Piranha 2

Wing Suit
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Comfortable, totally safe, very easy to control and moreover PIRANHA has also tremendously high-capacity.

The medium sized PIRANHA considered to its surface is wondrously powerful. Our company would love to recommend this product to skydive, flotta flying, and acro moreover it is very secure and even effective for proximity BASE flights.

The second-generation of PIRANHA has more settled cut with smooth wingsurface equally in front and back side. Our professionals have been working a lot on leading edge of armwings, since it considered to be the most important part of all types of wings which can be used in flight. We created them smooth and made sure that pressure can flow from the armwings into leading edges which can provide a perfectly smooth surface during flying. This technique is uniqually used by INTRUDAIR on the wingsuit market.

The surface and relations of the wings are not changed since it proved very good on previous version. Many people like the extra surface next to hips and You can also take advantage of it in flotta or acro flying.

Sponge is used everywhere in the BOOTIE, so they became even smoother, more aerodynamic and offbeat. Bigger air inlets on the arm and legwings are made, the air-lock system can close even more perfect also on the back and front side fly.

RESULTS: Very fast explosive charge and more pressure on the wings.

To sum up all these fragments are made in the PIRANHA2, so it became stronger, faster, and more comfortable on unique kind of that it did not go at security or even control’s cost.

QUALITIES: Bigger air inlets, better air lock system, smooth surfaces, sponge BOOTIE, leadingedge and armwings, unfastend system, fast shoulder’s zipper

OPTIONS: Base sole, backside inlets, extra pockets, possibility of record camera in stomach part, BASE pocket with opening screen.


Buy from these trusted stores

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