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With openings, flight profiles, and long, sweet
flares unequaled in it’s class, the Super Seven
delivers 9-cell fun at 7-cell pack volume and price.
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Soft, on heading opening, nice flare
none at all

This 190 Super-Seven is my first own canopy and I've put only a couple of jumps in it. Openings are ideal, very nice, soft and always on-heading, but never too slow. The canopy is responsive to toggle input and stable in turbulence. I find it really easy to fly. A collapsible pilot chute added a lot to the pleasure.
My wing loading is 1.1.
Very good beginner canopy.

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Hard openings

Bough a 170 and love it. Hard openings but hey I likek that, better than snivels. Very stable in turbulence. good response but very fast. Lovely canopy. does dump you a bit but a very good buy.

Thansk paratec.

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safe canopy
horrible on turbulences

My weight is 70kg with equipment and I'm owner of Super Seven 135 wit 100 skydives with it.

Openings are nice, but only when you cover nose of the canopy by slider.

Flying is nice, but this canopy is very delicate.

Landings are very nice and easy on good conditions. On high wind conditions or on turbulences don't touch front risers to land! It used to collapse.

Conclusion is that it's nice and safe canopy but there is a few problems. You can buy if you have special ocasion, but if you want to buy 7-cell, just buy PD Spectre. It's little better construction.

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