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The High Performance canopy for the experts skydiver.
It's pricisely balanced agility makes flying with the Chilli a pure pleasure. Don't be afraid to swoop this canopy or land it straight in, it's great for both. Every landing with the Chilli glides longer over the ground and lifts you up remarkably with great bottom end flare.
Additionally you get safe and smooth openings that are on heading with the Firebird Chilli. And the icing on the cake is the new exclusively for the Firebird Super-Light-Edition produced zero porosity material which is about 35 % lighter and thinner than the obvious canopy material. Because of this the Chilli has a significant smaller packing volume and lighter weight than comparable canopies of other manufacturers.


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Soft openings, Easy packing (fabric) , Long life kevlar lines.
Discontinued. high performance canopy that doesn't really swoop

I can second the first reviewer, opens nice and never had a single line twist. Long slowish ( at 1.5 loading) recovery arc. Has a very elliptic shape, but handles more like an Icarus Safire with a few Crossfire traits, but never attains the good qualities of either of those canopies. Landings, while not particularly demanding, can be quite variable as the first reviewer mentioned already. Not very stable on approach in choppy winds.

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Looks awesome. Really good fun in the air
Doesn't have that powerful a flare compared to others

Short review as there are no others for it at this point. I had one of these for a while, and had a lot of good jumps with it. It opened nice, flew responsively, and most importantly in skydiving, it looked AWESOME. Easily the best looking canopy I've ever owned.

Up in the sky I had a lot of fun with it. I was flying a 100, loaded around 1.8.

It was all good until coming in to land. Some occasions it was absolutely fine, with a nice suitable flare. Other times it wasn't though. Particularly for low speed flares. If you misjudge your landing heights and plane out too high, there is next to no flare on the resulting drop to the ground. That made me nervous every time, after the first time, of being too high. Compare that to other canopies I've jumped, where if I plane out too high, there's still plenty of power left in the flare to let me land nicely. Not with the Chili.

So as long as you get your heights right, it's good fun. But I moved on from this as I preferred a canopy that I didn't HAVE to think about PLFing if I plane out too high.
But that's just my experience, and I'm probably a rather crap canopy pilot, so take this review for what it's worth!

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