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Nil wind days over the swoop pond are always memorable: they are either epic reminders of why you jump out of planes to go at mach 10 speed just above the ground, or they are painful lessons of why you need a competition wing like the JVX.

The JVX is made to be flown by experienced pilots; she has better openings than other canopies in her class, and improved trim and longer lines keep her diving for longer. With no stabilizers and HMA lines the JVX just keeps on flying. This wing loves speed, but is built for power and excels at going the distance. Imagine yourself dragging water every day.

The JVX isn’t just suitable for competition, but also as a high-end everyday canopy for experienced and current pilots. If you’re a competitive swooper or an experienced jumper wanting a rush, the JVX is a ridiculously epic ending to your skydive.


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Quick recovery compared to Velo

"Great to work, for team training and for swoop competition" What other canopy can offer that much ?

Have been flying these HPerf canopies before : Katana 97, Instinct 80 (PdF), Velo 79-75, Senseï 81-71 and prototypes (X-braced 7 and 9 cells)

My JVX is a 73 with stabilizers. I felt in love with the JVX first of all because of the openings. They are always on heading. Ok sometimes a quarter turn and max a half turn something like less than 10 times out of 400 jumps and as I trash-pack it quite often I would say it's great. I'm very confident when I throw my HD.

This canopy dive less than a Velo for sure but it dives enough if you load it correctly. Have tried mine with different wing-loading : between 2.2 to 2.9. I'll say it can be ballistic : depends how you want it !

You can get enough dive and pleasure doing 360°, 720°, 1080° or even more just with harness inputs... and you can get more dive carrying weight and using risers during real swoop training.. once again it depends how you want it !

It flies very well from opening until during the swoop : you feel on rails and it seems to never stop flying on rear risers.

If you have the skills and that your chest belt is long enough you can almost get the JVX out of the dive by just pushing you body against the belt.

Highly recommended canopy, high five Nz Aerosport !

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A lot of things.
Hard to keep it in a dive

Flys like super crossfire. Flat glide with very crisp rear riser action.
Heavy front riser stays heavy and gets heavier, not for those girly arms.

Most of the opening are fine, some are great. Being x-braced with moderate wing loading when stuff hits the fan it can go very ugly very fast.
Than again, everyone cuts away their first cross braced right??

If you are Katana pilot you'll hate this wing until you get used to the quicker recovery arc, and its flight characteristics.
If you love how the crossfire or even stiletto flys you'll fit right in.

Great for a working canopy, gets back from far spot with ease, and thx to quick recovery I make it back and still have enough alti to make 270.

If you want this wing to dive like velo does, get 2 sizes smaller than you would with velo,

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