Triathlon Hybrid

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The Hybrid is terrific for those jumpers who want a canopy adapted and reinforced for intermediate to advanced CRW that can also be comfortably deployed in free-fall. The Triathlon Hybrid airfoil is identical to the RW version with the addition of ¾ inch leading edge reinforcing tape and the proprietary Aerodyne Research 4-point retractable pilot chute system. Center 'A' and 'B' lines are non-cascaded and made of high-visibility red 900 pound Dacron.


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responsive, opens well (heading + shock), stable, great lander

Being an old Crew Dog forced to jump in the freefall world (moving to the Middle East), I looked for a canopy that could do CRW and open at terminal. Bought a 135 Hybrid Tri through Clasifieds from a chap in Canada. Had it transported to Saudi Arabia. Took it with me to South Africa on a Biz trip to get it checked out. I jumped it in Pretoria at 4500 ft (above sea level) and a week later in Dubai at sea level. Loaded at 1.44, it was stable as a rock, swooped nicely and landed great. I did a lot of jumps on a 160 CRW Tri last year and found that to be a dog in comparison to this one. This 135 Hybrid Tri is possibly the best canopy I've owned. Can't wait to crash it into some of my CRW buddies!

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Best Light CRW canopy
Not compatible with the most used CRW canopy

This canopy is the best canopy for people who want the option of putting up some light CRW but don't want to be stuck with a dedicated CRW canopy. It flies like a regular Tri but has all of the CRW mods with the option of using either a single point connection for the PC or the three ring retractable depending on what you're doing.

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