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Introducing the Flight Concepts Pro Series, A totally new breed of Zero-P main canopies. In designing this new line of canopies, our goal isn't just performance, it's total performance. That's why the Pro Series offers a wide control range which makes it responsive yet forgiving. Its the canopy that flies well at any experience level. For soft openings, brisk performance and smooth landings, our Pro Series is for you.


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company has Longevity
they now have better than pro series available

I have intermediate experience,although, I have had the opportunity to fly many different styles and manufactures of canopies. Flight concepts have the most advanced and innovative canopies including the overpriced PD series. Let your friends tell you all day long to buy Pd to fit in. If you want the most advanced canopies from the most experienced canopy makers. Please buy Flight concepts. I love the ones I have used and now use them in my two rigs I have. They have soft opening, high performance and great flares as far as mains go. I never had the pleasure of flying one of their reserves but I have been insured that they open quickly to save your life. For more insight see


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I flew a Pro 170 for the first 100 jumps. It was a great canopy. Long long Sniveling openings, about 800 feet. If I roll the nose i would have been at 1100 foot snivel. Decent flare, much lower control range than a PD canopy, more similar to icarus, PA canopies. Nice turns, soft dependable opening, i kinda miss it. I was flying it at 1.1:1. Im flying at 1.6 to one now on my nitron. Great canopy to learn on. Pro pack or Psycho pack it.

Jonathan Bartlett

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I had a pro series 210 and put about 150 jumps on it. Good parachute to be introduced to ZP on. One heading openings and flared pretty well considering that it was a 210. I’ve only had 2 complaints about the parachute. 1. It’s too slow. After 150 jumps at loading the think 1:1 I am ready for something much faster. 2. The openings can be pretty brisk (250 ft) if you don’t know how to pack the thing. I only flat packed it 3 times. The third opening about broke me in two. Got some tips from the guy I bought it from and learned that the best way to pack it is a standard pro-pack but leave the nose alone (rolling only seems to make it worse) and roll the crap out of the tail. I’m talking like 30 very tight rolls. Other than that it was a good beginner canopy. I would say it’s very similar to a sabre of equal size but with just a little less flair power.

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