Telesis 2

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The Telesis 2 Student Training System is our latest accomplishment in harness and container innovative design. RI prides itself in providing equipment that is known for its quality, durability, superior design and cost effectiveness. This product is offered specifically for the purpose of training skydivers, taking you into the 21st century and beyond. The system is user friendly, offers tremendous features, is rigger friendly, and an excellent investment.


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All around good rig.
built for the DZ not the student

For small people I would not recomend because its extremly wide. Yes, it does fit onto your back but the container overflows your side so in freefall you might have unwanted turns
for example: one time a lift web was slightly uneven which caused a turn throughout the whole skydive. But for the bigger fellas it will fit just like a sport rig. One of the most comfortable student rigs ever jumped.

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The Telesis 2 is great because of the features it lacks. The Telesis 2 lacks a backpad that sags down below the student's butt. Ergo, fewer small students with back-sliding problems in freefall. The Telesis 2 also lacks a backpad that is significantly wider than the average student, again this creates fewer unwanted turns in freefall, especially for smaller students.

The Telesis 2 lacks most of the Velcro found on other rigs because, let's be honest, few riggers have the time to replace Velcro during the middle of the busy season. And what rigger wants to deal with more than one grommet through a reseve D-bag or more than one ripcord pin?

The Telesis 2 lacks a bizillion flaps in the reserve container because who needs that many flaps when the school scrapped all its round reserves years ago? The Telesis lacks harness adjusters that slide when the jump master is not looking. Telsis MLW ends lock into little pockets and can be quickly cisually inspected without opening anything. The Telesis lacks release and ripcord handles mounted so low on the chest that students have to lean forward to see them. Sure the old, lower locations may be natural for senior jumpers, but low handles are un-natural for students and it takes a while to train students to LOOK for handles.

Let's face it folks, the fewer things the student or packer or instructor of rigger has to deal with the better. The Telesis 2 is better because it has fewer components to deal with.

Rob Warner
FAA Master Rigger

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