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Our Competition Suit is wonderful for the current and active jumpers looking for a great suit, which not only fits their needs, but also is reasonably price. The Comp. Suit comes with both inseam and outer leg grippers that are slightly larger then the RW Suit. Grippers are made from cordura, as are the booties and bum. There is a soft padding in the knees and reinforcing across the leg grippers.


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absolutely none
*excellent* service, great fit, feels really good, withstands rough use with ease

I just got my second suit today, and the service I was provided from Ulla (owner/desginer) was way out of all bounds from what's expected.
I told her that I needed the suit before an important boogie, and she really worked her ass off to get it done in time and ship it across the world in only three days.

Her service was hands down fantastic, and I can recommend Merlin suits to simply everyone.

Now, the suit itself.
As it's custom tailored, it fits my perfectly. The different fabrics are put together in a clever way to make it both fast and tough at the same time. Also, the seems are really solid.
The booties are stretched, and has never come of my shoes. They are also easy to put on and take off.

The grips are firm and gives other jumpers a really good grip.

The zipper opens the suit all the way down to the crotch, which makes it easy to take on and off.

Well, I'm super happy with my merlin suits.
I really have no cons, be it the suits or the company :)

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Perfect fit, loads of options, fast delivery
Build quality could be better

My first ever suit, so didn't know what I was looking for. Merlin were great - spent a long time on the phone talking to me knowing I was new to the sport, but not treating me like an idiot. Very helpful. Arranded shipping to another DZ the other side of the world just to tie in with a holiday of mine. Awesome.

The suits good - reinforced bum and knees (both of which I surely needed as my first suit!) but the stiching and zip are pretty weak - the suit split at the back where the elasticated material meets the cotton fabric in the lower back area after about 30 jumps - I emailed Merlin and they said simply restitching it would be ok. Then after about 6 hours in the tunnel the zip stiching broke - the zip appears to have only been attached by one thread from top to bottom on each side so rubbing on the tunnel net killed it sharpish. I've since had a local seamstress replace the zip and upgrade the stitching to sort this.

Overall, a nice suit with very helpful staff over at Merlin. Just take it steady in the tunnel, or maybe talk it over with Merlin to see if they cant reinforce it before hand :)

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Great fitting, Fantastic Construction, Fast Delivery Times, Great Customer Service
None so far!

I absolutely love my new Merlin suit. I asked for a rush order and got it in four weeks time! It fits great, looks great, flies great, and from the heftiness of the suit, it should last me Forever. I have no complaints about this suit or Merlin's customer service. They were always easily accessible and happy to help. I highly recommend this suit to anyone.

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Sturdy construction, great fit, looks sexy
none yet

I got my suit this week and jumped it this weekend. It flew great, it was an awesome fit and I loved the power in the legs with the mega booties. Padding in the knees also makes it comfortable climbing around inside the plane and if I (knock on wood) don't stand up every landing.

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Excellent fit, hard wearing and excellent customer service
None so far

I brought a Merlin suit on a recommendation after getting to the upper levels of my AFF course. Firstly the staff at Merlin were brilliant, very accomadating and helpful. I ordered a rush job as I din't want to wait ay length of time, it arrived within 10 days (to the uk) and the quality is fabulous. Being new to the sport the knees are getting a good working out after a few dodgy landings, so its had a few washes and comes up like new each time. There are quite a few people jumping Merlins at the dropzone and I haven't heard any bad comments so far. I can't praise the staff or the product enough.

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comfortable, durable, stylish
pocket not well located, a bit costly

I originally bought a Merlin RW suit with many options, including bigger grippers and appropriate cordura. I made about 300 jumps with that suit, 1.5 hours in the tunnel, and still use it as a backup and it is in perfect condition.
Based on that performance, the following season I ordered a comp RW suit, the best they offer. It was about $350 or so, but worth every penny. I put at least 200 on that suit that season and 100 this season, and another 1.5 hours in the tunnel. It is still PERFECT. Of course, the worst landing has been a slide on one side, so one gripper is a bit dirty on one side. The knee pads are so good I do not wear extra pads in the tunnel.
Three seasons, two suits, around 600+ jumps and 3+ hours in the tunnel, and both suits are in top condition, the newer comp suit (definitely worth the extra money), still gets "new" comments.
They hold up to frequent washings, frequent flying, and look great. Only con, move the pocket up 3" on the leg, it is too close to the knee.
I'll be ordering another new suit for next season, it'll be a Merling RW comp. suit.

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