Turbo ZX

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Built for the 9-Cell jumper who wants it all - speed, soft landings, predictability, easy packing - the Turbo ZX delivers the best value in ram-air canopies today. Continuing to deliver everything the 9-Cell jumper wants, Para-Flite introduces the all zero porosity Turbo ZX at a fraction of the cost of the competition.


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Fast, Easy to Pack,
No longer being built

I purchased a used Turbo ZX 165 after my 60th jump in 2006. I was regularly jumping a rented Sabre 1 170 at a 1.17 wing loading prior to this canopy. The first thing I noticed was that it was much faster in forward speed and my finals seemed like a downwind compared to a jump on the Sabre 1 170.
I now have 28 jumps on this canopy with a wing loading of 1.21:1 in different wind conditions and this is what I've learned so far:
- good flare but starting the flare earlier with a final stab at the end seems to make for the best landings. The other canopies seemed to like a more continuous flare. Using that technique with this canopy usually ends with me running the landing out.

- at my wing loading, 1.21:1, the front riser pressure is very hard; however, my canopy has after-market handles sewn into the front risers which I am able to use to make the canopy dive. I'm not sure how common this modification is made to this canopy (or if it is even recommended)

- the partial zp & f-111 mix makes it pretty easy to pack.

- the toggle response is very good

- Being a beginner, I was initially a little intimidated by this canopy but I am now happy with it and I think I learned a bit more about canopy control as a result.

- I'm not very accurate with this canopy yet; this is probably a function of the higher ground speed on landings which I am working on improving that now.

- I've never had a hard opening with it and it usually opens on heading. I or the packers pro-pack it and roll the nose a bit but I don't think they employ any other tricks.

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Fairly Fast Canopy, Turns OK
Hard Openings, Weak Flair

One of the hardest opening canopies I've ever jumped. If you like pain and getting spanked this is for you. Packed it every way there is. Three different riggers and packers have packed this one and it still opens hard and fast. Well built and good workmanship; guess it has to be. Flies ok and has a little speed. Weak flair, better have a little wind to help out. Look for a good used Sabre 2 or Pilot vs this one.

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Responsive, great glide, tremendous lift, good flare
Hard openings

Sorry guys I see you all wrote good openings.
I got 50 jumps on my 165 loaded 1.1 and im loving it except for the whacks - I'm getting close to a new line set so that affects it a lot. Great front riser turns hardly any pressure till you hit the 270 degree point and if you do overcook the landing the canopy has a whole lotta lift at the end. End flare for me on this is usually a punch it out rather than a 1,2,3 - due to my overcook'ings and i usually end up between 10 and 15 foot back up.

I also put 20 jumps on a Turbo ZX 185 before i got the 165. Had only soft openings on that and pretty much the same over all as the 165 but with allowances for the size difference .

Overall this is a fast canopy with a great glide ratio and great toggle response. Thumbs up from me.

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Nice openings. Very responsive.
Flares are okay

As of the time of this writing, I have about 60 jumps. (my weight with gear is 195 lbs)I started out with a Sabre 190 which I love and still jump. My main chute now is a Tri 175. The Turbo ZX 185 is in my back-up rig. This thing is fast for a chute as big as it is. It is much faster than my Tri 175. My first landing was a bit of a shocker.

The toggles are very responsive. The turns are great at altitude. Coming in on a straight in approach, you have to have a light touch or you will be all over the place. The flair is okay but nothing to write home about.

I do a normal pro-pack and have no problems with openings. In general, I like the chute. Still prefer the Tri though.

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Easy to fly, glides long, nice openings
Heavy front risers, sensitive to packing and body position

So far I got 50 jumps on my Turbo ZX. The first jumps I got really hairy openings, it wanted to throw me into a linetwist every time. After a while I learned to pack it properly, and now I get on-heading openings as soft as I care to make them.

It is really easy to control with the light and sensitive toggles. Same with the rear risers. Double fronts is really heavy but possible. This canopy is definitly a toggle machine.

Landing: It flares ok, not THAT much flare power but enough to keep a slow straight in landing endurable. The flare might be better at a higher loading.

A good first canopy that is fun to fly on the first 50-100 jumps after student status.

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