The Radical is a state of the art high performance elliptical 9-cell canopy that has been designed for experienced canopy pilots. The Radical
is a delight to fly with soft openings, excellent speed range, low front riser pressure, gradual recovery arc and long powerful flare.

The Radical is excellent for swooping but can also be flown conservatively and lands easily even on straight in approaches with out using
front risers. The Radical was created using specialised computer software for designing and analysing low speed airfoils and wings.

The 3D wing is transferred into 2D top and bottom panels and ribs. Using Advanced Technology AIR foil shaping methods, it is possible to
obtain a parachute wing which has desired airfoil shape over the whole wing span not only at the ribs. The Radical also incorporates
the Atair 2 Stage Opening Technology, originally used on the Atair Cobalt Canopy, which provides soft predictable on heading openings. High grade zero
porosity fabric and top class manufacturing guarantee a canopy that performs excellently and will keep doing so for many hundreds of flights.


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I have a Radical 135, DOM 2005. I love this canopy. It opens slowly (it needs more altitude), on heading, flies and flares great. You can make aggressive and shallow turns, too. If I changed it, I would never buy anything else. It is great for swooping and for wingsuit also, because of the soft on-heading openings.

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Opening, strong flare

I have done around 150 jumps on brand new Radical 135 loaded 1.4. I have ordered version with spectra lines. I have got canopy made from non slipery thick ZP. Canopy looks really durable. Openings are soft and predictable. Canopy is ground hungry. On 180 deg toggle turn it eats up 200-150 feat of altitude, so you better learn flat turns. It is easy to hold front riser during turns, but when I use 2 front risers there is some distortion on canopy (I have shorter risers on atom legend). During flare there are tons of flare. Great canopy for swooping.

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