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The all new design Zerox, suitable for all types of skydiving. Designed to accept the full range of canopies available on the market. An alternative to a Pop Top type container. Narrow container design, velcro free maintenance, foamed padded leg and back pads for unsurpassed comfort. Stainless steel hardware (3-rings, etc.) as standard. Integrated pin protector flaps. Velcro free main toggles. The contoured yoke, ensures the harness comes over the shoulders and curves inwards towards the chest, preventing the harness slipping off. Options to fit either hip or hip & chest rings. The rig includes reserve freebag, main bag, pilot chute & bridle, reserve pilot chute, main and reserve toggles, main and reserve risers, and is manufactured ready to fit cypres. Design your own rig in a variety of different fabrics and colours with our rig builder. Custom colours at no extra charge. Fabrics available, Cordura, Parapack, Alien Skin, Alcantara and Leather.


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Comfort, options, stainless as standard, delivery time.
RSL velcro stitching is a little loose, would prefer a beefier cutaway handle.

About me:

6'2'', 200lbs out the door, skydiving interests are FS, CReW, and canopy piloting in general. 52 jumps in 3 years (pathetic I know). No ratings or qualifications. BPA B104059.

I bought my TSE Zerox (freefly friendly version) used as my first kit. DOM June 2003. The canopy sizes weren't exactly ideal in terms of making the rig valuable on the resale market, but that's nothing to do with the harness/container.

The main thing I can say about it is that it's incredibly comfortable, in my humble opinion anyway.

On the ground, with my 218/218 canopy combination on my back, I barely feel the weight - seriously. The yoke is so well cut that it feels custom-made for my shoulders, even though I know the guy who ordered it is nowhere near the same build as me! Mine also has the alcantara back and leg pads, which takes away the feeling of lines etc pressing into your back. Standard harness with narrow chest strap, mini rings, mini risers and RSL.

In the plane, it's not as easy to move around, but again, that's down to the size of the canopies, and some say it might be easier if it had hip rings. Again, not the fault of the manufacturer.

In freefall, I don't notice it's there. I used to think that this was just because I was enjoying the skydive, but on my last jump I had to use rental (student) kit, roughly the same harness size and canopies in the rig, but it was so uncomfortable I could barely arch properly. In "my" rig I can vary my fall rate by quite a bit when I'm on my belly, using rental stuff I just watched a friend of mine disappear above me, with no hope of getting back up to him.

I can freefly in this rig if I want to (not many can say this about a second-hand first rig), and I know the tuck tabs, riser covers and pin covers are going to stay put until I want them to open, and not before.

I haven't done any high-altitude hop-and-pops on it (yet), so I cant really comment on comfort under canopy for extended periods. Suffice it to say, it beats the student rigs I was using hands down.

Onto negative points:

As I mentioned in the 'cons' box above, the thread holding the part of the RSL which is stitched onto the harness by the riser is a bit loose in places, but I'm going to ask my rigger to look at this when she's doing my repack next week. I have no doubt that the RSL would still function as required, even though I don't rely on it, but I'm keeping an eye on the situation all the same.

Also, I don't like the fact that my thin chest strap doesn't have a turn-back on it. It's long enough that it wouldn't come undone, but I personally don't like narrow chest straps anyway...

I don't have riser inserts in my risers, I don't really need them with the canopies I use and my (decreasing) wingloading, but I'm sure TSE could supply them if required.

My harness is the softer type (type 17?), and if I were ordering a rig I'd probably go for the firmer stuff, as I've heard it doesn't fray so much, though there's no evidence of any wear whatsoever on my rig.

How I sum up a rig is by asking myself "would I buy another?". The answer to that is yes. If you're in the UK you can nip over to TSE in a couple of hours if you're in the North, get measured, tell them exactly what you want, and pick it up four weeks later or less. I believe it is TSO C23d certified, as it has the same reserve system as the NeXt (made under licence by TSE in the TSE factory). The first thing I would do if I were ordering one tomorrow would be to put "Alcantara back/leg pads" in the options box in big bold lettering! This feature alone launches it ahead of some other contenders for my business. I can't explain how great this option is.

Overall, it does everything I need to saty safe, comfortable, happy and airborne. Don't be put off by claims that Zeroxes are old-fashioned. The newest models (more recent than mine even), have the hip rings at the main lift web/lateral junction like the Wings/Mirage Unisyn harness, and the main side closing flaps 'wrap around' the bottom of the container, again like the Wings/Mirage/Vector3, which gives more logical bridle protection (in my opinion) and the option to have the corners opened up for wingsuit deployment without the need for extra panels to be sewn in a-la Javelin.

If anyone wants further details PM me and I can send you photos or even come to your DZ if its within my power - I always like to jump new planes!

Have fun, stay safe!


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