Bringing innovation and precision engineering to full-face helmet design, Square One presents the KISS. A multi-discipline, state-of-the-art, high-performance helmet, the KISS features a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens with full mouth exposure, panoramic visibility and Square One’s NEW patent-pending anti-fog ventilation system. Whether your aerial pleasures find you belly-to-earth or head-down, this unique vent system will greatly reduce fogging in all conditions.

The KISS also features a NEW Quick-Tight Latch Closure System utilizing two levers to tighten or loosen the helmet on the user’s head. Simply pop the levers closed prior to exit and your helmet is secure!

Square One went one step further and integrated dual audible altimeter pockets with exterior access. Dual pockets allow for critical instrument redundancy and exterior windows simplify the motions of accessing your instruments to set altitudes, recall information, or simply power the device off and on.

These technologies combined with our proven Quick Change Lens System render the KISS the most advanced helmet in skydiving today.


  • NEW Patent Pending anti-fog ventilation system
  • NEW Quick-Tight Latch Closure System
  • Dual audible altimeter pockets with exterior access
  • Full mouth exposure
  • Panoramic visibility
  • 2mm thick polycarbonate lens for superior protection


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Well built helmet, easy to use, well thought out features
no provision for fine-tune fit adjustments

This is a well-manufactured product, with good design and easy to use features like shield lift, tool-less shield change, secures easily and efficiently to your head. I see people complaining a bit on price, I though the price was fair, and in fact almost 20 years ago I bought my last full-face, an Oxygen A3, which was $311 plus shipping (not free back then), and is nowhere near the quality of this helmet! My review rating is 4.5, because of the lack of fittment adjustments inside.

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Feels secure on chin, has external alti pockets, thick visor
Expensive, my blue came a bit purple

I've not jumped other full faces, but have tried the standard cookie and phantoms on. The sizing roughly correlates to other brands. I couldn't fit into a L cookie, but fit just fine in an XL. The XL Kiss works well for me. The visor opening/closing is a little tough if you're jumping in cold weather wearing heavy gloves, but closing the chin cup to keep it on your head is easier, so it's a bit of a trade off.
All in all, I've very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone.

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Quick release, comfortable fit, removable visor, Can talk in it

I only jump a few times with this but now I feel like my skydiving career has been short changed without having had a Kiss. I used to ride motorcycles and the helmets were very comfortable so to avoid any constant banging when riding. This helmet's comfort level is so amazing. The quick release allows for you to quickly get in and out of the helmet in case of an emergency and the visor is also easy to lift open under canopy too! I tried on a few other helmets while shopping and this one was far above the rest. Other helmets didn't fit my head as perfect as this one did either. Another main think I was looking for in the helmet was the ability to actually move my mouth and talk while on way to altitude or walking around. How this one fits is that is allows your mouth to sit right above the bottom edge and you can freely talk. It's so light that you do even notice that it's on most the time either. After demoing this I can't wait until I save up the money and purchase one myself!

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