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The EXTreme-FX is not for everybody. It's built specifically for radical maneuverability and is ideal for turf surfing. It is for experienced elliptical pilots only.


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Soft on heading openings
Lack of rear riser power

Great opening feels just like crossfire with less search mode, and it is old and made by precision.
However you can not trash trash pack.(3 min pack jobs, one slammer with 3 min pack)
Heavy front riser pressure with tons of oversteering action compare to katana that I've been jumping.
Somewhat light and unresponsive rears, but the toggles are heavy and very responsive.
FX rears are not there to dig out of the dive.
Somewhat sensitive in harness, much more than katana but I wanted even more sensitivity but it is not there at 2.0
Dives less than my bigger katana. wtf???
but swoops way longer. and it stoppes just as well as Katana, even on slight down wind I haven't had to run it out yet.
If you can find one for cheap get it.
They haven't made these since 04 I think.

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Predictable openings - long fast dives - front riser controlabilty
Hard to slow down - gotta run at end of flare

Just put about 80-100 jumps on my fx99.

I compare it to a velo111 (my other crossbraced)

The openings are very predictable - I've never gotten slammed unlike with my velo - the last bit of the opening can be a little stiff but I have no problem with it doing camera work.

I've heared complaints about the front riser pressure - but I don't think it is bad at all! Maybe a little heavier than the velo.

It dives soo fast - you can turn high - just keep both fr-riser down and it'll race to the ground. Then you'll enjoy a smooth long recovery arc.

I've landed it in half brakes before, I weigh 205lbs... lands great...

It glides very well, and is very responsive.

The only downside is that this canopy doesn't slow down as much as the velo for a tip toe landing - you'll have to run!

I prefer this canopy over my velocity. Very nice! AND often not too expensive when buying them second hand.

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Glide, flare, rears power
Openings are stiff

Well I love this canopy for fun jumping...as soon as I strap a camera on my head or am worried about perhaps having to dump in a track I break out a different canopy....

I got this canopy for free with some new lines on it from a friend...it was a good intro to crossbracing for me, definately need to fly it with rears to get optimum flare power at the end of your swoop...

I will never get rid of mine which is one of the early NZ ones love it dearly and has some good memories with it

RIP PJ thanks for the canopy

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Great swoops, very controllable
lack of flare at the end

I only gave the rating a 4 out of 5 because I was being very strict in my judgement. This may be an old design but I love this chute for sooo many reasons.
First, its very controllable meaning its glide rate is somewhat flat so you can get back from a bad spot (important where I jump )
Second, it dives like crazy, and the front riser pressure is NOT bad at all!
Third, the openings arent as bad as I've read, and I bought mine used from 2000 and it was made by Precison which are supposed to be the worst opening ones.
Ok the Only thing that needs to be mentioned in a negative manner is the power of the flare and the Very end. Im used to my x-fire2 and when Im skimming the ground a mere inches above, I always had enough left to pop them that extra couple of inches and get a little extra lift. I dont with the FX my last landing I was doing what i always do cruising with my knees bent at an altitude of 6 inches and boom.. No extra lift I fell and wasnt hurt but its important to know its an older design and you have to get used to landing it as such. Hope this helps! I think the FX is the best x-braced chute to get when your like me and your just entering that spectrum of canopy.
PS Im 170 ( 190 out the door) and I have a FX99 so Im not quite loading it at 2.0

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Pack Volume, Openings, Performance

I've been jumping an FX 99 for about 4 years now and I love it. I've just ordered a new one and received it in record time (under 4 weeks, custom colors) and it flies as good as its brother.

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Great flare, fast toggles turns
Openings, front risers, packing

I jump an FX 111 loaded 1.55. Here are my comments:

Openings: The worst ever. Twitchy as hell and you never know what you are going to get. It does open slowly but during the snivel it keeps going all over the place. It likes to hunt a lot.

Harness inputs: Even with the brakes stowed I could not get it to steer. That could be due to the light wingloading (1.55).

Rear Riser pressure: Light, predictable, fast turns.

Toggle: Very short range, it dives like hell on toggle turns.

Front risers: They are virtually useless. It was just like pulling down a piece of concrete. I could not get more than a 90 degree turn out of them!

Landings: The best part of the experience. It planes out with little toggle inputs, nice swoops, and lots of flare even at the very end. Quite hard to bow-tie it.

Packing: What's up with the fabric? I could not bag it right. Slippery as hell. Oh well, myt other canopy it's a Viper 105; I'm a spoiled with the nice south african stuff...

Overall I hesitate putting this canopy in my container. Can't take those openings and the hard front riser pressure.

I just got my FX back from Precision. It was subjected to a x-mod: xaos 21 line set with non-cascaded HMA lines and the addition of the sabliribs and a different slider.

Well I could not believe it was the same canopy! From probably the single worst canopy I've ever flown to one of the best! Incredible. The openings are just dandy. Snivels right on heading and no more hunt. Front riser pressure much, much lighter, more negative recovery, better flare, flatter glide, and the canopy seems faster too in straight flight I think that is due to the low drag of the "angel-hair" lines. Now I can make make it turn very easily with harness inputs and I'm even a bit lighter than when I was jumping it pre-mod.

If you hate your FX like I did send it to Precision and have it mod. Some of the best bucks I've ever spent.

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i have about 500 jumps on a 84 fx,and about 150 on a 89, 20 on a 115 and 20 on a 78. i load the 84 at 2.2 and i have 50found that i got ok proformance on the 115, but i under loaded. the 89 gave me good proformance and good swoops, but when i jumped the 84 i was in love. it was great, i could just go forever in my swoop. i just got my 78 and i think i can swoop farther under the 84. the speed if a lot faster, that why i got it. i still have my 84 to keep around when i need it. but it takes quite of few jumps to handle one of these. i don't want to sound like a sky god or anything but i would say at least 500 jump with a lighter loading. but if you jump one then you beter be ready to buy it because you'll want one.

blue sky's and long swoops

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I have about 50+ jumps on various EXTreme FX canopies, ranging size from 104 to 88. My exit weight is about 210-215. I have gotten reliable openings using a standard PRO pack. I do not roll the nose, just gently shake it in under the clover-leafed slider. I use small rubber bands that are in good shape and make about a 2 inch bite. The canopy has a fairly high snatch force, but the opening shock is very comfortable. I would compare it to a Stiletto or Jedei. It does open relatively quick, as once it is out of the bag, you will have about 1/3 of the canopy inflating above you. You need to steer the canopy during this stage of the deployment with gentle pressure from your legs into the leg straps.

The canopy is very responsive and fast. It handles very much like any other highly loaded ellipticle canopy. The rate of descent in full flight is higher than any other canopy I have ever jumped, up around 2000'/minute. Aggressive front risering is easy and results in a long, steep dive. Speed builds very quickly as does the front riser pressure. The recovery arc is very long, you need to be high for an aggressive landing approach.

The flare begins fairly deep into the stroke, but once you are into it, it is very strong. Landings are a pleasure and the surf seems to go on and on. DO NOT put your feet down too soon! These canopies are blast to fly, but are not for the timid. One final note, they really do pack up big. Do your homework when matching container sizes.

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