Barracuda Wingsuit

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The Barracuda is a new category in the Intrudair wingsuit range. It was designed for “performance acro” whilst being easy and comfortable-to-fly. Versatile for normal and inverted flight, flock, camera and acro flights. Thanks to specialized wing surfaces and arm wing/leg wing ratio.

The angle and position of the arm wings are fine tuned to maintain maximum wing area with minimal muscle strain throughout the entire flight due to optimized effectiveness of the surfaces along the body. We gave extra attention to the wings to avoid any interference with canopy deployment, so while flying the Barracuda, the clean reach for the pilot chute is completely effortless in all situations. We also increased the leg wing surface to maintain optimal arm wing / leg wing ratio, resulting in a bit of excess leg wing extending behind the feet.

We spent a great amount of time and effort to find the optimal air inlet sizing for super quick pressurization, and the air lock valves maintain maximum pressure in the wings even in inverted flight or while rolling from inverted back to normal and vica versa.

We also spent time creating the “Anti-Collapse System” reinforced air inlets, preventing the inlets from closing in any and all body positions, making the suit with easy Pilot Chute deployment perfectly safe for BASE jumps.

The wing surfaces and leading edges are very smooth, the size of wing cells enable both fast and slow flight with the suit.

The Barracuda can be a next step after the Piranha, an ideal choice for flocking or other enhanced flying, for intermediate and advanced wingsuit flyers.

Main features

- Smooth leading edges

- Easy-to-hold the extra wing surface along the body

- Big air inlets on the wings, quick pressurization, fast start

- Air lock valves, “Anti Collapse System” reinforced front inlet system

- Adjustable arm wing pressure

- Arm wing cutaway system

- Maximum arm wing span, yet easy reach for pilot chute

- Zip Up Cord (optional)

- BASE soles for max grip (optional)

- Slit for belly camera (also pocket function) (optional)


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