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Merlin Suits would like to introduce the new Pro Competition RW Suit. This is, quite simply, the finest belly flying suit that you can buy today.
Engineered for world-class belly flying by people who actually use the suits, the COMP suit represents the cutting edge in competition RW Suits.

The COMP RW was designed with assistance from the Performance Factory Teams and Deland Genesis and represents the ongoing improvements that stems from 4 1/2 years of training and 20,000+ jumps in the product. In addition to all the features on the Comp suit we have added webbing rigidity to our booties while still offering your choice of Para Pac or cordura booties. They include a fully enclosed leather toe which holds it's own on those long swoops. Also we have added 3/8-inch foam to the kneepads making a more comfortable and better-fitted kneepad.

The Pro. Comp. Suit still has those wonderful cordura grippers, but they are 1/2 inch deeper to the grip pocket and fuller than the Comp. Suit.

With reinforcing between the leg grippers we have added bar tacking to each end of the legs gripper, also adding reinforcing elbow to elbow between the arm grips.
The arms grips are now equal girth with the leg grips and sit higher off the arm for better gripping. Double spandex sides now offer a snugger fit while adding more durability to the suit. There is cordura reinforcing from the crotch area down to the knees, which helps reduce wear and tear on the suits due to leg strap friction.


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After Tearing up other jumpsuits with bad landings, and being a slow learner under canopy, I bought a Merlin Pro-Comp Suit. The construction is hands down the best that i have seen in a jumpsuit. I work in a Large gear store so I see a lot of suits from all over the world. They have the Best of the best! No matter how hard I may try, this suit is still in wonderful shape, I recommend to anyone who is looking for the best! A few extra dollars for a suit that will last a lifetime...Sounds like a Good deal to me!

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