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Cookie has developed a new Fuel Helmet to suite a variety of small format, point of view style video cameras.

  • 12 Colour Choices
  • 3mm Abs/Polycarbonate blended exterior shell for strength and durability
  • Cookie's proprietary comfort fit internal liner in sizes XS-XXL
  • Ergonomic chinstrap for comfort and durability
  • Dual Interior Audible mounts for L&B products
  • Optional Audible altimeter windows to suite L&B and Alti-2 products
  • Optional Cookie Go Pro 2-3 Roller Mount
  • Optional Flat Side window for side mounting POV cameras ( Sony AS 15, Contour)
  • Optional Go Pro click in top mount
  • Optional Cutaway chinstrap


Buy from these trusted stores

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I have owned two Cookie Fuel helmets, one in tactical green and my newest one in yellow. The helmet is very comfortable but usually fits one size larger. I opted for a matching cutaway chinstrap for my new yellow one and I personally think it is much more comfortable than that stock strap that it comes with.

It does provide you with the option of mounting several different types of cameras as well as audible altimeters.

It is a little on the expensive side.

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Good design, good colour choices, good selection of extras and upgrades, good visor visibility, great comfort
One of the more expensive full face helmets

The G3 is outstanding, comfy and practical. It's one of the world leaders in skydiving full face helmets and once you've tried it on, you'll understand why.
Optional visor with a tint is great for really sunny climates if you don't want to wear shades. Side plates make the helmet unique for each owner too.

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Great looks, and good, comfortable padding inside.
Pinches a little tight against the sides of my jaw.

I purchased the Cookie Fuel helmet due to problems with
I was very disappointed in my Bonehead Echo helmet. It had poor padding, and has a flat forehead cut that bit my head very painfully. It seemed design for a more simian type of head!
The Fuel has none of these shortcomings. It looks great, has lots of padding inside, and fits very well.
I was very satisfied with this helmet.
The only shortcoming, is that the bottom of the helmet is somewhat tight on the outside of my jaws. This was quickly gotten used to. It is NOT anywhere near as bad as the pain caused by the Bonehead

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Comfort and options
camera compatibility

Bought a FUEL for tandem work and the occasional fun jump with a go pro. It's very comfortable. I have a XXL (typically wear an XL with most other manufacturers) and it fits like a glove (I suggest sizing one up than normal for a FUEL). The chin strap adds an additional layer of comfort as well. It has a slew of options you can order with or add later BUT it's limited on camera compatibility. I jump a GoPro2 and I have no issue but a contour or sony camcorder would be hard pressed to fit. If you are looking for an excellent overall open face this is one.

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