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Tunnel Flyers as well as Sky Flyers looking for a super fitted suit with excellent articulation will love this model. With elastic in all the necessary places to have a super comfortable suit, the COMET will allow you to go full time in the tunnel and not have any issues with the wind going through your suit.

Standard with Neoprene above the knee cap and elbows, full Neoprene laterals, center of back, shoulders and our super popular M&M cut that gives you great flexibility at the lower back, hips and thighs plus a shape insert at the thigh that will allow the most flexible moves like splits. This is a great model for boys and girls.

THE COMET IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TUNNEL SUIT. (still great for the Sky). Comes standard with Neoprene and Power Zipper.


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Quality Materials Used
Terrible Customer Service, Long Production Times, & Ill-fitted Suit

Probably the worst experience I have had with any skydiving gear vendor over the years since I began jumping. I ordered a jumpsuit back in the middle of February 2015 and was emailed a production date for the end of June 2015. The company took payments without even notifying me they were doing so and did not send an update for the suit status. I was finally emailed a day before the suit was supposed to be completed by the pattern maker asking me to confirm a few measurements. I sent photos of the measurements with the measuring tape to show they were accurate. Several weeks went by and the company did not respond to my email in mid-July asking when the suit would ship. I called a few days later to ask about their production times. They stated it was currently about 18 weeks, but they were finishing suits faster. I then asked about my order which was already past due at 22+ weeks. They said they would try to get it shipped out that week. I never received a shipping confirmation and the suit just showed up at the end of July one day without a copy of the order form or anything. I tried it on and the suit was made for someone much taller and larger than I and was not color matched as I had requested. The order form clearly stated my height and weight as a part of the measurements and the suit itself was taller than me. I shipped the suit right back to them the very next day along with sending an email requesting a refund and pictures showing how terrible it fit. A week and a half went by with no response from LiquidSky to my email and at that point they had the suit and my money. I contacted my bank to issue a refund. It was not worth the expense and wait of over 5 months to get a product that you cannot even use.

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Durable, warm, articulations
Too hot for summer jumping

If you love the tunnel, this is a great investment. I have spent 5+ hours in various tunnels with this suit, making a lot of progress in freeflying, and I think having a well-fitted suit made of the right materials makes a big difference.
It's thick and heavy, so if you get cold easily, or jump in the Midwest/Northeast, it's nice to wear anytime except July/August.

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huge range of movement possible, excellent fit and finish
very expensive

I have never worn any suit that let me move as freely as this in the tunnel, end of story. It's peerless.

I have flown about 2 hours in this suit so far and have zero complaints. It's like skin once you slip into it. Only options I added were the magnetic flap and the M&M cut for maximum flexibility.

I wouldn't jump this suit though, the fabric is just so soft and comfy I don't think it would hold up like the more robust materials found in Tony Suits or my Matter Freefly suit though when it comes to abrasion resistance, packing, sitting on the floor of airplanes, etc. For the tunnel though, it's perfect.

The cost is high, but you're getting what you pay for. This is a complicated suit with tons of pieces to it, and if have a desire to do a lot of dynamic-style flying in all orientations, this really is the suit for you.

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