Talon FX

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The Talon FX is a highly refined and polished upgrade to the Talon FS. Some of the design features immediately stand out and make for a cleaner and smoother look overall.
In addition, there are numerous internal and construction changes that make it easier to pack and maintain as well as offer up to date safety improvements.

The Talon FX offers these design changes as well as Stainless Steel hardware and Space foam as standard for one all inclusive price.

The Talon FX is being re-certified to the latest TSO C23d standards. It will be rated to 150 kts and 325 lbs.


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Comfort, Safety, Customer Sevice, Sure grip handles, Great for smaller jumpers!
You'll wonder why you wasted so much time jumping other rigs.

I've had my FX2 for about 6 months/200 jumps now. I have a smaller frame with a short torso, and the rig fits incredibly well. I requested that my chest strap was placed in a lower position, which wasn't necessarily an easy task due to my relatively short stature, but they managed to do it and it fits great.

RI puts "sure grip" on the cut away and reserve handles at no extra charge. It's a rubber coating that ensures that your hand wont slip off the handle (especially helpful when wearing gloves).

My hands are on the smaller side, and RI included smaller reserve and cutaway handles so that I can get my entire hand around them, once again, ensuring a solid grip when I need it.

There is a flap sewn into the BOC which helps keep your pilot chute from creeping out. This is particularly useful when free flying.

I have zero complaints about my rig. It's comfortable, it stays put no matter what body position I fly in, and the customer service has been second to none. Rigging Innovations takes pride in their work and stands behind each and every rig they build.

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Very confortable harness, easy to pack, customer service

This is my first container so I really can't compare to other custome container. I can however confirm that the harness is the most confortable I have ever worn. What also impressed me about RI was the customer service. Brenda took my call and informed me that there were some problems with availability of some materials. She gave me some alternate options and got my container out the door within a week after I changed some color options. All in all, I'm a happy jumper with my new custom fit container.

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