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The Blade is a high speed canopy exclusively for very skilled pilots with at least 700 jumps and considerable experience in high speed parachutes. By the development of a unique new profile by with Blade, the recommended wind loading range from 1.8 to 2.2 pounds per square foot.


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Superior Flight characteristics
Has to be loaded 1.8-2.2

All I can say is WOW! New technology rocks! Many small things make this canopy an amazing flier! for one thing, you are closer to the canopy due to a very short lineset. This makes it fly touchy like a crossbraced canopy, but still flies like a parachute, not a wing. The angle of attack on the canopy is set up as if it is always in rear risers. To me this is a huge advantage. When I plane out, I don't have to hold rears anymore, it already does it, and it is a smooth transition to brakes, offering quite a bit more distance to the swoop. The tight flying is very fun, and this canopy recovers very fast if you want it to. I am still amazed at how much range this canopy has. it floats great, it dives hard when you want it to, and it can be landed in a small area easily. I love my BLADE!!!!! Do yourself a favor, and at least DEMO one.

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Great openings, long dives...
It's not for inexperienced jumpers

I got the opportunity to jump the Blade at the CSS Easter boogie. Beezy had several demos and I made jumps on a 98 and 108. My exit weight was approx 225lbs.

The openings- long long snivel, great if you've got a camera. It does not wander or search for a heading.

The toggles give quick turns. The risers have very light pressure and long diving turns are quite easy. The rears easily leveled the canopy, however I didn't feel I could stay on them as long as a x-braced canopy, but transition to the toggles keeps the swoop going.

The material was very easy to pack, but it would be slightly bigger than comparable sizes due to "winglets"

I only got to make about 10 jumps on the two sizes, but from those jumps, I would recommend that if you're in the market for a Crossfire2, Katana, etc... you should give this canopy a try.

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