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Sky Systems Ltd. latest technological advance in digital video helmet systems. The SIDEWINDER O2 combines the awesome technology of the original Sidewinder and the OXYGN RW Helmet for an awesome, functional camera helmet! The specially modified OXYGN™ helmet with button-less lens provides a truer aim and lower profile with a side mounted PC-1 or JVC GR-DVM-5 digital cameras. The Sidewinder O2's™ combination of sleek design, compact equipment and light weight provide for a new level of "in flight" recording.


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Outstanding workmanship and value
None noted

Recently, I ordered and purchased a new Sidewinder 2 camera helmet from Skysystems. This is the second Skysystems helmet I have purchased in the last year, and with good reason.

A few years ago, this company suffered from production issues, and delivery was not reliable. A new group is now operating, and the results are very impressive. The lead time from order to delivery was 21 days for the Sidewinder 2. The communications with the company were professional and honest, and the quality of the finished product was about the best I have seen anywhere. Additionally, their technical department was very helpful in answering my questions regarding proper fitting of my camera to the helmet.

I also had an opportunity to personally visit their offices and production facilities in Deland, Florida. The folks there could not have been more friendly, and their facility and attention to detail was impressive.

The Sidewinder 2, like my Oxygen, greatly improved my enjoyment of the sport. I am very pleased with these products, and can recommend them without reservation.

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Good Quality, easy and safe operation, fits like a glove
Angle not adjustable, not prepared for CamEye

I jump Skysystems for years now (since 1996).
Just ordered a sidewinder 2, after having jumped a sidewinder 1 for several years now.
It took only five days to get them from USA to germany (three different helmets for our camera flyers). perfect finish, superior quality.
the flip-up lens is perfect and gives all the benefit I have in my Oxygn.
only the cam-eye has to be installed, but this is a minor problem.
for me, the sidewinder 2 is one of the best choices for filming tandems and formations.

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I write on behalf of 7 of us who ordered helmets from Skysystems end of FEB this year. We were at first promised a two week turnaround. After three weeks we phoned and were told NINE weeks wait. After nine weeks, were told SIXTEEN weeks. We then received TWO of the helmets and no explanation of what happened to the rest. At sixteen weeks, we phoned to hear progress: "The liners are being installed" after TWO MORE WEEKS, we phoned again for update: "The liners are being installed"

Not once did Skysystems have the decency to apologise, or let us know what is happening. They are misleading customers.

Also - they sent us a rediculously small helmet and said it was a medium - not a single skydiver, even girls, could fit the lid which was supposed to fit a 22.5inch head. When we wanted to send it back, they said they don't take returns.

After long debate, they agreed to send us a replacement - we can have it in 16 weeks.

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I recently got a Sidewinder O2 and just love it. I jump it with a Sony PC-3 and it fells great. The helmet seems alittle sideheavy on the ground, but have had no trouble in the air. Sighting the helmet is easy and doesn't take much. The only modifying needed was to drill small holes for the Cam-eye into the the LANC port, and turn on switch. Very comfortable for RW and also for video groups. The flip up lense fits tight and not a fog problem. I would recommend the helmet for all new comers to video.

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