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Imagine the feel of flying a high performance canopy that is in tune with its pilot.

Experience a Vision of flight, as you never have before. The Aerodyne Vision.
Once again the Aerodyne development team refused to be bound by the "status quo".

We wanted to address more than just the aerodynamics of high performance. Many who have preceded us have done this. We feel an equally important need to address the emotional side of canopy flight. How does the canopy feel, how does it respond to your commands, does it feel natural in flight, does it instill confidence? We want our designs to be extensions of the pilot, canopies that feel and look as good in flight as they do on a computer model, maybe even better. Is that possible? We know it is! This canopy is the embodiment of that goal. What better name for it than after the "Vision" that inspired us?

The Vision is the canopy for those of you who share this desire with us. Those who want a bit more faster turns, higher speeds and longer swoops in a canopy that feels as though it can almost anticipate what you want it to do. We refer to this as "a natural feeling of high performance flight". What does this mean? Our best recommendation is to say: "Go out and try one for yourself".


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Swooptastic, responsive in the dive and carve.
inexperieced canopy pilots writing bad reviews about an awesome parachute. Squirly openings.

Hook it!!! If your uncomfortable in a front riser dive(no toogle monkeys)you should fly a sabre. I was spooked when I read these reviews and almost didn't purchase one of the coolest parachutes that I have ever flown. If you fly a straight in student style toggle approach it falls like a set of keys. true.
but seriously, even a 90 will generate enough speed to glide past the woofs and generate cheers of awe!!!
180s and 270s are just rediculous.
Plane with the rears and lean into the carve man!!!
Opens hecticly like most ellipticals but whaaaa whaaaaa!!! fly the harness through deployment and man up.

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Openings, intuitive flight
Seems to think 1.45 is underloaded

I bought my Vision 150 at 400 jumps, having ordered a Pilot 150 with a new rig then decided I wanted something a bit sportier in the long UPT wait period. My feelings about the canopy are positive, but kind of mixed - the executive summary is that I'm going to keep it and learn it well, but have a feeling that there might be something better out there in the same sort of class.

Before this I've jumped mostly Pilots and Sabre2s, sizes 210-150, and preferred the Pilots in general. I have the HMA lines, not because I am a swoop god, but because I ordered them by accident. So far, they seem pretty good and I like the way they pack, though we'll see how they wear eh?

The good: Openings are positive and regular. Noticeably quicker than the Pilot, which I have to say I like, and generally on-heading, seems fairly sensitive to body position during the snivel (you can steer it if you're watching). Mine is prone to occasional end-cell closure, which is annoying but not really a big deal. It spun up on me and put me on my back on the second jump, but it hasn't done it again now that I leave a good 2' of line between the last stow and the risers.

It's fun to fly - initially about as responsive to toggle input as the Pilots I've jumped, but requires me to think a little more about oversteer as it will happily heel over and spiral if I (for example) yank on a rear riser too hard, without counter-input. Good exercise for the future, needing to think another step ahead. It certainly dives harder and longer than the Pilot, and it's easy to build up a lot more speed and keep it. Front riser pressure I'd put at 'medium'; it doesn't take a lot of effort to start something but it can be a strain to hold onto - the difference being, you're getting more for your input even though it feels like you're not pulling much further.

It notices when you shift your weight in the harness. Leaning into turns makes a world of difference.

The bad: As other people have said, the Vision can run out of flare just when you want to shut it down. I've noticed mine only does this on straight-in landings; the flare is fine on front-riser approaches. I asked another Vision owner about it, and he said he had the same thing until he downsized... an idea emerges.

Looking at the Aerodyne website, they recommend Visions be loaded at 1.6 to 1.8. And the plot thickens further. 1.6 is a hefty loading even in the accelerated Mad Skillz world we live in now - the Vision is at the lower-performance end of the elliptical spectrum, viewed by buyers as maybe a decent 'first' elliptical for people who don't want the really long recovery arc of a Crossfire or a Katana, and are a bit suspicious of the Stiletto's opening reputation. But 1.6 was a step too far for me, and it seems I'm underloading mine because I feel like I'm right on the bottom edge of the useful performance envelope, flare-wise. Which makes me wonder, exactly who is this canopy aimed at? 0.2 pounds per square foot is not a huge window of wingloading range.

On double fronts or carving approaches though, it's a happy bunny. So I just land it like that mostly, and flare hard and late when I have to land straight in.

Overall, it's a good canopy but I don't honestly know who to recommend it to. I'll demo a 132 in a few hundred jumps and see if the shutdown does indeed improve with higher load, because other than that I really like it. Failing that, I dunno... Nitro? Crossfire2 in the same size?

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Light toggle/riser response. pretty nice openings.
the company itself

Openings: a little brisk, but overall decent. One thing that is bad about this canopy on opening is that unless you unstow the toggles eigth away, usually the canoppy will begin a slow turn which eventually gets faster and faster.

Landings: Canopy has absolutely no flare power; feels more like an F111 canopy than a high performance wing.

My thoughts are: if the landings are absolute garbage...everything else really doesn't matter.

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Nice flying canopy
The company and their customer service

I sent my vision down to Aerodyne in the start of January 2007 to have a reline done. Aerodyne have some issues with there canopies on opening line twists and diving canopies. They were aware of this and said they could fix it. This is a line set issue.
I fly a camera and did not want to deal with this problem on top of all the other stuff I have to deal with.
It took them 5 months, yes 5 months to do a line set and when I asked them to send the canopy this past Wednesday air mail so I could jump it this weekend.What do they do?

these idiots send it ground and I will not see it for another 2 weeks.

This will bring the total time to almost 5 months 2 weeks for a line set.

like alot of other skydivers I do not have the luxury of a second rig or canopy so I have had to rent one from my DZ. extra money out of the pocket.

I talked to them over the last couple of months asking for a status report and I got lies. I was told your canopy is done and we are sending it back to you or we are waiting for the lines or let me get back to you or.......That was 3 months ago.

If you are planing on buying any aerodyne product...I strongly not reccomend it. not because there products are bad...I like them, but because of the customer service.

I rate their customer service at an all time -10%.

They have dropped the ball badly and I feel the people that dropped it are the people that run this company.

I wonder if this was an isolated inncident or if this happens on a regular basis.

I will never buy another Aerodyne product as long as I live and if anyone asks I will be the first to tell you about the incompetence I feel for this company and how they treat a fellow skydiver.

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Flys Smooth. Responsive. Nice dives. Fast
Off heading openings. NO GLIDE OR FLARE.

Tried out the Vision 149. Have previously been jumping PD. I thouroughly enjoyed the Stiletto. The Vision flies great. It's smooth, predictable and responsive while up high. What I didn't like the most was the swoop and glide. Right when I found the "sweet spot" on my flare, the canopy would only glide for a split second or two and then just drop. Not much shut down either.

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Soft openings, powerfull flare,
Frequent offheading openings

This is my second canopy, my first was a Sabre2 and now i´ve got this Vision 132. So this is my first eliptical canopy and ive been jumping it for about 150 jumps.

The thing that i dont like with it is the openings. Ok they are really really soft, would even call them slow. But they are all over the place. Sometimes opening with linetwist, sometimes offheading left and sometimes offheading right. Rarely opening on heading.
Now ive getting used to it, but i dont like it at all.
Maybe its some problem with my canopy or maybe its because of me. I dont know.

It is really sweet to fly. I love the powerfull flare and the responsive toggle input.
Its hasnt got a steep linetrim, wich makes it easy to get back from those long spots.

For me its been a good first eliptical canopy.

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  • 5
Everything about it!

It's got not only a beautiful desing but it's also so easy and pleasant to fly THE VISION!

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Reliable, Consistant, Responsive, Forgiving
Not super radical for an elliptical

Did about 40 jumps on a Vision 132 in 8 days.

100% Impressed, as far a canopies go the new Aerodyne stuff is top shelf.

I found that the canopy had consistant on heading openings, with good toggle and riser pressure and response.

Great controlled swoops. Canopy stays in dive, and is responsive to riser & toggle input for high performance landings.

Great canopy for those who are getting into the elliptical market, will be happy.

Will have a good re-sale value.

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very smooth in everyhing
great for all

Is a cannopy that is so gentle, that will surprise you. Those o think that is a roquet whith no control are soo rong. The perfect cannopy for those that don´t like extreme radical canopies.

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