Shark Wingsuit

Wing Suit
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A unique, specially cut, high performance suit from Intrudair. It can be flown at high horizontal speed. The suit has pitched arm position and extra sized wing surface. Shark is designed for experiences wingsuit pilots (min 100 -150 flights). Perfect for B.A.S.E. Jumps, but only for experienced jumpers.

Your gliding ratio can reach 3. It provides stable flight, and the angle of incidence and cut of the arm wing provides comfortable position for your arms during flying. The suits are made of zero porosity, strong parapack material. It takes short time to fix tight with (YKK) shoulder zippers, and the long massive (YKK) body zipper gives you perfect comfort.

  • The extra big arm wing – extra material next to the body
  • offers the best performance and distance glide.
    sleek trailing edge on the arm wings
  • flaps with air-lock system
  • longer arched arm wing grips are easy to hold
  • foam linings on knee area
  • high speed wing profile
  • wide straddling, longer leg wing, stiffened cells and extra air inlets are ensured for the fastest start, for reaching high horizontal speed, solid and stable flying
  • leg wing deflector
  • arm wing cutaway systems
  • back flaps for back flight (optional)
  • massive full-open zipper (YKK 1cm)
  • easy to use with the string shoulder zippers
  • knife pocket, one inside pocket
  • B.A.S.E packet (optional)
  • foam stiffened bootie (optional)
  • magnetic leg wing fixing (optional)
  • leg wing cutaway system (optional)


Buy from these trusted stores

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