. Hi any info would be apreciated, its a startrac 1 260, with a POD sewed into the attachment point top skin, I dont really know how to pack that POD, also the canopy comes with another POD and a colapsable Pilot chute I already surf the manufacturer website for a manual and cant find any. Thanks Nico
  22. jumpercozic

    gear bag with packing mat

    Time Left: 28 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Gear bag great shape Carry your gear to and from the DZ in this rugged yet spacious gear bag designed to accommodate virtually any sport rig (excluding tandems). This efficient design features a roomy front storage pocket that is perfect for a jumpsuit, another pocket perfect for logbook other accessories or personal belongings, a larger back compartment for your rig, pocket in rear for other items and backpack suspension straps for easy conversion between hand carried luggage and a backpack. Buyer pays any shipping and paypal fees will not ship to locations that require customs forms.


    , Louisiana - US

  23. Soude

    WingSuit Design

    Hi I'm student of aviation college and I want to design a wingsuit as a project I will so pleasure if there is any body to do this project I need some information about WS that I can't find them in articles 1. I need some real pictures for one WS from different angle 2. Is there anybody know about aerodynamic design of WS? Airfoil number? Pitching moment of airfoil? 3. What's your opinion of I want to change the classic design of WS and new suit look like "Horten H O 229"? Is it a good idea?
  24. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Some news on the DB Cooper movie front, although there is only a limited amount of info I can actually provide, due to the confidentiality agreement I have with the studios. But I will provide what I can. A young actress has been cast to play stewardess Tina Mucklow. When I heard her name, I didn't recognize it at first, but that's because I spent most of my time at History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, or Turner Classic Movies. Gayla knew who she was right away, since she's a more 'modern' film and TV buff. This actress has been nominated for about 35 awards for her work on TV and film. She has won five of them. She was recruited for the part by the same guy I met up in Seattle last January, who is a major producer on the picture, a well-known young actor who is actually FROM Seattle. This will be his first major foray into producing. He told me once that he wanted to get into producing more, and possibly acting less, although right now he is doing both. There is now a script. It will be reviewed by myself and at least one other person assigned to this job, starting after Christmas. It is a first draft, and yes I have now read the entire script. I think with some minor mods it will work just fine. I did another conference call with the main production staff in Los Angeles about ten days ago. We know the Hollywood Reporter has been sniffing around about this movie, but so far everyone has kept the faith and no leaks have occurred. I did mention during the call that some months back I had let something slip to someone in Cooperland, i.e. a certain name, but they told me not to worry about it. Two studios will be involved in making the picture, as far as I know. One is a major studio. The other is smaller, and it's the one I originally signed with in January 2017. My sincere thanks to them for all the things they have done, and how hard they worked to make the movie a reality. It's been a long road and I learned a lot on how the movie business really works. My favorite promo they did for meetings with other production companies was this: At one point, they ordered more than fifty copies of the Blast book, bought fifty or so small briefcases, and then loaded them with the following things: A ten page treatment on the story, the book itself, a pair of sunglasses, a copy of the original airline ticket Cooper used, some pictures, some fake 20-dollar bills, and black clip on ties. I thought it was genius. Gayla says we should have asked them for one of these packages, but I told her it was better they used them in their meetings as gifts. The best part is that this strategy WORKED with both production execs, as well as actors who were approached to play parts in the movie. They used really small briefcases, about the size of a backgammon container I heard. On April 4, 2020 at the next Cooper Campout, I will be releasing more details on this picture, assuming I can get permission to do that from the studios. They seem open to this idea, but have asked me not to go public beyond that point unless there is an official announcement in the trades first. Otherwise, I am restricted from revealing anything to anyone on the internet...just at the campout. My argument with them was pretty simple: "You've made me keep all these secrets for three years. Just telling a very few people in person, out in the middle of nowhere around a campfire should be allowed..." They agreed to this arrangement, and frankly...I am tired of keeping secrets from our few fans. (Yes, we have some fans, although they are mostly locals to the Seattle/Portland area who have attended previous campouts, or are just fans of AB of Seattle in general. There are no hard core Cooperites among them.) No one has fully committed to a starting shoot date, but I get the idea they want to shoot the movie in 2020, rather than actually waiting until the 50th anniversary in 2021. I agree with this idea, because frankly I'm tired of keeping their secrets...and for other obvious reasons. On a side note, let me say I am fully aware there is a great deal of resistance to this movie coming from some of the more well-known names in DB Cooperland. Over the years they have tried insulting us, creating negative webpages, telling lies, even deceiving the public occasionally regarding a certain Cooper event. Let's face it. They tossed up almost every roadblock imaginable, and sometimes allowed fans of their websites (Bruce Smith's Mountain News is the best example) to post any crazy or hateful comments they wanted. Mostly under false identities. It continues to this day. And not a bit of it worked. It didn't even slow us down. All we had to do is keep the agreement we made and stay the course right to the end. I definitely get some satisfaction out of that. Who wouldn't? There's nothing more satisfying than going up against an effort like that and winning. This whole experience was incorporated into my autobiography, Cooperland, which will be released worldwide about a week before the movie premieres. To the people who supported us, or at least gave us a fair chance, I say thank you. I will always be grateful. For the few who didn't and wasted all their time coming after us on their own internet sites (and then banning me here and there so I couldn't defend myself)...I have a message below for you. It's a bit of a joke...sort of.
  25. ssspyros

    Pulse 150 - new lineset

    Time Left: 28 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2015 PD Pulse 150 in overall great condition. One owner with custom colors. DOM: 8/2015. 400 jumps on canopy, no cutaways or mistreatment, 1 jump on new line set: It was sent to the manufacturer (PD) for a full inspection and brand new line set. Only "blemish" is a 1 inch round patch on the slider. Reasonable offers will be considered, a new canopy costs over $2500 ($2,410.00 USD + tax & shipping), and a new lineset from PD is $430. Key features: easy to pack, packs 1 size smaller (like a 135), longer/flatter glide which is good for coming back from long spots, smooth openings.


    Lake Elsinore, California - US

  26. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Two pictures provided some time ago by Lyle Christiansen: The first is a photoshopped rendition of KC with hair and sunglasses. In other words, the 'sunglasses' and some hair were ADDED. The second are some items in KC's possession, that were left behind at the house in Morris, MN on family visits there by KC. No big deal. They are what they are, I suppose. Not trying to 'prove' anything here. I just thought they might be interesting.
  27. oldwomanc6

    What was your safest parachute?

    I was Piglet II jumper, too, and I never ever heard of even a bit of hesitiaton. Crack your back, and your ankles, too, but no mals. I did break my r. calcaneus on my reserve jump with a piglet, but that was a bad confluence of 12mph winds, apartment complex, parking lot, playground, and power lines.
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