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The Batwing is among Precision's highest performance canopies, and is produced in five sizes proportionally scaled to fit a defined weight range.


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reliable soft openings. Good swoops, nice landings.

I have jumped a Batwing 153 over 4500 jumps, mostly video, AFF and Records. Love it! See no reason to change to "keep up with the Jones's"
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fast, light toggle and rear riser pressure, nice openings, good in all conditions
high front riser pressure

I recieved my Batwing and loved it. Nice 500ft openings. The first thing you'll notice is that its really fast if compared to something like a sabre or diablo, and a little faster than a stiletto 120. The toggle pressure is really light and turns super fast. I've landed mine in all conditions and it didn't do anything unpredictable. It has very high front riser pressure but once you get it down its easy to hold (wierd). All that said I wouldn't recommend a Batwing. A stiletto is more reliable and its NOT out of production.

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Great Turn Rate lots and lots of lift
high front riser pressure

I enjoy my Batwing 134 super fast high performance canopy awsome to fly and lots of lift at the end easy to bring straight in easier than a saber but touchier on the turns toggles like a stilleto recommend dont know why the bad rep also always had great soft openings had the new slider pocket mod though 300-500 ft snivle would say though get a stilleto 135 just a better safer canopy but the batwing will out swoop it if flown right i believe.

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