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The Plexus Tandem System was designed to be a fresh approach to tandem parachuting operations and incorporate the best of existing tandem technology and remains dedicated to addressing those needs and desires in the skydiving community.

Each system is built under TSO C-23d and is available in a combination of sizes, options, and several standard features, the Plexus Dual Harness/Container System includes:

Main Pin Cover- Having an upward facing pin cover creates the ultimate in pin protection from unintended knocks or bumps causing premature container openings


Approved AAD installations for appropriate CYPRES and Vigil automatic activation devices.

Adjustable Harness- The Plexus Dual Harness /Container System main container lift webbing and laterals are available with adjusting hardware.

Cut in laterals for added fit and comfort.

Type 13 Reserve Risers for added safety.

Comfortable Yoke and field replaceable Leg padding for long wear and heavy workloads.

Dual Loop Main Toggle for Assisted Canopy Flight Training.

Left and Right Hacky style Drogue Release Handles for better grip and familiarity.

Right Drogue Handle is retractable and at the Hip Junction for Student Training purposes.

Center Point Drogue Attachment Point for Controlled Drogue Freefall.

Field Replaceable Drogue Kill Line, 1000# Spectra Micro Line.

Field Replaceable Type 8 Drogue Riser w/ Mini Ring System.

11 Ft Free Fall Drogue Bridle.


Buy from these trusted stores

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Easiest tandem rig I have evr packed!
We still ave a vew of the old rigs.

Our drop zone bought 3 of these in 2013, and my life on the mats is not the same. I have time to do a fun jump every once in a while in between pack jobs, they have saved me a bunch of time. The instructors tell me it is like flying a sport rig with a passenger attached. Thanks a lot Plexus, you gave me some more fun back!
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FIDO, Reserve boost, turnaround time, comfort, tons of field replaceable options, price, and customer service!
Havent found any yet!

The DZO, packers, TIs and most importantly students, absolutely love this rig! They have the fastest turnaround time, the best price, and the most accommodating customer service. I'd highly recommend this system to anyone.

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