Piranha 4 Wingsuit

Wing Suit
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Intrudair proudly present the latest update of our entrance level all-around wingsuit. Because the original wing surface worked perfectly, there was no need to change it. The main difference is that we adapted the leading edge solution from the barracuda series. It comes with a custom developed material, and a special cut. We also added a soft performance foam, which improves the performance significantly. The shape and thickness of the booties has been improved, this way the suit gained more stability and controllability. The complete shoulder zip-system had been changed aslo, optimized for 99% of the rigs. This is an ideal and long-term choice for first wingsuit with wide range of usability, not only for beginners! With Piranha 4 you will get a small surface, super easy to control, significant performance, easy and safety pull all around suit.

New Features
- same leading edge cut and material as our high performance suits'
- soft performance foam added
- back fly option, unique stability
- new bootie shape
- anti-slipping vibram soles
- inside pocket

Recommended for Beginners, flockers, acro-flyers and FUN-Jumpers as well.


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Price, handling, fun
Quality is not absolutely perfect, but very good for this price

I bought a Piranha 2 beginning of this season and got around 50 jumps on it now. It fit me perfectly, just the way I ordered it. I really like the way it flies: it is really easy to handle, you can dive quite steep and still keep control as well as just go at slow speed. This wing got actually quite some power for it's size. The very cheap price in comparison to other manufacturers makes this the perfect first own wingsuit till you know what you really want. You can't go wrong with it. It's tons of fun! Definately can recommend it to anybody, a great suit to have in your collection and tons of fun waiting for you to have with it! Thx intrudair :-)

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