The S Fire is the next iteration of our wildly successful Safire 2, and while still geared towards beginner/intermediate jumpers, we have taken it further.

We have stayed true to the essence of what made the Safire 2 top of it’s class. The elliptical 9 cell with a light shaping, a constant cell aspect ratio, with sweet consistent on-heading openings. A forgiving canopy with a powerful flare and responsive controls. However, after years of testing and engineering we have enhanced the Safire to make an ultimately superior wing in the S Fire.

The S Fire introduces a number of innovative design features such as Parabolic Reinforcement Tapes (PRT), 2nd generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²), and Shape Correlation for Inlet Placement (SCIP) that makes it the most advanced design in the market. PRT allows the S Fire to use the elasticity of the fabric to its’ advantage - successfully eliminating upper surface distortion and airfoil deformation and creating a smoother top skin which gives you the glide to get you where you want to go. ERAS² eliminates panel flutter while simultaneously reducing the wing tip vortex to save and use energy for maximum flight performance. SCIP controls the inflation process of the canopy ensuring constant deceleration and consistent on-heading openings.

An optimized span wise skeleton ensures the robustness of the canopy even in the most demanding loading conditions and ensures that the S Fire is a structurally superior canopy throughout our entire range of sizes. The newly developed line set configuration will last even longer than before with the same line elongation resulting is less performance deterioration without sacrificing responsiveness.

The S Fire possess an increased range of performance, therefore the it will be able to be flown longer before the progression to a Crossfire takes hold, something all pilots will be on board with!


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Nice Opening, Nice Flight, Comfortable Flare, Easy Packing
More crispy when new than NZ material,

This year I got the possibility to jump some new canopies, one of them was the SFire.

Wingload 1,25

Compared to the Safire 2, the opening are still good, even better, because the snivel is not anymore that long that I know from Safire2. They are still longer than on Sabre or Pilots but I liked them. They almost where On-Heading and soft.

Control on rears are easy, on my one the steering lines where pre lengthen trought the manufacturer, take care when lengthen it by your rigger, that he fingertrap the overlength as they would make trouble if not done right (have seen some newer jumper having damages or malfunction with not proper stown oerlength).
The steering on toggles are consistent and forgiveable, on turn it has a little oversteering compared to other, but more direct than on sabre and softer as on Pilot.
Stallpoint is deep, but it didn´t affect the flare.
Frontriser turns are better flighable then on Safire2, but what they have improved is the recovery arch. It is not any more that short so now it´s also possible to become a safer canopy pilot without be pushed to turn low - this also ease transition to more advanced canopies. But in my mind you didn´t want that after knowing this canopy.

On flare to the ground you recognize the benefits of this canopy, being late ot to early is easy to compansate, but I recommend try t flare till to the end and not only stop after touch down ;)

So catch a demo and make your opinion, everybody have different picture how a cpy should fly, this was mine.

Stay Safe

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New technology construction
Inconsistent openings

I recently had the pleasure of demoing the S Fire in a 209 configuration. I was definitely pleased in the overall appearance, crisp material and easy to stow Vectran lines. The canopy is as advertised, no fuss 9-cell with pleanty of glide and good flare. the stabilizers do work well in flight but do nothing for head on openings. It gets moving in the toggle turns, but does not flatten out like some others (ie Pilot). My openings were a bit wonky and felt kind of slapped a couple times, not truly uncomfortable but not as sweet as similar sized canopies I have tested. I was unable to stall the thing with toggles alone, rear risers were not an issue. It responded well to harness inputs, and the pressure on the front risers was not as much as stiff as I had anticipated. It always opened well no matter how crappy I packed the thing. I have never flown a safire or safire 2 so I really can not compare it to its lineage. I had no problem figuring out the flare and it is easy to stand up your landings, not as powerful as a Sabre but wont leave you skidding through the DZ. It is a viable option and recommend a DEMO. I have an exit weight around 230-240.

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