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Designed especially for the needs and
capabilities of the beginning and intermediate
jumper, the V-Tec is simple to handle and easy
to land, yet fun to fly. With two available levels
of performance, provided by the unique adjustable
line configuration concept, it is an unbeatable


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Everything, Soft on heading openings, Lovely and easy to fly, best landings so far

I was going to buy a sabre2 because every time i jumped it i loved it but got a great deal on the V-Tec as part of a complete system so went with it and I sure am happy. It's the nicest canopy so far. I have the advanced line setting but you can get it with a novice line setting.
Opens soft and on heading, flies like a dream, its responsive, stable and handles well on risers and the landings are the nicest i've had so far. It packs like a dream, even as new it's first pack job was no problem at all.
All in all I'd say if I was to get another new canopy or recommend one I'd say go for the V-Tec its great.

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easy to land, fun to fly, easy to pack. a canopy that changes as you gain experience

This canopy is a masterpiece of innovative design. It is, to date, the only canopy on the market that can have it's performance uprated as as jumper gains experience. It is also a hybrid F-111 and ZP - making it easy to pack.
I first test jumped one with over 2000 jumps, and found it quite fun. It is predictable, has a good flare, and turns responsively yet flat.
The V-TEC comes with a choice of beginner or intermediate line sets, trimming the canopy for varying performance. This means that someone who has jus graduated, can start out on the V-TEC, and then upgrade the performance when they are ready, without the expense of changing canopies.
It has a fairly flat glide, and generates good lift, making it easy to land and get back to the DZ from a long spot. The intermediate line trim also gives fairly light front riser pressure, allowing you to build up speed while recovering to flat and level flight quickly. Everyone I have spoken to who has jumped it has been impressed by it's handling - from low experience jumpers to guys more used to swooping high performance canopies. If you are looking for value for money from your first canopy, this is the one for you - fun to fly, easy to handle, easy to pack and able to perform to your experience level.

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