Safire 3

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The Safire 3 is the result of five years of research, development and refinement. She is the most modern mainstream all-rounder canopy to hit the market.

She’s not just different. She’s a beginner and intermediate wing that let’s you take advantage of parametric design software and Computational Fluid Dynamics technologies used formerly only in high performance wings. She’s been engineered to fly better. More efficiently. More responsively. Safire pilots will find her completely familiar, but entirely revolutionary.

She has all the things you love about the Safire 2 – great openings, safe predictable flight, a short recovery arc and a smooth flare – and everything else you asked us for.

You wanted the same consistent openings. We made them smoother and more progressive. You wanted to have more range. We made the Safire 3 more efficient and gave you the glide to get back from that long spot. You wanted more fun. We made all her inputs more responsive. You wanted even more flare. We found a balance of more power, without inducing an early stall.

The Safire 3 is perfect for your first canopy or a fun intermediate canopy at slightly higher wingloadings. We recommend loading her between 0.8 and 1.5. She’s available in any size you want, so you can load her exactly what you want. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Loaded lightly she is the vehicle to carry any beginner or even the most nervous canopy pilot to the ground safely, and for the intermediate jumper she will make your flying experience come alive with quick turns and a powerful flare.

If you’re looking for superior opening qualities, outstanding slow flight stability and confidence-inspiring flight, the Safire 3 is your perfect choice. It’s time to take to the sky the way you were meant to – on a 9-cell sports machine that keeps it as real as you do.


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Great openings, strong flare

I'm jumping a Safire3 at 1.4 wingloading as a wingsuit canopy. The openings are amazing. Soft but not snivvely, on heading. Better openings than my previous Sabre2, better flare than my old Pilot. Soft stand up landings on no wind days. Behaves well in slow flight, flattens out well on rears, gets me back from ugly long spots. Surprisingly good harness response at 1.4 wingloading. Fun to fly, highly recommend to anyone, even those just off student status.

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Soft Openings, fun to fly, great flare!
Had to accommodate my reach for better flare

After a reserve ride, I demoed a Safire 2 from the gear store since multiple people told me they had awesome openings. It only took 2 rides for me to know that I was buying an Icarus canopy next. When I ordered my Safire 3, I knew that 1.6 was higher than they recommended, so I called NZ and asked why did they recommend 1.5 max. They said that at higher wing loadings the flare would suffer. I ordered it anyways because I was getting bored on the Hornet (Old pilot) I had loaded at 1.4. The openings were amazing, the turns were responsive, but the flare was unimpressive. I was kind of upset even though I had been warned. It seemed that if I did not use a front riser turn or double fronts, the flare was not that strong. However, I also noticed that I could not stall the canopy. So I had Nick Armstrong trim the brake lines 4.5" and man did this canopy come alive! Great Flare, super responsive and the same SOFT snively openings as before! I am so glad I bought this canopy now. I look forward to putting 500-700 jumps on this canopy!

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great openings, nice, no wind landings

As advertised, my Safire 3 has a long snivel (better open a little higher!), but they are as smooth as silk and on heading despite my pathetic efforts to get it in the bag. I've packed my own chute over 1000 times and, as with any new canopy, I still have a challenge getting it packed. On one jump I just balled the whole thing up and literally shoved it into the bag. (I do not recommend this, of course). Still had a beautiful opening. Toggle responce is excellent, and the landings are way fun, easy to swoop it even at my light (1.2) WL. Very satisfied. I've owned two Spectres, a Lightning, a Storm and two Pilots. The Safire 3 is the best by far.

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