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It's a fact: most jumpers simply don't focus as much attention on their reserve canopy as they do their main. Fortunately Para-Flite does. They've always considered safety to be the most important consideration in a ram-air reserve. So you can be sure that the Swift Plus is built to open quickly, cleanly, and on heading. But the Swift Plus offers even more: speed, maneuverability, and a gentle touchdown. It's no surprise that the 7-cell Swift Plus is one of the most popular reserve canopies in the world!


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It opened reliably and on-heading
Not very responsive; limited flare

Had a reserve ride on the 200sq ft (loaded at 0.9). It opened cleanly (and quickly). Handles very poorly (although not so poorly that I didn't walk away from it). Has limited flare (Especially in no wind). I can't really complain, it opened, it saved my life.

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Well built, packs small, has lots of reinforcement.
Not being made any more. Cant say "Im cool cause I jump all PD stuff"

After spending time to research the Swift-Plus I found it to be a great all around reserve.
They have been used in Softie Brand aircraft aerobatics parachutes as well as jumped as mains in the skydiving world.
It packs up small, comes with good small lines, and as previously mentioned has plenty of reinforcement tape on the canopy as well as on the slider.
If you're wondering about size, this may help you out. Im gone from a swift-plus 145 to a swift-plus 175 on an Jav J2 (pre 2000). I was told by Sunpath that their older sizing was a little more forgiving.
Further research on DZ revealed an old sizing chart in which Sunpath actually recommends the Swift-plus 175 and even another canopy at 181sq ft!
So it should fit the J2 and J3 rigs fine.

Ive had line twist up to my risers (and have seen plenty of videos of chops from such, or less) but have yet to pull silver, but if I ever do, I feel confident having the Swift-plus in my rig.


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price (for those still on the shelf)
not made any more

I've got a jump on both the 200 and 225 sq.ft. versions, both loaded at about 1.1 lb/sq.ft.

Great openings, and very nice landing flare. Had an Easy stand up landing both times.

Made by the original mfg. of square reserves, with lots of kevlar reinforcement tape.

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I've only cut away once but it seemed as good as could expect. I walked away from it. After cutting away at 1400' I still had plenty of time to pick a smalll patch of grass to land on. I fly F-111 so it handled similar to the main but landed a little harder.

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