BirdMan GTi

Wing Suit
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Superior wingsuit for advanced skyflyers. BirdMan GTi is designed to give you superior flight performance by combining fast horizontal speed and slow vertical velocity. GTi has larger wing area and aggressive wing profile for high performance flying, therefore GTi is recommended for experienced skyflyers only.

BirdMan GTi is made from your choise of either heavier Atmotex (water- and wind proof), silk light Shannondoah or Balon Z/P (light and durable Z/P material). Double zipper for easier wearing, Robert-cut away system and either pillow or loop style cut away handles come as a standard. Multiple color scheme for wings is an option for your convinience.


Buy from these trusted stores

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Never a bad spot!!!
Not for the inexperienced

I have recently had a phenomonal experience in my jumping career. I purchased a Birdman GTi model Wingsuit with me having 800+ jumps. Though I had a frightful experience in the ordering process with a certain dealer shafting and lying to me, (*If you would like to know who that was, please email me at: [email protected]) it was all terrifically worth it.
The GTi was a little difficult at first but with minimal time, became exceptionally easy to fly. The hardest thing to get used to is the spot, which, as stated, there is never a bad spot, so that would tell you that there is nothing all that difficult about this suit. The lift is excellent and noticable when learned to fly right. Once you figure out the correct arm position and learn how to relax at the same time, you definitely feel the foward movement and lift.
Probably one of the most terrifying moments I have had was on the first jump with the GTi, which was a great learning experience. I learned rather quickly that if you forget to close up all the wings on the suit on deployment, you are in for a hairy ride. I forgot to close the legs when I deployed and low and behold, HEADDOWN DEPLOYMENT was to follow. So, be sure to remember to practice dumping in a track. I highly recommend the Atair Aerodynamics Cobalt for this discipline. I had nothing but slow openings all weekend.(*Even in the headdown)
As an overall review of this suit, if it were possible to give it a 29 star, I would, this is an incredible way to live your dreams. BUT, go through the course if possible or spend a lot of time with someone that has a lot of experience. If you think that you can just order this suit and do fine, think again, PLEASE. I know from experience. Things can get nasty really quick.
Kim and Sara from Birdman, Inc. can help you in anyway and highly recommend going through the source when ordering. Just be sure that you order from someone that knows what the hell they are talking about. If they seem a little "unknowledgable" go somewhere else. If you have any questions about the GTi, I would be glad to help if possible.

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Not hard to learn at all, very stable, terribly fun
harder on the arms than flying a Classic

I own two BirdMan suits: a GTi and a SkyFlyer. I made my first jumps on a GTi and didn't have any problem whatsoever learning and honing my skills with it. It's a bit more tiring on the arms than a classic, but overall I don't find it any harder to fly. That being said, I would even recommend it as a first suit for experienced skydivers. Pull sequence needs to be a tad cleaner in a GTi, but "smooth" skydivers will probably want to skip the Classic and move straight to this suit. Do not make the mistake of trying a SkyFlyer before you have experience with either a GTi or a Classic; the SkyFlyer can be quite squirrelly or "loose" when you are pushing it and is harder to tame.

With a GTi, you will have no problems whatsoever flying with people in Classics and even most people in a SkyFlyer. True, the very experienced SkyFlyer pilot will be able to smoke you, but in flocking we all adjust to a happy medium anyway, so it's all good.

Chuck Blue, BM-I

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