Stealth Tandem

Parachute system "Spirit-Tandem" provides performance of parachute jumps of two parachuters – tandem-master and passenger (flight weight – up to 190 or 220 kg), and also, if necessary, the parachuter with the cargo container of the big weight (up to 100 kg).

The Stealth Tandem is an elliptical 9-cell canopy is a totally Zero-P. Its airfoil and moderate planform factor guarantee superb handling characteristics, to minimize the workload of tandem masters. Not only will they find the toggle pressure, turn response and flare power they have been seeking, but they will be pleasantly surprised by the soft on-heading openings.

We have designed this canopy to maximize safety, but at the same time we made it an economical tool that will maximize the number of jumps per day. To reduce packing time we chose a hybrid construction. To reduce air time we built a wing that will fly slowly in brakes, but gives you a significantly higher rate of descent when flown at full glide.

The Stealth Tandem comes standard with Microline 1000 lines, a slider with “super lightweight ” stainless steel grommets.

If durability, flight characteristics, and efficiency are important, while maximizing tandem safety and enjoyment, the Stealth Tandem can offer an unbeatable combination.


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