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There are some in every crowd. They are a small group of individuals that feel the need to push the limits of body and equipment. It doesn’t matter if they are snowboarding down an untouched chute or swooping over water at the local drop zone. These pilots push the limits of speed, distance, and wing loading.

We see them in competitions; their pictures are in magazines. They are always looking for the ultimate (fill in the blank). If you take it “to the max” then this is the canopy for you. Extremely small and agile, aerodynamically efficient and designed for higher wing loadings, the A-Max is the canopy designed for those of you we have dubbed the “maximists”. You understand the aerodynamics, but you fly by feel.


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Fantastic openings, fast, very responsive, bad ass canopy
Experts only...seriously

This canopy is radical,fast and controllable. At 2.2 loading the openings were fantastic. Riser pressure for performance is light and it responds quickly to hip input. Very, very responsive! This canopy is a real rocket!
BUT...it's for experts. It is the new benchmark for 9 cell Ultra HP canopies.

2 years later now, I see Aerodyne pulling this canopy from the market. I spoke to Aerodyne about it and they assured me the decision was based on a marketing reasons. This was a great canopy with a short life. I hope the new canopies Aerodyne is coming out with are as solid as the A-Max.

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Openings - Handling - Surf blade
trying to get hold of one

My Exp - 1700 Jumps (Stilleto / Vengeance / Velocity)
My Weight - 175 Ilbs

I jumped the 90 / 94 and 99

Opening - Was the most perfect openings that I have had from any of the higher performance canopies...pain free...on heading...end of story

Flight - very stable...precise...ultra responsive...turns faster than anything I have jumped before...toggle pressure was fairly light...big harness turns very easy...the canopys did not appear to be ground hungry in normal...toggle up flight

Landing....my approaches were straight in...toogles up to get an idea of what power was availible in the flare...the canopy planned out ok...with a big long surf...with enough power at the end to lift at the end

I would highly recomend anyone who has exp on the faster canopies to demo one....I was surprised / shocked that these canopies are not crossbraced / vented from the way that they handled...I take my hat off to aerodyne for making this

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Great Openings, Fast Turns, Low Toggle Pressure

Made a demo jump on a new Aerodyne System at Mardi Gras Boogie. The A-max opened great - I believe as good an opening as is possible. I had it loaded a bit over 2 to 1 (I was jumping a A-max 90). It flew very nice, fast responsive turns, low toggle pressure, and quick recovery. I would compare it to a Stiletto, only a bit quicker on the front riser turns with a very responsive swoop. I would recommend this canopy to any experienced jumper who does not want to downsize to a cross-braced.

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