Voodoo Curv

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The Voodoo Curv container eliminates the gap at the back by curving to your body. It has specially designed end tabs that result a lower profile of the main container. It is more comfortable during canopy flight and incorporates webbing stow band. The stainless steel mini ring hardware is standard.


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small, comfy, lot´s of innovations
expensive, long delivery time

Got that rig 2 month ago and i´m lovin it!
Had a Mirage G4 before, which I really liked, but in comparison, the curv is another level.

Almost the same main canopy in the rigs and the curv has half the thickness of the mirage.
It is super comfy on the ground, but in the air it feels like a italien suit, it fits absolutely perfekt.
Without a bungy the leg pads aren´t moving at all, had that all the time with the Mirage.

What I like the most is my stowless magnetig bag, I think it´s much easier to stow the lines with this one.

It feels a lot better in freefly, it´s moving much less than my old rig and even though it´s tighter, I can position my body better.

Only "downside" is the cutting knive, it is not really a downside, because it´s free, but you can´t even cut a banana with it, so I bought a aftermarket one.

I can totally recommend it, a lot of people on my dz own a curv and they all love it.

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This is an amazing rig. It is totally comfortable on the ground and it seems to disappear in the air. The harness is awesome. It is snug, comfortable and stays in place. No bungee needed for FF. Loosen the chest strap after deployment and the rig opens up and really lets the canopy breath! I've owned and jumped several rigs over the years but the 2.0 is by far the best. It comes fully loaded at great price. I really recommend it

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Comfortable, very innovative.
Price (but comes fully loaded)

My first brand new rig, second I've owned. I also jump Javelins at work. This is by far the most comfortable rig I've tried on. Really lives up to its "Curv" name. Nice innovative extras such as the "bio-yoke" and the flap in the BOC to keep your pilot chute in. Somehow the leg pads stay in place without the use of a bungy. Handles have a nice grip on them. Closing flaps have external rings instead of grommets within the cordura. The rig is sleek, small, and clean all the way around. Highly recommended.

Also, absolutely no way customer service could be any better.

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