Phantom 3

Wing Suit
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The Phantom 3 is the best all round wingsuit available on the market for both skydiving and BASE and is designed with formation flying and progressing pilots in mind. The Phantom 3 has an incredible performance range, easy to fly slow with the flock or you can max out and burn a line across the sky!


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Easy to fly, also for FFC. Good performance.

I' started wingsuit at Aerograd Kolomna, Russia, and I've used the Phantom 3 for my first 12 ws jumps. Easy to fly, and good performance compared to another suit, I've used in Italy, a Crossbow from Parasport. The Phantom 3 is an intermediate suit that fit also student at first flight.

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Agile, fun, quality,
Not many

This is one of my favorite suits, its floaty when you want it to be fast when it requires it and amazingly easy to fly. Weather your thing is flocking acro or base it will do it, and if your the right size person some pretty good flight times can be had from it aswell. A++ suit highly reccommend you give one a try.

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