Crossfire 2

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Fly hard. Land soft. Swoop it. Nail it. Love it. The Crossfire 2 is an elliptical 9-cell on ‘roids—a mid-range hassle-free canopy that’s equally equipped for hauling ass over a swoop pond.
Equipped with a fully formed nose and complete surface shaping, this canopy’s openings are second to none and her powerful flare will impress. Offering a modern wing with less drag and stress-free controls, the Crossfire 2 is ideal for both the ultimate hard-charging experience and blissful days of soul flying.

Unparalleled openings, responsive riser inputs and the incredible swoop distance of the Crossfire 2 combine in a wing that’s 100% devoted to the art of having fun.


Buy from these trusted stores

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great flying - nice and deep flare
custumer relation

Hi folks !

I have some good news and some bad news .... .
I finally got my Icarus Crossfire/2 109 two weeks ago. It is a very fine canopy and I love to fly with it. :)
The bad news is that it took 6 month (SIX MONTH) to deliver. I have been told that the colour I selected was not available :| and I should (A) wait or (B) select another colour. I went to plan B and selected other colours. Unfortunately that colour was also not available at time. Well, bad luck and waiting..... Finally the canopy got delivered after several phone calls, emails with Icarus e.t.c. !

I totally understand that they can not built a canopy without the right good quality fabric, BUT not any sign of customer care at all !

My rigger told me that he got the "old" price when the canopy was ordered 6 month ago, where the current price seems to be a bit lower. After that long waiting period you could give your customers some percent discount or send some free icarus shirts ... but nothing in that direction at all. Nothing. Be thankful that you are allowed to fly such a great canopy finally. :-(

By the way: Meanwhile waiting for my canopy I had about 170 Jumps on a friends crossfire/2. That is almost 50% of the lines lifetime. The lines are the most expensive in the market you can get.

I got to try a velocity some day ....

blue skies

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Flies like a fighter jet!
None that I can see

I recently moved from a safire2 169 to my current crossfire2 169. I am loading mine at about 1.4:1. This canopy opens like a dream, soft and on heading, hunted back and forth a bit and opened on heading everytime. Pull the slider down and let out the chest strap and you're on your way! The glide on the canopy is insane! Push the rear risers apart an inch or 2 and you WILL outglide anyone in the sky! The turns are very quick and powerful. The front riser pressure is probably a bit lighter than my safire2 and the canopy really wants to dive once you start. The canopy is also more responsive to harness input. Upon landing you will shock yourself with the power of the flare. And then when you go to step off, you have some more flare power. This canopy makes you feel like you are flying a solid wing not an inflatible one. Icarus has once again set the standard for high performance canopy design. Watch the competitions next 9 cell ellipticals come out with fully elliptical planform shapes and fully formed leading edges. You can not lose with this canopy. Research this company and you will be convinced they really are the industry leaders!

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fast, resposive to harness input, light riser pressure
slightly stiffer toggle pressure than crossfire 1

This is an awesome canopy.. I have jumped the 119, 109, 105 and have my very own 111 on its way.. cant wait and I highly suggest it for the right canopy pilot!

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Speed, Turning rate, Dive, glide, rigidity, bottom end lift
It's a bitch to pack at first

I put a jump on my new Crossfire2, 97 loaded at 1.85 today. I'll keep this short and sweet.

Fastest turning,
Hardest, longest diving
Crisp, pure flight
Fast, Responsive, Light toggle pressure, light front riser pressure, pulls around the corner instantly.

Icarus hit a home run with this canopy. I can't wait to jump it more this weekend. It turns faster than an equally loaded Diablo. This canopy is bad!

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